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  1. Hi All I have a fresh install of retro ver. 7.6 on a WIn 2003 server. I have the catalogs from the old server which was running the same version of Retro. I just cant figure out how to get the catalogs into Retro so I can see them in the Manage Scripts window. If I open the catalog it just shows me the properties. When Im in the Manage Scripts window and click new and type the same name as I want to import it says file already exists cause I tried to do a rebuild. When I import they show up in "Backup Sets" window but how do I manage them? Hope this makes sense. Thanks All MIke
  2. So I just spent 2 days doing a rebuild which it finished. When I open the catalog it shows up in Backup Sets but thats it. When I go to manage scripts its not there or in any other window. Any ideas on how to get to it? Am I importing it wrong into Retro? Thanks