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  1. My Retro Exchange Agent is not backing up (or so I think) my priv1.edb and pub1.edb files. Or is it doing it somewhere else that I cant find it?
  2. scottthompson

    can't read, error -1004 (Database Backup/Restore error)

    I ran the backup manually once and had success. Once I created an automatic backup with a script it started. Now I cant even run an automatic backup without it happening. Also, I am getting another error in Activity Monitor/Events that reads, "Script Error: no source volumes specified." I checked the script and SQLServer is selected as a source. TIA, Scott
  3. I am getting this error when I back up my SQL databases. If I run a manual backup, it quickly skips over each DB and give this error on each. What am I doing wrong? I am running 6.5.350 on SBS2003.
  4. scottthompson

    Restoring To Blank HDD

    I am wanting to have a smooth transition with minimal down-time if something goes wrong with the drive that is operational on my server. I have a NAS box offsite that I do backups to. I want to restore the contents of the backup set to a blank drive and pop it in the server and turn it on and be back up and running. This is possible, right?