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  1. jlmillermd

    Cannot backup - Status: Source not available

    I am having a very similar problem with Retrospect 7.0. Did you ever solve this issue? Thanks Jack
  2. jlmillermd

    Client Password - Error

    Have been running Retrospect 7.0 on Windows for a couple of years and never experienced this. When adding a new client (New PC with WinXP Media Center) I receive an error "Sorry, wrong password...." Retrospect is running without password security. I tried to reconfigure and add security with password but continue to receive same error message. Your help is appreciated. Thanks - Jack
  3. Followed your suggestion and found the "old user." Deleted the key. Thanks for you help! - Jack
  4. New user to Retrospect Single Server. Proactive backup working okay but receiving "Can't access registry for "S-1-5-21 . . . (file/directory not found)" for two Win2K workstations. How important is this? How can the error be corrected? Thanks - Jack
  5. I have two Maxtor External Hard drives; plan to rotate one off-site. Was able to successfully backup the first drive with Backup Set (Maxtor 250) but program stalled when trying to use second Backup Set (Maxtor 300). "Don't allow scheduled and waiting executions to start" is checked and grayed out on Activity Monitor; cannot uncheck. Should there be a Backup Set for each Maxtor (Maxtor 250 & Maxtor 300)? Thanks, so much, for your help. Jack
  6. After creating new Backup Set for Maxtor External Hard drive "Don't allow scheduled and waiting executions to start" on activity monitor is 'grayed out and cannot uncheck. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Jack
  7. Brand new Retrospect user. Purchased Single Server version with extra license. Running Win 2K and Win NT 4.0 servers in addition to several PC's on small office LAN. Installed Retrospect on dedicated backup PC. Will this configuration allow install of clients on the two servers or does the program need to be installed on one of the servers? Thanks - Jack john.miller@athealth.com
  8. jlmillermd

    Disk Backup Set

    During the first backup of our LAN, Retrospect Express made several "Disk Backup Set" files. Most were about 614MB. Is this normal? Thanks, Jack