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  1. What is up with this "protects Power Mac G4 and G5 computers" ? What about G3 computers? There are plenty of G3 computers out there running 10.3. If you own a newer G3 the ONLY version of OS X you should run is 10.3. Was this an advertising copy screw up or does the software not function on a G3??????
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    Very slow quitting

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Turning off Windows XP System Restore fixed the problem.
  3. datkinso

    Very slow quitting

    I am running Retrospect 6 on a Windows XP machine that has drives e & f dedicated to backup sets. It backs up the c drive on the pc, an os9 mac, an osX mac and a snap server every night using a script. One night it backs up to drive e, the next night it backs up to drive f and it alternates from there. The backup sets are about 10+gig each. Everything seems to work fine except unless I turn Retrospect on for any reason. The program works fine until I try to quit, it will (I think) check the entire catalog on both drives before it quits. So it sits there for 20 minutes with the drive light blinking, then it asks if everything is ready and do you really want to quit. I respond yes and it quits right away. And it wakes up at 3 AM just like it is supposed to. Is there any way to avoid the 20 minute wait, which gets longer as the set size grows, upon quitting the program?
  4. I'm running Retro Server 5.5 on a Win2000 machine. (That's where the tapes are.) All is fine except for the OSX Macs that can't be backed up by 5.5 Will this work? I get Desktop 5.0 for Macs and have the OSX boxes back themselves up to a SnapServer. Then have Server 5.5 backup the backup sets to the tapes. If the building falls down will I be able to restore the sets to the SnapServer and then use them to restore the Macs? With all the permissions, etc. intact?