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    Catalog Out of Sync Error with External HD

    Thanks, Nate, for your patient response. I do appreciate it. Here is what I found: For some reason that I don't know Retrospect had 'lost' the sources assignment in the Proactive Backup scripts, thus the status that was displayed. I just happened to check on some other aspect when I discovered that. I certainly didn't remove the assignment, so Retrospect must have either decided on its own to remove the sources or some other problem caused the script to loose the assignments. As I stated before: The external Firewire disks are not the problem, neither is the controller or other hardware, as these same disks are used for other backup sets, which operate just fine. If we would have hardware related issues, they would also trickle down into the other backup set operations. For the moment everything is back to normal operation. I'm still frustrated with the situation though, whether Retrospect is to blame or other components. Part of the frustration is the fact that I have to dig so hard and long for reasons and solutions to the issues. Most of the errors that Retrospect displays, and possible solutions, I would describe as too generic to help in the troubleshooting of an issue. The fact that we've had this lengthy discussion about the issues at hand alone is proof of that. My suggestion is to have a hard look at what and the way Retrospect offers assistance when something goes wrong. If I wouldn't have needed to check on some other aspect of the automation script, I would still be looking for a solution to the issue - and no, it wasn't the hardware. This in no way reflects on your attempt to help and respond to our issues. I truly appreciate your help and I think your long time presence here speaks for your willingness and eagerness to help! You have my admiration for that! JB
  2. Jurgen Beck

    Catalog Out of Sync Error with External HD

    Thanks, Nate. I'm starting to get frustrated with this scenario. Nothing that we try to do to coax Retrospect into continuing to use what we have seems to work. - The external HD check out fine. - Moved the catalog to the external HDs. Still no success in getting a backup done. - Plenty of space available on the HD. - Restarted Retrospect. Still showing that it's waiting on media. - Groomed the backup sets to get rid of old data. No success. - Recycled the backup sets. 0% space used for the backup set. Still showing 'Waiting on Media'. No backups are started. - Other backup sets that are using the same disks execute just fine. So, what am I left with? I have several systems that have not been backed up for days due to this problem. Do I have to recreate the backup sets? While I can do that, I am getting increasingly frustrated with the fact that Retrospect takes way too much hand-holding in order to make sure that everything gets backed up. That's not the idea of such an expensive backup solution... Where do I go from here? Thanks, JB
  3. Jurgen Beck

    Catalog Out of Sync Error with External HD

    I moved the catalog files to the FW disks with drag and drop and double-clicked on the catalog files. Retrospect recognized the new location and shows it accordingly. What seems to be happening at the moment is that Retrospect is showing 'Waiting for Backup Media' in the Proactive status display. None of the proactive backups are being executed for the backup set. What next? Thanks, JB
  4. Jurgen Beck

    Catalog Out of Sync Error with External HD

    Thanks, Nate. The catalog files are already on the internal disk, so this shouldn't be causing any issues. Anything else? JB
  5. Jurgen Beck

    Catalog Out of Sync Error with External HD

    Thanks, Nate. The hardware seems to be OK. The disks check out just fine. These are Maxtor FireWire drives, running on Windows 2003 Server. The thing is that I can wipe out the backup sets and start fresh and everything works as expected. However, I can't do that every time this error shows up. Any other suggestions as to where to look next? JB
  6. I've done a search on the forum for this message, but there are too many posts on it, so I'll have to narrow it by posting a new topic: This error keeps displaying with version 7.0.326 and previous 7.0 versions. We are using external hard disks for the backups. The only option it gives me is to run Tools->Repair Catalog... However, this doesn't seem to fix the problem as it shows up again on the next run. How can I further troubleshoot and fix the problem? Thanks, JB
  7. Jurgen Beck

    Assertion Failure at "elem.cpp-1000"

    Seems like we're getting some functionality now. I'm running the scripts right now to see how things are turning out, but so far it looks like deleting the backup reports seems to have fixed the problem. I'll let you know if we run into any other issues. Jurgen
  8. Jurgen Beck

    Assertion Failure at "elem.cpp-1000"

    We haven't been getting the infamous 'Execution terminated' error in association with the elem.cpp-1000 error. However, I have seen this same issue on another installation that is running version 6.5. It's going to be interesting to see what the eventual cause is for this issue. At the moment it has rendered our backup solution totally inoperable. I have thought to delete all the scripts and start over, just in cause we have some issues with the scripts themselves. However, I'd rather not take this approach at first, as we have a fairly large number of scripts. Also sad to see that we haven't heard anything else from Dantz since NateW posted last... Jurgen
  9. Jurgen Beck

    Assertion Failure at "elem.cpp-1000"

    Hi Nate, Thanks for responding. Here the answers to your questions: Upgraded from 6.5 to 7: Ran 7 without any problems since the upgrade (when it first came out), with the same scripts that where recreated after the upgrade. The error shows up every time Proactive Backup is executing a script. In other words, every time Proactive Backup starts up. Is there a particular error description or explanation associated with the elem.cpp-1000 error? Thanks, Jurgen
  10. We are running Multi Server with add-ons on a Windows 2003 Server and are getting this assertion failure error as soon as Retrospect has started up and is trying to execute one of the backup scripts. Once the choice has been made to Send the report or cancel out of the dialog, Retrospect quits. We have not made any changes recently, neither to the operating system configuration (including software) nor in any of the Retrospect scripts or configuration. What can I look at to further diagnose the source of the problem? Thanks, Jurgen
  11. Jurgen Beck

    Working with multiple external HD

    Thanks, that will definitely do the trick.
  12. This may have been covered before, I just can't find any specific reference... Working with multiple external hard drives, what is the best way to configure the backup sets? Details: We have a number of external hard disks that we intend to rotate. There is always just one hard disk attached, which is assigned drive E: by Windows. When we want to add members to a backup set, Retrospect always complains that it cannot find a specific set. I assume that this is because we are always using drive E: and Retrospect thinks that it should have a backup folder on it. Question: What is the configuration we need to set up in Retrospect to use with rotating external hard drives? Thanks for any help! JB
  13. Thanks Nate, I will give it a try! Jurgen
  14. We have an issue with a client not being active after the user resumes the workstation from hibernation. Looking at the Services, the Retrospect Client is listed as running, but the Windows UI for the client is stating that it's not running ('Off'). To get back on track the user has to restart the service, which changes the state in the Windows UI for the client to 'On'. This needs to be done every time the workstation resumes from hibernation. Is there a fix for this issue? Thanks, Jurgen
  15. I am sure that this has already been covered, but I just can't seem to find any references... It seems that on one of the client machines the Retrospect Client is disabled. When Retrospect Client is displayed on the screen, the status is shown as off and none of the controls are enabled. Any reason for that? How can I fix that? Reboot box? Thanks, JB