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  1. mfleahy

    Transfer Set and Recycle Problem

    It's now into its second day, slowly creating session files in the folder containing the rdb files, despite my having requested a recycle backup. The log file so far is: + Executing Immediate Backup at 11/15/2017 7:49 AM 11/15/2017 7:49:48 AM: Finished scanning backup set data files To Backup Set Daily... 11/15/2017 7:49:48 AM: Recycle backup: The Backup Set was reset - 11/15/2017 7:49:48 AM: Copying Local Disk (C:) 11/15/2017 8:07:48 AM: Found: 264,031 files, 41,080 folders, 188.1 GB 11/15/2017 8:07:49 AM: Finished matching 11/15/2017 8:07:55 AM: Copying: 227,418 files (181.4 GB) and 36,612 hard links [!] vlocRDiskDoGetFInfo: Skipping AA001805.rdb: zero databytes reported 11/15/2017 8:11:20 AM: Finished scanning backup set data files It says it is doing a recycle backup and the "Backup Set was reset" but it is reading that backup set anyway. It also says it finished scanning backup set data files two days ago, but the activity monitor shows file activity, even though 0 files have been completed, the performance is 0.0 and the time remaining is blank. The elapsed time does update occasionally and it stands at: 2 04:11:53 or thereabouts. Since I'm not doing much of anything with this computer (especially now), I am going to wait for it to re-emerge from the rabbit-hole. Any comments or help would be appreciated.
  2. USD hard drive on my router filled up. Grooming didn't do much. Rebuilt catalog multiple times and incremental backup still failed. Multiple groom/rebuild/backup cycles failed with various errors that seemed to be related to multiple clobbered rdb files. Attempted a Backup Set Transfer. It started to run, and run, and run. Came back a day later. Although it had finished, I saw 0 errors, 0 performance and 0:00:00 elapsed time, and no log file. The rdb files seem to be in the folder for the transfer set, but I am not confident that it went OK. Having said that, I am attempting to do a recycle backup to the original backup set to start over. I did NOT forget the original Backup Set so that my scripts would stay intact. Retrospect is now "Building Catalog File..." which it has been doing for 26+ hours. No files have been completed, and the neither the Error/Warnings or Performance indicators have anything in them. It does seem to be cycling through files. It is creating Session files in the folder where the original backup rdb files live, and is updating the catalog (on another drive). What I don't understand is why it is reading the old backup when I set it for a recycle backup. Should it not just delete the old backup rdb files and start over? So, for the moment, I am dead in the water with no confidence that I have a properly transferred backup set or a working backup process.
  3. I have used Retrospect since before EMC. Now on a Win7 Home Premium, 64 bit, machine. Bought 7.7 in Dec 2010 and it worked fine. Don't recall the ..version number. Followed the normal update procedure from within Retrospect and got to 7.7.562 a week or so ago. Now, on overnight backups, my system will completely hang. CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't even work. Have to power down. After reboot, Retrospect will ask for license key and then come up with everything forgotten. My config77.dat file (and the .bak file) are there, but it seems that Retrospect is not reading it, or it is clobbered. Roxio Tech Support wants a service contract or a per-incident charge, but it appears that the update killed it. Still "negotiating" with Tech Support.
  4. mfleahy

    Disk erased?

    Thanks for the advice. I was able to get the hard drive into a desktop with an adapter and recover all of my important files. The disk appears to have problems in the Windows directory, as well as in the boot area, so it's no good for an image copy to the new drive. The annoying part is that I will have to reinstall all of my software. I still don't understand how Retrospect can spend a couple of hours writing a disk, only to report "Disk Erased." It seems to me there needs to be some checking of the media at the beginning, and possibly during, the backup process. I realize a write-verify sequence for every file (or directory) is probably not a great option, given how DVD's and CD's are written, but waiting for verification after a full volume of 5, 20, 80, etc. Gb is written to multiple disks is not user friendly. Maybe an automatic verify after each DVD is written makes more sense than a verify after 5 DVDs go through. At least that gives you the chance to recover in the shortest time.
  5. mfleahy

    Disk erased?

    The Dantz tech suggested that maybe only the header on the DVD was clobbered, but I'm not sure if there isn't some way to do a sector-by-sector copy (just like the old days of Norton DiskEditor). I tried a couple of disk rescue programs on the DVD, but they weren't even able to read the good disk from the set. I guess Dantz uses some non-standard formatting. As far as the hard drive, the symptoms are consistent with a non-bootable drive, i.e., it spins up on boot but then spins back down, whereupon the system states "No Hard Drive available." Of course, that's also consistent with a more serious hardware failure too. I'll probably get an adapter and put it into a desktop and see if it is really dead. That's worth a shot before I send it off to a data recovery place (best quote so far was $1050.00).
  6. I just got off the phone with tech support, AFTER agreeing to pay $70 to open an incident. For approximately 15 minutes of "help" I received the answer that Dantz couldn't help. When I asked if I still had to pay for this non-solution, the tech stated that since the software didn't have a bug, it was not their problem. Here's the problem. I had a laptop which had a hard disk that was making unusual noises. I installed the client and did an immediate backup to my desktop PC on a Sony DVD-R drive. Retrospect wrote the first disk, completed the second disk and then went into verify mode. It asked for the first disk, attempted to read it, and returned the disk status as "ERASED." I could see from the disk itself that it was fully written (and I babysat it for most of the writing). Of course, that's when the hard drive chose to fail completely. I put in a new hard drive and rebuilt it to the point that I could try to restore files. Retrospect could read the second disk, and I have already recovered some files onto the new hard drive. My problem, of course, is the first disk. There is about 4.5G hidden in there somewhere, and Dantz says there is no way to recover the information. Does anyone know of some way to read the DVD image and somehow get it on to a Retrospect-readable disk. Otherwise, I have to shell out about $1000 to send the hard drive to a data recovery service, with no guarantee of success.