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    XP Restore Fails

    Yes to both. I finally did a reinstall of XP Pro over the restored backup and then did a restore of files that were different and got it working. I'd still like to understand how to avoid this convolution in the future...
  2. pgl1

    XP Restore Fails

    All the restore was done through retrospect
  3. pgl1

    XP Restore Fails

    The same machine.
  4. pgl1

    XP Restore Fails

    A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer. Error code: 0x80004005 This message comes after restoring the system from the server: 1) Reinstalled Windows XP 2) Installed Restrospect Client 3) Restored entire disk On reboot the restored system won't let me log in and gives that error message. Peter
  5. I did a complete restore of Windows XP Professional from Workgroup 5.6. I reinstalled XP Home and Client software and restored entire disk. On reboot client System comes up, retrospect client starts etc but when I try to login is says it is unable to access license information and won't let you login. I have restored the registry info seperately.... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Peter