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  1. I run a nearly all Mac shop with a Windows 2003 server in the mix. I currently use Retrospect 6 workgroup on a mac to back up nearly the entire network. I also run Retrospect 7 on the MS server and that backs up to a folder on it's own HD and to tape. However, I want everything in one place as I nightly swap FW drives on the Mac backup server to take home with me. Soooo, my question, I have been backing up the folder on the MS server with the Mac version of Retrospect (using SFM) so that I can get that data onto the nightly off site drives. Is this a valid procedure? In other words, should we have a disaster, will I be able to recover that Windows Retrospect (and I should add SQL data from Great Plains data) from the Mac backup? Thanks, Ben
  2. Hello, I have a windows 2003 server running Retrospect single server 7 (with all latest updates) that simply will not allow me to add tapes to my tape backup set. For a long time, Retrospect did not recognize the drive at all but now it sees it and sees all my tapes, etc. but I can get any further. When trying to add tapes to the backup set, I get this: "Couldn't execute, Device busy, error -213 (device in use)" Problem is, it's not in use that I can tell! I do have another Mac that can use and back up to the same autoloader, no problem. But right now, I have Retrospect on the Mac not running so that it is not trying to use the same drive. I am also getting "New hardware found" notices in Windows but I don't believe I should install any drivers as Exabyte's site say doing this will prevent Retrospect from using the drive. Can someone please offer some advice? I am a Mac user and don't know much about Windows... Ben
  3. Hello, I have a bit of a dilema. I operate Retro 6 workgroup on a OS 10.3 machine. I also have a MS windows 2003 machine running SQL server and Retro single server version 7, with the SQL Agent add-on. That setup seems to works fine but the problem is, I can't figure out how to get the backed up SQL data off the PC HD and onto my tapes as only the OS X machine can access my VXA FW autoloader. Question is, can I have my Mac backup the folder on the SQL server that SQL files are being backed up to and still have a viable SQL backup? I guess my other option would be to install a FireWire PCI card on my PC so that it can write to my tapes but I would prefer not to do that Thanks, Ben
  4. I'm certain that I am not the first person to look for this but is there some type of Applescript out there that can be set up so that Retrospect will email the operations log to me? I have searched the forums and the user manual for this to no avail. I don't understand why this simple feature is available for the Windows version but not the Mac. Any advice or places to look would be appreciated! Thanks, Ben
  5. I need to do the exact same thing. Can anyone help???
  6. Nevermind. A colleague showed me how to do this using the retrospect event handler script for the Mail app.
  7. Hello, I am a longtime Retrospect user but recently acquired a VXA-2 firewire packetloader. I have no background with tapes, much less autoloaders. I am currently trying to decide whether or not to use the GFS rotation scheme or something else. I currently have plenty of tapes and can fit all files on a single tape, every day. The problem I have is that I use a Backup Server script for about 5 mobile users that runs throughout the day and than another regular script that runs at night to backup my desktop users. I can not figure out how to integrate the backup data from the day and the evening onto the same tape on a daily basis. I have already followed the instructions below, with the exception of a Friday tape, for the evening backups but the backup server scripts do not allow you to specify different tapes for different days within the script. My goal is to reuse the Mon-Thur tapes every week, reuse the Friday tapes weekly(and store onsite in media safe) and than do a monthly full backup to archive off site. What is the best way to implement all of this? Thanks! http://kb.dantz.com/al/12/1/1015.html Ben G4 1.25/512MB/OS 10.3 Retrospect Workgroup 6
  8. Thanks Nate, I sort of figured that might be my only way out. Any suggestion on the GFS scheme? I thought it sounded pretty comprehensive but I have since read in Retrospect documentation and elsewhere that a lot of people don't like it due to difficult restores, expensive, etc. What is the best way to ensure daily/weekly backup and then have a monthly archive tape to take off site for permenant storage? Thanks again, Ben