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  1. Doesn't seem like it would be that hard for Dantz to add a checkbox to the preferences that would optionally "force" you to use correct media or not. That way, in the circumstances that warrant it, "WE" could have control over how our backups are done.


    While I agree that in a perfect world, Retrospect's method of forcing us to use the proper tape is best, I have clients that will fight this to the bitter end. Even if it means them getting a new PC consultant. At this point one of my customers has inisted on changing tape software and another is very close.


    This is unfortunate for all of us Dantz. You make it hard for us to push your product when you won't be responsive to a request. You aren't incable of allowing this option, you seem too be to stubborn to allow it. Please quit being so stubborn and give us (your customer) what we're asking for.

  2. One of my customers continues to be plagued with this "trouble communicating" message. They are using a Sony AITE90UL AIT USB Tape Drive. Have tried many of the things suggested, and still get the problems.


    To date, we've...


    - Replaced the USB cable

    - Tried a different USB port

    - Used different brand of tapes (HP & Sony)

    - Used a different USB tape drive before delivering it to another customer

    - Installed a new, seperate USB card in the server and hooked tape drive to it

    - Hooked the tape drive up to the customer's backup server box


    We still get this message about one in 5 times that the backup runs. Funny thing is that most of the time it happens as the backup begins Sometimes it happens near the end of a 20GB backup though.


    Something we've noticed is that the tape software doesn't spend long looking for the tape device before erroring out.


    If we restart the backup manually, most of the time it runs fine.


    After exploring these forums, we talked with Sony, who could provide no more feedback since the error is being reported by the tape software and NOT by the operating system.


    So, customer is very frustrated now and we load a copy of Veritas Backup Exec 30 day evaluation version. It has ran 29 straight days with NO problem communicating whatsoever. This tells me that the hardware is working fine and that there is some sort of software issue.


    We unloaded Veritas and reloaded Retrospect 6.5.350 and the second night get the following error:


    -----Original Message-----

    From: customername@qwest.net [mailto:customername@qwest.net]

    Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 8:30 AM

    To: miles@pcs-spokane.com

    Subject: Retrospect notification from SERVER (2/8/2005)



    Trouble writing: "1-MONDAY-THURSDAY [006]" (4190568448), error -102 (trouble





    I sure hope you guys have some ideas.

  3. Jobs scheduled to run at 7pm every night. Most of the time it works fine.


    Every once in a while (we haven't found a pattern) the scheduler quits executing jobs at the specified time. The next time we log into the server and start Retrospect, the previously scheduled job starts then.


    The "Retrospect Launcher" services is running. We have tried stopping it and restarting it to no avail.


    This is running on an SBS server that is very clean as far as software running on it goes. The only other application running all the time is a Pervasive Database engine and there are 2 HP Jetdirect printers runningthrough the server. Exchange and SQL are not even loaded on this machine.


    Usually, a reboot of the server fixes the problem. But finding a time to reboot this server is not convenient to do as often as it is happening.


    Any ideas?

  4. I want to have a script that....


    - Runs Monday thru Friday

    - No matter what tape I put in the drive, will do a full backup on to that tape

    - Will not pause for specific media no matter what

    - If the tape is blank, it will format & assign a name to it. (I don't want to pre format them)

    - If the tape contains data, it will erase the data before backing up to it

    - If for example, I have 18 tapes, after I had used every one of them, there would be 18 catalogs


    Basically, I want my customer to be able to manage their own rotation. If HE forgets to swap tapes, I still want the backup to occur. If he wants to restore data, HE will decide which tape it is going to come off of.


    Is this possible? With Retrospects' interface, I'm not seeing a way.