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  1. I've been able to get it to work under 4.x and linux emu, but have been unable to make it work under FreeBSD 5.x. Note that I haven't tried the new linux client that ships with 7 -- can anyone confirm or deny whether it works any better? I really like retrospect as a product, but have been very disappointed with their lack of support for unix based systems other than the basics. I think it would be a smart move of dantz to release an UNSUPPORTED version for other platforms/distributions. Had I known these issues ahead of time I would have chosen a different product. If *BSD is important to you, I'd look elsewhere for your backup software needs.
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    FreeBSD support

    Please add my name to the list of users that would love to see a native FreeBSD client. I recognize there are support issues, however, I think you'll find that FreeBSD users are more likely to be "self-supporting" than other Unix users. I'd be happy to have a "unsupported" FreeBSD version that was clearly marked as such with standard disclaimers. Feel free to contact me if help is required with the port. Thanks, Darren.
  3. Hi all, I've got Retrospect client running successfully on a FreeBSD 4.10 machine, and I recently tried installing it on a FreeBSD 5.3 machine. I'm using the FreeBSD linux compatibility layer (linux_base-8 on 5.3, linux_base-6.1 on 4.110). On the FreeBSD 5.3 machine, retrospect starts up, and the backup server can see it correctly, however it times out when I try to connect. Here is the response from the rcl status command: Server "freebsd53.x.y": Version 6.5.108 reserved by BACKUPSERV for Preparing... back up according to normal schedule currently on readonly is off exclude is off 1 connections, 1 authenticated Any idea what the "reserved by..." message means? Has anyone successfully got the linux client working under FreeBSD 5.x? Also -- please add my voice to the list of people looking for a native FreeBSD client. I would have no problem downloaded a piece of software clearly marked as 'UNSUPPORTED' if Dantz were willing to release it. Heck, I'd even help port it if required Thanks, Darren.