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  1. hello carpetflayer, no need for the folder backup, it would require you to dismount your store (manually or even wrose with a script)...but above all there is no point if your exchange agent is backing up store(s) and SRS. All the best!
  2. lebisol

    Cannot Delete Mailboxes

    "mailboxes were deleted April 18th, and purged on the 19th" this sounds odd....only 1 day of retention????? default is 30 so -double check your store settings -(2k3) use your mailbox recovery center to confirm that there is no pending deletions -run a mailbox cleanup agent on mailboxes -manually push RUS -make backup on a new tape and then comapare All the best!
  3. lebisol

    Exchange backup permission problems

    Hello, Use RBU but make sure you name your account the same and then you dont have to worry about username format again. Memberships of this account are crutial as well as the fact that account HAS to have smtp address. Send a test msg to rbu@yourdomain.com and then u can hide this account in exchange and prohibit mail delivery if you are worried about it showing up in GAL. All the best!
  4. lebisol

    mailbox backups take FOREVER

    brick levels will Always take a long time...think of it as backing up into pst. - item by item. :-| Nature of the beast. However, I had a simmilar issue and as it turns out it was a matter of user account used to backup mailboxes. It misteriosly worked for about 2 months (misconfigured) and then it degraded in speed and finally errored out totally. 1. Confirm/configure that correct user is used see thread #72699 2.Reinstall the client and then re-license the exchange ( I saw no diff. performance between clients 7.0 and 7.5 but I stuck with 'the latest & greatest') All the best!
  5. hi Foster, sorry for not posting sooner...fell into day to day stuff...anyhow. It all points that using ntbackup is the way to trully respond to disaster recovery. There is always a few of VIPs that need access to their contacts,schedules etc. ASAP and can not wait for the entire store to be restored and re-synched up.... Not to promote them but tools like Ontrack Power Controlls or Quest Recovery are great for data extraction when no exchange server nor the backup server is online. Unfortunatelly, they can not extract data from Retrospect backups while they have hooks to pull from some other backup apps/formats. Perhaps this would be a post into "feature requests" for Dantz to prduce something like this or join in with Quest. Well, it is what it is...good to know.... Thanks for your answers! All the best!
  6. I don't see any options to do be able and restore exchange database to a folder....is this even possible? It seems that I have to restore the the full server/store vs. just producing edb and stm files... Thanks for your input. All the best!
  7. Hello Foster, many thanks for the reassurance! this would explain the lenght of the backup on brick level. All the best!
  8. Hello everyone, I have not seen an option that specifes what type of backup is being performed...assumtion being a great starting point of failures I figured I better ask.... Two volumes are available: 1. Exchange Server on SERV1 2. Exchange Mailboxes Volume 1 would be 'full backup' or Information Store + Site Replication Backup (Including ALL mailboxes and public folders etc.) while Volume 2 is in Dantz world is considred to be brick level backup and the only way to restore a single box Is this correct assumption? Manuals are great but you guys are real...so thank you for your time! All the best! win2000/V.7.0344
  9. sure enough...some errors on OALs that point into possible SRS issues. Thanks a bunch!!! All the best!
  10. Hello Foster, this worked great for the most of the exchange backup. I am still getting errors on Site Replicaton Service volume: ===================================================== - 6/11/2006 3:11:14 AM: Copying SRS Storage on SERV Backup type: Full T-312: MapError: unknown Windows error -1,029 Trouble reading files, error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error) ===================================================== What could be causing this? Many thanks for all the help so far! All the best!
  11. thanks Foster! I wondered about that account...I thought it was only referenced as RBU not that it needed an actual acount in AD. Will give it a shot, Many thanks for the notes! All the best!
  12. Hello Everyone, I am having issues running a backup of exchange 2000 while files (second volume) on the same server backs up fine. The errors I am getting on exchange mailbox are: =============================================== * Container Exchange Server on SERV was empty (had no volumes) * Resolved container Exchange Mailboxes to 68 volumes: ... ... ... - 6/9/2006 1:10:45 AM: Copying Jack Smith on SERV T-245: main: transaction terminated by PDS exception Scanning incomplete, error -523 (service transaction error) =============================================== Clinet is : V 7.0.107 Server is: V 7.0.326 Any ideas what went wrong? Many thanks for your time!
  13. lebisol

    Exchange SRS Storage backup error

    hello everyone, sorry to tag along this thread but it was already started ... I am getting this error when trying to backup SRS - 2/21/2006 2:03:06 AM: Copying SRS Storage on MAILSERV Backup type: Full T-252: MapError: unknown Windows error -1,029 Trouble reading files, error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error) 2/21/2006 2:03:23 AM: Execution incomplete Remaining: 2 files, zero KB Completed: 0 files, zero KB Performance: 0.0 MB/minute Duration: 00:00:16 (00:00:04 idle/loading/preparing) and yet again, mailboxes are getting backed up fine. If I use NTbackup for full backup of exchange Site replication service doesn't give out any errors...site replication is running...so in theory there should be 'some files' to backup.... any ideas? thanks, All
  14. hello people, to jump in...I am having the same issues on the win2K adv. server. It freezes up the server just by using any function in it....configure scripts...configure devices...it even locks up my terminal service so it is unusable for about 1 hrs or whatever the Retrospect is doing. on the performance monitor though there is no indication of procesor or memory peaks....any idea what is going on? verions 6.5 worked just fine is there an overlooked update that needs to be done? 2x xeons at 3.2Ghz 8 GM ram win2000adv. Retrospect Multi Server 7 with add ons Many thanks for the advice! All the best!
  15. Hello there, I have just purchased quantum superloader 3 and was wondering if anyone has a good direction/forum to look through in regards to auto-tape loaders and handeling? Many thanks for your advice!