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    Vista Client - AVG Firewall conflct

    I actually also have XP Pro clients running AVG 8.0 and the same most recent version of the Retrospect Client and they back up just fine for me by just allowing the application as "Allow for All" in the firewall config. Unfortunately the same doesn't seem to work in Vista. I'm seriously considering giving up on AVG firewall, its often more trouble than its worth. Whats a better alternative?
  2. I'm having trouble trying to back up windows vista clients that run AVG Firewall. When I turn the firewall off the backup runs fine. With the firewall on the backup client will be found and will perform anywhere from a few hundred megs to a couple of gigs worth of backup and then fail with "Trouble Reading Files, error -519 (Network Communication Failed)" I've tried to list the application retroclient.exe as an allowed application in the firewall, and I've also tried opening up local port 497 UDP & TCP, both directions. Neither resolved the issue. So far the only way I've had success has been to turn off the AVG firewall. Can anyone please suggest a work-around? AVG version 8.0.223 (latest) Retrospect Client version 7.6.107 Retrospect Pro Server version 7.6.123
  3. I have a supported DVD drive, its a Plextor...forget the model but it's on the 'supported' list. I'm using MultiServer 6.5 on XP pro. I tried to write a set of DVDs by using the 'Transfer Backup Set' option. I selected my source set, and defined my destination set to be on the DVD drive. The first disc burnt with no errors, but when it was full and retrospect asked for the next disc i got error -206 dirty heads, bad media, etc. I tried like 6 different dvd's (all new) and couldn't get past the error. The DVD drive is brand new, and i've havent had any problems burning discs with Nero or Roxio... Help please?
  4. xynamax

    WebDAV backup

    Can I backup a webDAV folder with MultiServer 6.5? How? The system mapped to the webDAV folder in question is running SCO OS/5 (unix) The server running Retrospect 6.5 is running XP pro with Services for Unix 3.5 installed