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    Client being flagged as virus

    Any response from Symantec? I just installed 9.5 today and am seeing this on every client.
  2. brian9549

    -530 Errors

    Yes. Running the latest Retrospect and the latest client and still getting the -530 errors
  3. brian9549

    -530 Errors

    I have a Win Server running Retrospect 6.X with a bunch of Window Clients all at the latest version. We have a few stubborn clients that regularly get a -530 error during backup. There are about 4 clients that do this. They are all on different floors on different hubs. All Clients are Compaq systems running Windows 2000 SP4 or WinXP SP1. Installed the latest Retro Win Client and system will backup just fine. The next time the server goes to backup the workstation it gets a -530 error. Upon inspection of the client, it gives a message that the Client Service is either not installed or not running. In order to get the client to backup again, the client has to reboot. That works for one more backup, and then the error message comes back. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the client (always the latest version). Tried another NIC (besides using on-board Ethernet) and replacing patch cables and different ports all to no avail. Made sure that Energy Saver and screen savers are not coming on and still getting these errors and I am at a loss. Any Ideas?