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  1. I got on the phone with tech support and we solved the problem. My Windows backup client was causing this error so I did the following to fix it on my Windows machine: - Un-installed client - Restart - Installed client again - Restart Now it works fine. pete
  2. I finally found a spare 200GB USB drive to test a backup to a different destination. Same error. There is a recurring pattern to the error that may be worth noting - it always seems to happen on the "ASUS" backup (my Windows remote client) and never my MacBook. So according to this, it looks like my MacBook is backing up fine. I have not changed my Windows client software configuration ever. It running version 7.0.112. Any ideas? thanks!!! pete LOGFILE + Normal backup using USB Test at 7/20/2007 4:24 PM To backup set Usb Test Backup Set… - 7/20/2007 4:24:43 PM: Copying MacBook Pro… Can't read file “1Passwd.prc”, error -43 (file/folder not found), path: “MacBook [snip 137 more misc. execution errors] 7/20/2007 9:01:51 PM: 138 execution errors. Remaining: 138 files, 3869 KB Completed: 648175 files, 61.2 GB Performance: 241.4 MB/minute Duration: 04:37:08 (00:17:50 idle/loading/preparing) 7/20/2007 9:03:35 PM: Connected to ASUS * Resolved container ASUS to 2 volumes: DRIVE C (C:) on ASUS Quicken on ASUS Internal consistency check failed: Assertion check at "elem16.c-687" 7/20/2007 11:36:44 PM: Execution incomplete. Total duration: 04:37:08 (00:17:50 idle/loading/preparing) Quit at 7/20/2007 11:36 PM
  3. Ok thanks Russ. I will give this a shot. I *really* appreciate your help on this. I can do a USB drive backup. Do you suggest that I do it with the RDU or with none? pete
  4. Quote: Quit Retrospect, drag the RDU to the Desktop, restart Retrospect. You can verify that there is no RDU by looking in the log or, under the File menu, look at "About Retrospect". I did that and rec'd the following error: ∆ Retrospect version 6.1.126 launched at 7/16/2007 9:28 AM + Normal backup using EasyScript Backup at 7/16/2007 9:28 AM To backup set Backup Set B… - 7/16/2007 9:28:41 AM: Copying MacBook Pro… Can't add that much data to backup set. The limit is 2.0 G. 7/16/2007 9:55:27 AM: Execution incomplete. Remaining: 446 files, 1.6 GB Completed: 0 files, zero KB Performance: 0.0 MB/minute Duration: 00:26:46 (00:26:38 idle/loading/preparing) 7/16/2007 9:55:30 AM: Execution incomplete. Total duration: 00:26:46 (00:26:38 idle/loading/preparing) Quit at 7/16/2007 9:55 AM Looks like removing the RDU prevents >2GB file writes? Quote: To me, a more interesting test might be to try to rebuild the catalog again (sigh) and try to an AFP storage medium, or an attached drive, rather than to the NAS. I can't see how the NAS would be causing this, but it would eliminate that variable. But 62 Gig would take something larger than a thumb drive... I suppose I can set this up if you think there is some issue introduced by the new OS. (The Driver Update Version is has been tested and qualified to work with my Infrant NAS). pete
  5. Right you are. My last successful backup was on 6/20, 5 days before the OS X 10.4.10 update was installed on on my computer. I have had lots of successful backups using RDU If you still think it would be helpful, I can run a backup without an RDU but I am not sure how to do this. pete
  6. OK, so I created a new catalog/set and did a new backup to the same location. Same error:
  7. Somehow I missed that after going through all the trouble of documenting my post! I just tried to do it and now it looks like the recycle backup last night failed for an entirely new reason reporting that there my be errors with my destination drive. Itleft my catalog and container hosed with 0 and 56K respectively. Strange. My NAS control panel did not report anything funny. Deleted the set and am starting a new backup from scratch... pete
  8. I am having the same exact problem. I will try to provide as much information as possible: - Hardware: Macbook Pro, Core 2 Duo, 2.33 GHz, 3GB RAM - Software: OSX 10.4.10, Retrospect v6.1.126, Device Access Version 10..0.107, Driver Update Version - I am backing up from my Macbook Pro to a file on my NAS. I have used this same configuration for months Below are two screen shots for further reference. Thanks in advance, pete Here is a screenshot of my destination - note 70GB available. Here is the error message:
  9. @ Lennart - Per my original post, I tried that. @ CallMeDave - Just to be sure, are you suggesting that my problem is due to the share not being mounted? The reason why I mention it is becuase I am pretty sure that it is always mounted (I set up a system outside of retrospect that uses Display Watcher to trigger a mount applescript on "wake from sleep"). In fact, when I run the backup job manually the first thing it asks me is to locate the catalog and its right there int he default window! I just tried this now, it asked me to locate the file and I clicked canceled the execution. I immediately ran the script again and then it completed the whole backup without any intervention on my part. Now this is getting strange. My NAS supports AFP so I can easily switch to that protocol if you think it will solve the problem. pete p.s. Is there any way to get email notifications of thread replies? For the life of me I can't figure out how.
  10. Quote: > Why can't it find my catalog automatically? Although you omit much in the way of relevant information regarding your specific configuration, the most obvious hint you have given concerns the use of a NAS. I'd suggest reading the ReadMe regarding using Retrospect to access Backup Sets or Catalog files on remote shares; if you still have questions, a follow-up post containing specific information would be best. Thanks for jumping in to help. I checked out the Readme and there was a section titled "Backing Up To or From Mounted AppleShare Volumes". However, I believe the section does not apply because I am using a SMB volume. I'd be happy to include as much information as required. I am not sure specifically what is relevant but I will give it a go: HARDWARE/OS: - 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo running Mac OS X 10.4.9 RETROSPECT Version 6.1.126 EasyScript: Sources: - Local Desktop Container (Local hard drive_ - Backup Clients Container (1 networked Windows XP client) Destinations: Backup Set A on: Infrant ReadyNAS NV+ http://infrant.com/products/products_details.php?name=ReadyNAS%20NVPlus Type: smbfs Mount Point: /Volumes/backup Mounted From: //MSHOME;ADMIN@ Selecting: All files Options: verification off, data compression, synchnoize clocks, don't backup filevault sparseimages Schedule: [every night @ 10pm] Typical log entry on a failure: ∆ Retrospect version 6.1.126 automatically launched at 5/29/2007 10:00 PM + Retrospect Driver Update, version + Normal backup using EasyScript Backup at 5/29/2007 10:00 PM Can't access catalog for backup set Backup Set A, error -43 (file/folder not found). 5/29/2007 10:00:27 PM: Execution incomplete. Quit at 5/29/2007 10:00 PM
  11. Hi - My automatic backup script fails each night with this error: Can't access catalog for backup set Backup Set A, error -43 (file/folder not found). I went to "configure>backup sets> Backup Set A > configure" to confirm that retrospect knew the location of the catalog file. I saw the file path on my NAS (I was not prompted to find it either). When I run this manually, ("immediate>run") it prompts me for the location of the catalog file every time. The dialog box always defaults to the correct folder and I have to select the catalog file. Why can't it find my catalog automatically? pete p.s. I am using Retrospect version 6.1.126
  12. OSX disconnects my servers from time to time and I can't figure out why exactly. As a result, a lot of my backup fails due to a missing backup destination. I am using a MacBook Pro with a wireless connection to my NAS. Is there a way to ask retrospect to try to connect to a share before running a backup script? If not, is there an easy way to maintain server connections in OS X? (I am a longtime XP guy but a Mac newbie) thanks in advance, pete
  13. Quote: Looks like Retrospect is not designed to take a system out of standby. Ken C This is really disapointing. I have several laptop clients that should be used power management features. I would like to run my backups at night but that means I have to leave these machines on 24X7. Seems like a big waste of power to me. I tried setting the client "proactive backup" to as soon as possible but it did not seems to initiate a backup job. I thought that it could be a workaround. Does anyone have a workaround??? pete
  14. pmauro

    Retrospect can't "see" client

    6 Months later I finally fixed my problem. Linksys tech support helped me solve the problem by advising me to shut down Zone Alarm AND Norton Anti-Virus. I think I only tried Zone Alarm before... QUESTION: Now that I can back up over my network, is there any way to configure Zone Alarm and Norton Anti-Virus Professional to work with Retrospect? thanks in advance, pete