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  1. Hi, only this things works for me (6-6.5-7...): de-activate the countdown dialog box. http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/favli...amp;postmarker= hope it will be usefull
  2. Hi, Installing Retrospect 7.0.107 client get rid of the problem !!! I didn't know that Retrospect 7.0.107 client work with a Retrospect 6.5.350 server !!! Thanks a lot Nate
  3. Hi, Having the same problem with a v6.5.136 client and a v6.5.536 single server. Reparing/unistalling/cleaning registry/cleaning "Application data" of the user... don't work. Perhaps the problem is on the users base of the server? Is there any cleaning tools for this datas base? Is there any hidden prefs files on the client? Thanks