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    1017 insufficient permissions errors!

    Okay - I did some more digging around searching for the text from the event log error and found a post refering to Retrospect 6.5. It had four pages of replies but right near the bottom was one that said: The simplest way to solve the problem of shadow copy service - without reinstalling WindowsXP - is to tun this line command: regsvr32 ole32.dll After having run this command, stop the service (if necessary) and the run it again. That's enough to repair the registry errors. Have a good luck! Gianantonio I tried it and it worked! Apparently it re-registers the OLE (object linked and embedded) DLL... I've no idea why that fixes the problem, but it did. I hope it works for you.
  2. moschops

    Error 1017 trying to use Open file backup on XP.

    Thanks! A long time later I was having a similar problem with Windows XP SP2 - your fix cured the problem. I don't know what it did but it worked!
  3. moschops

    1017 insufficient permissions errors!

    Same problem here - I was just searching the forum for an answer and saw your post. Except in my case I hadn't installed .NET 2.0, (still on 1.1). It appears to started after an install of Nero 7.0. Now every time I do a backup with Open Files option on my C: drive (i.e. not networked) I get an error in the event log saying: "Volume Shadow Copy Service error: An internal inconsistency was detected in trying to contact shadow copy service writers. Please check to see that the Event Service and Volume Shadow Copy Service are operating properly." My volume shadow copy service is running - but I don't see an Event Service - there is an Event Log service but it can't be stopped. I don't see anything strange in the event logs on system boot either. I have the latest Retrospect patch and updates. I'll try removing Nero - it was only a demo anyway. I've also started digging around on the Microsoft knowledge base - there seem to be a number of posts about VSS problems. Perhaps there is a way to remove this "inconsistency" if that is what the real error is about.
  4. moschops

    Error -2259: "incomplete grooming detected"

    Still on 7.0.265 - I didn't go to the latest because their upgrade information never includes anything about bugs they fixed - it always reads like they just added some new device support. However, will go to the latest. Hopefully it fixes my other problems
  5. Following my most recent hang will grooming (see other posting on this forum) I had to reboot. Now when I look at the backup set that was in use when Retrospect hung and click on the properties button I get the error message "Couldn't open catalog file Minime Set A, error -2259 (incomplete grooming detected)". So now what do I do? Blow away the catalog and try to recatalog???
  6. I'm using Retrospect 7.0 with the latest updates on Windows XP SP2 with the latest updates. I'm backing up my C: drive to a 300GB internal disk dedicated to backup. Everything has been going great until my backup sets finally started to fill up. What I'm finding now is that when grooming to the Retrospect policy the CPU goes to 100% and I can't get Retrospect to quit. The backup drive is not full - there is currently 88GB free so I've no idea why the grooming hangs. The UI is still responsive but it refuses to stop the grooming in progress. This happened once before and I eventually had to kill the Retrospect process - that corrupted the backup set and I was unable to recover it even after recreating the catalogue. Any ideas?
  7. I'm evaluating Profesional 6.5 from the 30 day eval version (build 350) and having problems with booting from the disaster recovery CD. I get an error from the Windows boot process saying "Line 197 of txtsetup.sif is invalid". When I compare the textsetup.sif file on the CD that Retrospect built to the one on the Windows XP SP2 disk I fed it they are different starting at Line 197. How could that be? I also tried this same procedure with Retrospect Express that came with a Maxtor One-Touch drive and got the same error. I don't find any reference to this error anywhere and no other mentions of this problem.