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    Retrospect window text invisible

    Today I rebooted my server and now Retrospect is working normally: the menus and text are completely visible. Evidently this was caused by some Windows problem that was only affecting Retrospect as all other menus I tested were working normally. :rollie:
  2. temuskoff

    Retrospect window text invisible

    Thanks for responding. This problem may have been covered in other threads, but it seems to me that neither of the two links you provided have anything to do with it. I am running SBS 32-bit SBS, not 64-bit. Could you please be more specific on what threads and what the appropriate search criteria might be? It would be even more helpful to just explain how to fix the problem. Thanks in advance, Terry
  3. I have Retrospect SBS 7.5 with all updates installed running on SBS 2003 R2. When I start Retrospect from the Start Menu it tries to open but the window is never fully populated with text and graphics. There are no text or dialog boxes visible, but everything is there (if I click in the right place something happens.) The Windows desktop shows through "holes" in the Retrospect menu, and the whole thing is sort of "greyed out". Also if I right-click on the Retropect button in the task bar nothing happens (no menu of options is presented) as opposed to the normal action for most running programs. I can get Retropect to close by double clicking the red icon in the upper left corner of the partially opened window. The server has not been booted for more than a month. Retrospect scheduled scripts run correctly (I can tell because of the email it is sending out.) Any suggestions for bringing the Retrospect window back to life would be appreciated. Terry
  4. I installed Retrospect Single Server v6.5 on Windows NT 4.0. The install went fine, and Retrospect worked perfectly. However, a little testing revealed that users could no longer logon to the Windows domain due to not being able to access files (Event ID 2011 in the Windows event log.) A typical Windows error message includes the words: Not enough server storage is available to process this command. Further research indicated that this problem is typically caused by Symantec products which change the registry value for IRPStackSize to a small number. Checking my registry at [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters] I found that IRPStackSize was set to a value of 6. I read that the maximum allowed value for Windows NT 4.0 is 12, so I changed the value to 10 (decimal) and rebooted. Success!! Users are now able to logon. So, my question is this: Does Retrospect change this value during installation? Why would it do that? It must make the change, as I made absolutely no other changes during this time period. In any case, hopefully this posting will help future users with this problem.
  5. Nate, Retrospect 5.1 works very reliably with Windows XP. At least it had up until the mystery problem which requires it to be reinstalled. I did some searching and I finally found where the 5.1 client stores it's excluded file names... C:\Windows\RETCLIENT.DAT I wonder if it is OK to copy this file from one client machine to another? That would take care of my problem quite nicely. Thanks, Terry
  6. Nate, I am running Retro Client 5.1 on WinXP Pro SP1. The computer is a client of and is logged on to a WindowsNT 4 domain. I looked in the C:\Program Files\Dantz\Client directory but there is no configxx.dat file. There is one file in this directory, pcpds.DLL, which has a current "Date Modified" so maybe that is it? There is a directory... "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect Client" which is similar to the path you gave in the previous message. However, this directory contains only 1 file called "retroclient.log". There is no configxx.dat file. In fact, I searched the entire C: drive for config??.dat and nothing was found. So where does the 5.1 client store it's configuration data? Specifically, where is the list of items to be excluded from the backup? That is what I need to recreate. Thanks, Terry
  7. Nate, If it is true that Microsoft maintenance caused this problem, how could that corrupt a Retrospect data file? It seems to me that such maintenance would affect some program module that Retro depends on, in which case it seems that the Repair option would correct the problem. In any case, a Retro client uninstall / reboot / reinstall / reconfigure is required to get things working again. That is a lot of work for folks with a lot of Retro clients installed. Regards, Terry
  8. Thanks for the tip about complete removal and reinstallation. I did that and things are back to normal again. It was surprising to me that a "Repair" does NOT accomplish the same thing, but it does not. Having to re-load the exclude list on each client was a bummer, but better than nothing. I agree that Dantz's attitude about support is poor. But then they do seem to have a corner on the market. Thanks again, Terry
  9. After working properly for several months, suddenly the retro 5.1 client is crashing on all seven (7) of our WinXP (SP1 without SP2) workstations. When the client fails I get an app error that says: retroclient.exe --- A breakpoint has been reached (0x80000003) in the app at location 0x77f75a58. This is very consistent across all of the workstations. No new maintenance was applied, no changes were made. Sometimes the client starts OK after a reboot but crashes as soon as the retro server checks it (using client config dialogue refresh button). Other times the client crashes during boot up of the workstation. Reinstalling the client does not seem to help. Don't ask why I'm using 5.15 (tape device support issues), but please tell me what to do to correct this problem. I'm guessing that it is something that is date related, but I don't know why.
  10. Server-ML-50790-ML-
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    I just did a DR restore on my IBM Thinkpad R40 using the inboard CD-RW drive. It worked great. I had my backup files on an external USB disk drive, and USB support was not there in the "simple" system, so I had to go ahead with the 2nd phase of the Retrospect install during DR. I did notice that both the C: (disk) and D: (CD) drives were available on the "simple" system. As long as the notebook's BIOS supports booting from a USB (or other external) device then the results should be similar. Regards, Terry
  12. I have Retrospect 6.5 Pro running on WinXP Pro with all current MS maint applied. Retrospect was working perfectly with Open File Backup prior to a Disaster Recovery restore due to a defective C: drive. The restore went very well, everything looks and works real fine. However, now I'm getting the following errors with each Retrospect backup... +Executing Immediate Backup at 11/1/2004 3:34 PM To Backup Set IBM-R40 Backup Set C... Can't use Open File Backup option for IBM_PRELOAD (C:), error -1017 (insufficient permissions) -11/1/2004 3:34:58 PM: Copying IBM_PRELOAD (C:) File "C:\Documents and Settings\Terry\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Desktop Search\rpm.cf1": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) Looking in the Application Event log, I see two of the following errors each time Retrospect backup runs... Event Type: Error Event Source: VSS Event Category: None Event ID: 12292 Date: 11/1/2004 Time: 3:34:58 PM User: N/A Computer: IBM-R40 Description: Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Error creating the Shadow Copy Provider COM class with CLSID {65ee1dba-8ff4-4a58-ac1c-3470ee2f376a} [0x80040154]. For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp. Data: 0000: 43 4f 52 53 4f 46 54 43 CORSOFTC 0008: 37 30 00 00 00 00 00 00 70...... 0010: 43 4f 52 53 4f 46 54 43 CORSOFTC 0018: 36 30 00 00 00 00 00 00 60...... I checked System Event log and I see the Volume Shadow Copy (VSC) Service starting and stopping with no problems each time a backup is run. Retrospect is running with the Administrator userid. There is plenty of disk space available on the C: drive. I tried running in Safe Mode and Retrospect gets the same error. Can anyone provide suggestions on what to do/try next? I have already reviewed the other posts with 1017 in them and have not been able to solve this problem myself. Thanks!!! Terry