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  1. I have given up on this and installed win2k server for this device. No matter how I did this it failed to start retrospect up as the retrosepct user. Moved back to win2k server and it launches just fine as the retrospect user. Appears to be a windows 2003 server issue. Thanks paul
  2. It's not a DC and the user can log into the machine. paul
  3. Already running 6.5.350. Already tried setting to logged in user, restart retrospect, set to run as retrospect user, restart setting doesn't take. The setting is set but the title bar still shows my logged in user id not the id of the retrospect user. Thanks paul
  4. Hi-- I have a Restrospect 6.5 Multi Server install. I have recently moved Retrospect from a Windows 2000 Server to a Windows Server 2003 Std. I moved all my settings as outlined in the user manual. Everything works fine except for the Alwas run Retrospect as user option. This was previously working. I have a user for backups. The username and password are correct in the security preference but every time I launch Retrospect it comes up as running under my own username not the retrospect user. I have tried unsetting and making it run as me and restart retrospect. Then I change to the retrospect user again in the preference and restart retrosepct. Still the same it's always trying to run as me. Does this feature not work in 2003 or is there something I am missing. Thanks paul