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    error -42

    <It's still unclear exactly what you're doing (do you have two Backup Sets, and rotate between them?), but the information you've provided does not suggest that a Removable Backup Set is your best choice. The main reason to use such a Backup Set is for when the drive gets 100% filled, you add an _additional_ Member (another hard drive) and continue to backup to that.> It's difficult for me to convey what I'm doing because I don't know what I'm doing. Apparently I made the wrong choice in how I implemented backup. On your suggestion, I will switch to File Backup Sets and reset my client to report success or failure on a daily basis. Thanks all, Dave
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    error -42

    > Why have you configured Retrospect to treat the hard drive as a removable device? Since this is not the default configuration of the program, what is your reason for using a Removable Backup Set instead of a File Backup Set? Because when a drive becomes 90% filled, I swap it out with an empty one. I keep the data on the swapped out drive until it needs to be swapped back in again. This gives me some redundancy over the roughly nine months it takes to fill one. > What does this mean? Why was a wipe (of the external HD?) required to get the program "to run?" It was erased in Disk Utility. I don't know why, or even if, it was required; it just worked. > If you double-clicked on the Retrospect program icon, would Retrospect not launch? Yes, it would, and it would also attempt to run the missed scheduled backups. > Did you try and visit Configure->Backup Sets to see if Retrospect could access the Catalog file from there? Yes, and it could access the Catalog file. > How many Sessions and Files are in your Backup Set? 184 sessions are in the current 72.5 MB set. I don't know how to determine the number of files short of adding up the file numbers in those 184 sessions, which would be pretty cumbersome. Scanning through, I'd say it's on the order of a hundred thousand. Thanks for your help. David
  3. I’m running Retrospect 6.0.204 on a G4 Mac with 10.3.9. Backup is to a Maxtor 300 GB One Touch firewire drive configured as a removable device. Retrospect is the only application running on the machine, and it is backing up nine clients over a 100bT ethernet network. Intermittently (about every six weeks), backup fails, and the following message is recorded in the log: “Can’t access catalog for backup set Backup Set A, error -42 (too many files open).” After that happens, Retrospect doesn’t attempt to launch again, and I get a message from my Retrospect client after seven days. In the past, rebooting the machine solved the problem. Lately, that has not been the case. On December 19, a fresh, wiped drive was needed to get Retrospect to run. The problem recurred on January 27, and a reboot yesterday did not restore backup overnight. In searching the forum, I see that another user has had a -42 error, but it involved icons. Mine does not. Any thoughts? David
  4. I am getting a -36 (i/o) error when attempting to duplicate a backup from one 300 GB Maxtor OneTouch Firewire drive to another identical drive. The drives are connected to separate ports on a G4 400 w/ 1GB RAM and OS 10.3.4. Both Retrospect Workgroup and the Maxtor driver are the latest versions. I turned on byte-by-byte verification on my latest attempt, but the log didn't offer any further enlightenment that I could find. I think the duplication fails on verification, but I've never actually caught it in the act. Just not patient enough to sit there for three hours watching the screen. David Schoonmaker