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  1. Ok - thanks for your answers:-)
  2. A large C disk for temp files - what do tou mean with this? Are you talking about the catalog files?
  3. Hi, I've been using Retrospect backup for some years and now I'll like to install it on some new hardware - the OS will proberly be Win2003. Do anyone have some suggestions for the new hardware - just in general, not exactly what harddrive and so on. I proberly need a fast disksystem for the catalogfiles, a lot of RAM and so on. We have both Unix, Linux and Windows servers to take backup from. Some Linux servers have ouite a lot of files (more than 6 mil.) and they sometimes gives me some problems. I hope some of you could give me some input here - thanks.
  4. larskarlskov

    Linux mounts not to be backed up

    Thank you for the answer - I'll try to use the /mnt and see how it works. Lars-k:-)
  5. Hi, Can I somehow setup retrospect to not backup mounts on a Linux client? I know I can exclude folders and so on in both client and server but is there a way to exclude backup of Linux mounts in general? Best regards, Lars
  6. Hi, Does anyone know how to exclude folders on Single Server? I have a lot of clients running and know how to exclude folders on them. I want to exclude folders on the server machine. The local volume are shown under "My computer" in "Volumes Database". Do I have to define all the folders I want to backup or can I exclude some folders like in the client software? ( ... or can I use the client on the server?) Regards, lars-k Denmark
  7. larskarlskov

    Linux client

    Thanks Robin:-)
  8. Hi, Not sure that I'am asking the right place in the forum... I have a Mac with OS 9 and Retrospect 5.0.205 making backup of our machines. Now, as I can see I have to have a version 5.1 to be able to make backup of our new Linux machine? Can I upgrade for free to the 5.1 version? And do I have to get new licences for clients now that we got a Linux machine (we now have win and mac). Where do i get the client software and the upgrades for the server? I'am new at using Retrospect, so sorry for all the questions:-) lars-k