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    Authentication Failure

    Nate, OK, I moved the config65.dat and config65.bak files to the desktop and started over. Doing this didn't seem to help though, I am still experiencing the same problem. Regards, Rob
  2. RobHoglund

    Authentication Failure

    Hi Nate. I am running Windows Small Business Server 2003, i.e. Windows Server 2003. I have not created the Retrospect backup user account as I was using the Administrator account. What I don't understand is why it would work for several days then just stop. Checked all the event logs and nothing jumps out at me that would indicate a failure. The Administrator account can still get at the databases, just not through Retrospect. Thanks for your help. Rob
  3. RobHoglund

    Authentication Failure

    I am having an issue backing up SQL Server databases with version 6.5 for Small Business Server. The backup will run fine for several days, then unexpectedly the backup of SQL Server fails stating it cannot access the database (error -1221). I try to edit the script and access the database, but when it prompts me for user id and password for Windows authentication, it still cannot access the database. User id and password are valid, I can access the database outside Retrospect. Only solution is to reboot the server. This solves the problem temporarily, but after several days I get the same error. Any ideas?