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  1. Just for completeness, I can use DVD+R and DVD+RW in this backup set, and I can mix and match as I please. I always validate and it always works. So yes, I can change media, what I can't seem to do is add additional types, even after reconfiguring for the new type. I have another backup set which started with DVD-R, but now contains DVD+R and DVD+RW as well, but this was started after I reconfigured for all these types.
  2. I thought I had explained that. The set started out with DVD+RW and DVD+R disks which the drive was configured for. And it worked fine. I reconfigured to add DVD-R and RS refused to take it. RS presumably doesn't care about good or bad ideas it only cares about disk types it knows or doesn't know, and now it knows about DVD-Rs but refuses to use them. Why is that?
  3. Still waiting patiently and smiling pleasantly
  4. I have just reconfigured my DVD writer for DVD+RW, DVD+R, CD-RW, CD-RW all over again and added DVD-R since I found TDK DVD-Rs at a huge discount. (Memorex DVD+/-DLRWL1 F16 Retrospect version 6.5.350 Retrospect Driver Update, version 5.4.110 for which it said: This drive has been successfully configured to use CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW media.) When I tried to put one of the DVD-Rs into an existing backup set which was started before this latest reconfiguration RS refused to take it and told me the media was too different from the other media. Does the older backup set 'know' that it can't use DVD-Rs since the drive wasn't configured for them when the backup set was started? Or is this an as yet undocumented feature the usefullness of which I simply don't see yet? Thanks
  5. alleiGator

    Avoiding long DVD erasure times, can you?

    I've got to stick my, um, nose in here to say that during most of the erase time my dvd drive isn't really doing anything I know that because when it's reading or writing the friendly blue light on the front blinks and during most of the erase period it isn't blinking now to get it out of here, sorry
  6. Switched back to NT passthrough, used delete in configure, then configure and got Assertion Failure of module.cpp-457 which was apparently written in assert.log.utx and may (or may not) have been sent to you folks, then Retrospect crashed BUT there's good news I fired it back up and it let me configure for DVD+RW, DVD+R, CD-RW, AND CD-R (I'm out of DVD-R and haven't seen DVD-RW anywhere) It now recognizes the archive disks again and the 2 deviceNN files now say device00 [Default] Retrospect=6.5.350 RDI=0x64 User=0x1 Vendor=Memorex Product=DVD+/-DLRWL1 F16 Revision=BWSE ShowType=0x41633038 DriverFlags1=0x0 DriverFlags2=0x0 DriverFlags3=0x0 DriverFlags4=0x0 DriverFlags5=0x0 Date=3/31/2005 Stamp=0xbe70f677 Formatter=0x2 Media=0x0 TestResult=0x0 and device 01 [Default] Retrospect=6.5.350 RDI=0x64 User=0x1 Vendor=Memorex Product=DVD+/-DLRWL1 F16 Revision=BWSE ShowType=0x41633035 DriverFlags1=0x70b94f02 DriverFlags2=0x3 DriverFlags3=0x93 DriverFlags4=0x0 DriverFlags5=0x0 Date=3/31/2005 Stamp=0xbe7161ff Formatter=0x2 Media=0x198 TestResult=0x1 When this ordeal started I noticed that there were four .rdi files, device 00, 01, 02, and 03 which I deleted by dragging to the trash without reading Was all this caused by corruption of these deviceNN files? If I decide to configure for DVD-R or dual layer disks do I have to delete the device files and do all this configuration for all these types all over again? Thanks again again
  7. When I originally set up RS, I had to configure it of course and when I did that : "I did notice when I did the initial configuration that if I set it up for DVD+RW and then tried the configure for DVD+R, that RS would forget how to use DVD+RW" I didn't understand that, I only mentioned it Then RS stopped working for no reason that I can see, it refused to let me configure again, I removed the .rpi files (it pleases me to imagine that I remember they're called) and couldn't configure for anything but CD-RW, when it asks me if I'd like to configure for other types I tried DVD+R and DVD+RW disks but it simply spit anything else out. I've already got dozens of DVD backups burned but it can't recognize any of them Presently there's only device00 in the prefs and it says [Default] Retrospect=6.5.350 RDI=0x64 User=0x1 Vendor=Memorex Product=DVD+/-DLRWL1 F16 Revision=BWSE ShowType=0x41633031 DriverFlags1=0x70994f02 DriverFlags2=0x10003 DriverFlags3=0x0 DriverFlags4=0x0 DriverFlags5=0x0 Date=3/30/2005 Stamp=0xbe6fb074 Formatter=0x2 Media=0x100 TestResult=0x1 No clues for me there, anything help you? Thanks yet again
  8. How would I switch back to NT passthrough? I didn't run any auto configuration, this simply started after working for dozens of backup disks I did notice when I did the initial configuration that if I set it up for DVD+RW and then tried the configure for DVD+R, that RS would forget how to use DVD+RW Would any of the log files help? They sure don't help me, but maybe there's something there that would mean something to you Thanks again
  9. That didn't work Once the .rdi files were gone RS wouldn't recognize my DVD writer anymore as a backup device and forced me to configure it again It will not accept either a DVD+R or DVD+RW but did configure for a CD+RW When I try a DVD it says 'checking disk information' then spits the disk back out again Any other ideas?
  10. from another posting about really long erasures of an already blank DVD I'd better add that the Devices - Environment shows ASPI rather than NT passthrough and that the same thing happens, locked, unknown, incompatible with DVD+R as well Thanks again
  11. The Retrospect product is Retrospect 6.5.35 with driver update 5.4.110. The backup unit is Memorex DVD+/-DLRWL1 F16 Firmware update BWSE, The Computer is Dell OptiPlex GX200, Pentium 3. The system is Windoze 2000 (5.00.2195) service pack 4. RS reports Configure - Devices - Memorex etc. - Locked and Unknown and Incompatible for a new blank DVD+RW, DVD-R and CD-RW by TDK and its own previous disks which were working before yesterday I thought the writer might have gone bad so I tested it in Read DVD(worked), Write w Nero BackItUp (worked) test of that backup (same checksum when restored) and conclude that, except with RS, the DVD drive works fine What next? I'm rapidly losing patience with RS Thanks
  12. I'll try ASPIINST, even though I'm wary of unknown acronyms. In another thread someone suggested that you folks consider licensing NERO's DVD handler and I've got to say that's a good idea I made a Nero BackItUp run and started with a DVD+RW, then got a whim and followed that with a DVD+r for disk 2, a DVD-R for disk 3, and then, just for the hell of it, a CD-RW and then some CD-Rs to finish and it worked without hesitation It also writes to the disk and then checks the disk before asking for the next one, something RS should do too to avoid all that disk swapping But you guys still have the best interface since BackItUp essentially stores session files without the overall directory that makes yours so easy to use. I did get some TDK and haven't had a failure since then (knock on wood), so thanks again, and hopefully this problem is solved
  13. I'm using both Memorex and TDK disks, DVD+RW, 4X speed, and they work alright with the drive for everything else Are there any brands that you folks recommend? And thanks for responding.
  14. Two weeks now on a clearly defined problem and not a single response from Dantz. Is this typical of these folks? 75 people have looked at the problem so it's got to be fairly common and these Memorex drives are really nice and cheap too, so they'll be real popular. Has anybody found a solution to this problem? Nero's BackItUp works flawlessly by the way but it doesn't have the ability to string multiple backups into a single index file like RetroSpect does But if RS just doesn't work ...
  15. I guess I should say that these drives show up in Retrospect as Memorex DVD+RW - RDI ATAPI 1:0 under Devices and Memorex DVD+/-DLRWL1 F16 BWSE Memorex DVD+RW - RDI(1.56) for the dual layer 16X drive and Memorex DVD+/-RW True8XI UWS3 Memorex DVD+RW - RDI(1.56) for the single layer 8X drive Both are configured to use DVD+RW only since Retrospect seemed to get confused if I tried to configure for more than 1 type Also, the disks being backed up are defragmented and the disk windows are closed as a nod towards superstition and no other apps are running except the normal processes Thanks again