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    Client Issue - Error -519

    Update #2 I have been looking at the length of internet outage and how it impacts both Retrospect and the remote client. It appears that the connection to the client can survive an outage of a maximum of about 5 seconds. Much longer and the client appears to timeout and go to status=ready, while Retrospect shows "retrying" for a lot longer, even when I know that the internet connection is back up. Ed Glassgow
  2. glassgow

    Client Issue - Error -519

    More information... Today I am getting fairly frequent drops in the internet so I have been experimenting with a lengthy transfer. What I am seeing is that, when there is an interruption, the client will generally go to status=ready while Retrospect on this end is still retrying. Out of about 20 times of doing this, once the client got stuck on status=whatever it was doing at the time of the interruption, but it almost always goes to status=ready. So it appears that the retry is not being successful in reattaching to the client. Ed Glassgow
  3. glassgow

    Client Issue - Error -519

    My internet connection has developed an issue where it has short, fairly frequent interruptions (last maybe 1 to 3 seconds). Comcast is working hard (really) to figure out what is going on. However, I use Retrospect to backup back from my office to my home and vice-versa (with my home machine always the client). Since this issue started, I have been getting frequent -519 errors (network communication failed). Sometimes the client reverts to Status=Ready and sometimes the client continues to be "in use" by the script that was using the client at the time of the interruption. This morning I decided to do a backup with a remote access window open to the machine at home side by side with the local machine running retrospect. The backup proceeded normally until there was a short (about 2 second) internet interruption. The local machine showed "retrying" until it terminated the script with a -519 error, while the remote machine reverted to Status=Ready, even while the local machine was showing "retrying". It appears to me that Retrospect is not very robust in reconnecting with a client if there is any kind of internet connection glitch. If I try the same thing with an FTP based backup solution (like SyncBack Pro), It easily recovers from the same kind of glitch. I find no way of tweaking any of the client settings. Am I missing something or is this backup scenario problematic unless you have a perfect internet connection. I should note that I had no problems before my connection started weirding out. I should note that I am running Retrospect Multi Server Version 7.6.123 (Driver Update and Hot Fix, version on the local machine and Client 7.6.107 on the remote machine, both running Windows XP, Service Pack 3, with all current updates. Thanks... Ed Glassgow
  4. glassgow

    Feature Request (I Think)

    This is actually a suggestion for something that I have thought Retrospect has needed for a while, script groups. This would be the ability of grouping scripts and running or scheduling multiple scripts, instead of having to do them each separately. What this issue at hand is, is that I want to duplicate a number of folders before I leave the office in the evening. These folders reside on disparate servers and on my local machine. I know that a backup of these could be accomplished easily, but, to my knowledge, a duplicate operation cannot. What would be ideal would be to have the concept of a group of scripts that would execute consecutively and could be scheduled. A lot of other less sophisticated backup packages do just that (SyncBack for example). Or am I missing something? Thanks... Ed Glassgow