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  1. Last night i (as i always do) inserted the relevant tape ready for the nightly backup, closed retrospect, and hit 'check media' on the following dialog. however after seeing the message 'media ready - quit?' i got distracted and left it. and then went home. ive come in this morning to see the same message still there, and the backup hasn't run. would have been nice if the backup scrupt had executed anyway! now i have to run the backup during peak times, which is a pain... oh btw its retrospect multiserver 6.5.350
  2. We are running Retrospect multi server 6.5.350 with the exchange server add-on, on exchange 2000. After running a full backup with retrospect, it seems that the exchange backup logs are not being truncated (this should happen after exchange is fully backed up) the files in question are located in exchsvr\mdbdata and consist of a sequence of 5 megabyte files. when exchange is informed that its had a full backup, these files are deleted. at present, i have to run NTBackup once a month just so i can get rid of these files. (its been a month today since i did this and there's 14gb of wasted space so far) i have checked for execution errors in the backups. there was a few, which we have now eliminated, which were down to a few corrupt emails that couldnt be backed up. there are no longer any errors relating to exchange. however there are still a couple of errors relating to open files on other servers, and also to some other files on the C: drive of the exchange server (some in winnt\temp and some in winnt\dhcp). could these be the reason why exchange isn't truncating the logs? (retrospect sees errors, doesn't care that they were on other machines, and so doesnt tell exchange its done a full backup?) its not feasible to get the open file plugin at the moment, although i do intend to get this at some point. thanks for any assistance