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    Vista Client - AVG Firewall conflct

    I'm having exactly the same trouble, though using XP Pro rather than Vista. I suspect that the challenge is that AVG doesn't care about Retrospect (ie., it doesn't create any rules for it even though it says it is doing so.) It does not make any sense to have to turn the firewall off when doing a backup.
  2. polgreen

    Can't rebuild catalog file

    Thanks for the suggestion. I gave it a try. A couple things to note. The log file for the catalog rebuild which failed showed that 108.5GB had been processed at the time the rebuild was halted. A view of the catalog properties shows that the last session added to the catalog file occured much after the 108.5GB point, more like about 130GB. When I removed a few files at that the 108.5GB point as you suggested, I received the same errors as mentioned in my original post. When I removed a few files at the 130GB point, the rebuild continued on for another 604MB and then Retrospect crashed hard. Of course I failed to write down the error and can find no log file. On trying to reproduce the failure, this time Retrospect crashed with a buffer overrun. I expect there is really no point in trying to force it further down this path - the catalog file must be too large for the program to handle. I guess my lesson learned is to not rely on the marketing hype about new features, in this case grooming. I really need to check very carefullly to make sure that they are actually working instead of just assuming they are.
  3. polgreen

    Can't rebuild catalog file

    Backup started on 12/19/2005, runs nightly doing an incremental backup on 3 PCs. The backup directory presently has 193GB of data in 1494 files. I have recently learned that the reason the backup set is so huge is that even though I upgraded to Retrospect v7.5 from 7.0, and turned grooming on, grooming does not work unless you rebuild the catalog file using 7.5. My attempts at rebuilding the catalog file have failed as follows. The rebuild proceeds successfully until a little more than half of the backup set (about 108.5GB) has been read (264198 files). The rebuilt catalog file is 5,809,557 kB. At that point, I get the following errors: "Resynchronizing (this may take a while)…" "Trouble reading: "1-Aladdin Backup 20051209" (34298535), error -102 (trouble communicating)" Reading the help on grooming for version 7.5, I have found that this is likely to occur and that I should make more space on the hard drive where the catalog file is being created. I tried this with no change in the point at which the rebuild fails. Is there any point in trying anything else, or should I just scrap this backup set and start over in the hopes that grooming will actually work if I start from a clean backup dataset?
  4. After more than 6 weeks of not being able to backup one of my PCs I have resolved the dreaded Error 1013. Scanning incomplete, error -1013 (malformed name) When the error occurs, Retrospect (v6.5) aborts the backup and moves on to the next disk. The error was caused by the file ntdll.dll in C:\Windows\system32 on a remote machine. The file had become corrupted (virus, perhaps) in that windows thought it was a folder but it was still a file. No means of deleting this file was found to be effective. Nor was the error detected or fixed by using Chkdsk or XP's Disk Checking. It was possible to move the file elsewhere on the disk. I moved it to a folder that I did not want to back up and added that folder to the list of folders not to be backed up. This was not effective. Retrospect still choked on the offending file even though it was not supposed to be backed up. I had to open Retrospect Client on the offending machine, select the Access page, check Private Files... and Add the directory where the offending file is. No more error 1013. A side not on KB # 6043. This document tells you how to have Retrospect ignore errors and continue backup anyway. The instructions are terse and some extra comments will likely help the novice: 2) WARNING: Users can force Retrospect to back up a volume reporting the -1013 error during volume scan, but this will prevent all files from being copied. To continue the scan after the -1013 error is detected: Launch Retrospect (Close all windows that are open inside Retrospect, otherwise the next line doesn't work) Type ctrl-alt-P-P (Hold ctrl & alt and hit p twice) Select Execution on the left side and turn on "Continue after scanning errors". Click OK Quit and launch Retrospect again.
  5. polgreen

    Errors 1017 & 1013

    Nate, I'm back at this one after a break. Here's what I have discovered: The file ntdll.dll (C:\Windows\system32) has been corrupted in the following weird way. While the file exists in the directory, a copy of the file with the same name has the folder attribute set. I have renamed the offending file but cannot delete it. Even using XP's Recovery Console, I still cannot delete the file/folder. Under regular XP I get the error that the folder name is invalid. I can move the file to another location on the disk. Note that using either XP's native Disk Checking or XP Recovery Console's CHKDSK finds nothing wrong. I finally decided to move the offending file to a directory which I've excluded from back ups using the custom settings in Retrospect. I put the invalid file/folder in the Temporary Internet Files folder. Retrospect still refused to complete the backup - complaining as always that there is a 1013 error, now in the shadow copy of the Temporary Internet Files directory which I've set to not be backed up. Any suggestions????
  6. polgreen

    Errors 1017 & 1013

    Nate, I just finished a scheduled backup of all 3 machines. The 1013 error occurred yet again inspite of the Error Checking run. In your last message you asked if I could run on subvolumes. I'm not clear on what you mean or what you are trying to find out? Should I do some sort of binary search to determine exactly where the failure is occurring? Tom
  7. polgreen

    Errors 1017 & 1013

    Nate, I have run XP's Error Checking tool with both options selected. I didn't have patience to watch it til it finished and when I returned there was no log info available to tell me whether anything was fixed or not. I have run a remote full backup of the offending drive. At the end of the initial scan, I was total that there was a fatal error and I should check the log. There was no indication of an error in the log and the job continued running to completion. Tonight, I will let the standard scheduled backup occur. If it fails again I'll be back. Thanks for your help.
  8. polgreen

    Errors 1017 & 1013

    I was finally able to run Retrospect with OFB turned off (the offending machine was offsite) and I still get the same error: T-13: TPCFolderLocStartFind: UFindFirstFile failed, C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdll.dll, winerr 267, error -1013 Scanning incomplete, error -1013 (malformed name) In addition to all the other errors relating to not being able to back up open files. Any other suggestions?
  9. polgreen

    Errors 1017 & 1013

    Thanks for the input. In my case, I am totally hosed. The backup fails entirely and consistently every night as far as I can tell, so I need a solution.
  10. polgreen

    Errors 1017 & 1013

    I am running Retrospect 6.5 on XP Pro and backing up 2 additional XP Pro machines remotely. The log for the last time that backup worked correctly is: - 12/22/2004 12:00:30 AM: Copying DRIVE_C (C:) on rushton 12/22/2004 12:00:30 AM: Connected to rushton 12/22/2004 12:12:17 AM: Snapshot stored, 45.2 MB 12/22/2004 12:12:28 AM: Comparing DRIVE_C (C:) on rushton 12/22/2004 12:14:23 AM: Execution completed successfully Completed: 349 files, 409.2 MB, with 26% compression Performance: 247.9 MB/minute (288.8 copy, 219.1 compare) Duration: 00:13:52 (00:10:32 idle/loading/preparing) The next night, backup of this machine failed with the following log: Can't use Open File Backup option for DRIVE_C (C:) on rushton, error -1017 (insufficient permissions) - 12/22/2004 11:41:02 PM: Copying DRIVE_C (C:) on rushton 12/22/2004 11:41:02 PM: Connected to rushton T-13: TPCFolderLoc::StartFind: UFindFirstFile failed, C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdll.dll, winerr 267, error -1013 Scanning incomplete, error -1013 (malformed name) The following run and all subsequent runs: - 12/24/2004 12:01:35 AM: Copying DRIVE_C (C:) on rushton 12/24/2004 12:01:35 AM: Connected to rushton T-16: TPCFolderLoc::StartFind: UFindFirstFile failed, \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1\WINDOWS\system32\ntdll.dll, winerr 267, error -1013 Scanning incomplete, error -1013 (malformed name) The Dantz KB suggests looking for long paths. I have searched for long paths and all are 253 or less. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.