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  1. Hi. I actually found the solution to the problem on the forum here http://goo.gl/gMkIUr (I couldn't find it using the forum search but Google found it) To fix the problem with error -645 (chunk file damaged during save) it's necessary to delete the... %ProgramData%\Retrospect\RtrSec.dir\SERVERNAME.dat ...file (where SERVERNAME is the name of the server identified as having the error in the logs). I refined the method used in the post by restoring the SERVERNAME.dat file from a backup before the date the errors started occurring. Hopefully this will help someone else if they have the same issue. Regards.
  2. Retrospect for Windows Multi Server Version 7.6.123 When backing up shares on a Windows 2008R2 server running the Retrospect client I get the error noted in the topic title. Other shares in the backup job (on different servers) backup OK. I have tried to rebuild the catalogue (from tapes) numerous times and tried saving the catalogue file to different local disks on the backup server. Can anyone offer some advice please? Thanks.
  3. g.bevan

    Backup Failed After 507Gb. Can't Read File Error -1019

    I had this problem, tried everything inc. the registry hack for the paged pool memory, all the suggestions from the forum members and Retrospect staff. I'm afraid the only "fix" in my case was to re-install version 7.6. It's depressing to see the issue hasn't been fixed in such a long time. Hopefully development of the Windows version will improve now Retrospect is its own boss (although it looks like all the development is going on the Mac version at the moment!)
  4. Hi. Yes, I have the same problem (see http://forums.dantz.com/showpost.php?post/136706/) but no solution I'm afraid I had to go back to version 7.6 to "fix" the issue. Now I have problems with retrospect backing up unchanged files every backup! Quickly getting to the "cut my losses" point.
  5. Hi. Since updating from 7.6 - 7.7.208(32 bit) Driver Update and Hotifx I'm getting "Trouble reading files, error -1019 ( not enough resources)" errors. Please note that the server being backed up has already had the registry fixes applied for this issue years ago and has been successfully backed up for years with 7.6. The issue always seems to occur after backing up about 267600 files. All remaining files report the same issue until the next backup source in the backup set is started at which point it continues to backup properly. If there isn't a fix, can you describe how to downgrade back to 7.6 please? Thanks.
  6. Thank you for the clarification. so what would be the best course of action? Mark the tape as missing and erase it?
  7. Sorry - forgot to mention above. I already have 3 tapes in the backup set (the newly requested tape would make four). Tape 3 has only used about 20% of it's capacity, so I would rather have Retrospect continue to use it as normal. Thanks. Grahame.
  8. Hi. Retrospect for Windows 7.5.508 reported an "error 206 (drive reported a failure, dirty heads etc.) The drive is now asking for a new tape. I know the cause of the issue and it's been fixed, but I don't want to add a new tape to the backup set. Can I force Retrospect to use the existing tape? Thanks. Grahame.
  9. g.bevan

    incremental backup not working

    Problem Solved! As I suspected, the problem seemed to be related to the number of files scanned as a single source for the backup. In the script, I modified the source from the single top level folder to the 5 or 6 subfolders beneath. So instead of the backup script scanning 800000+ files in a single operation, it now scans approx 160000 files per subfolder. I've run the script a few times now, and each incremental backup is now only backing up approx 12GB / day compared to the 700GB previously. Regards - Grahame.
  10. g.bevan

    incremental backup not working

    Hi. There are no recycle backups in the script. At the moment, it's showing: Normal Backup to Backup Set B Every other week on SMTWT.., starting 06/05/2008 at 22:00 Normal Backup to Backup Set A Every other week on Friday.., starting 09/05/2008 at 22:00 Normal Backup to Backup Set A Every other week on SMTWT.., starting 11/05/2008 at 22:00 Normal Backup to Backup Set B Every other week on Friday.., starting 16/05/2008 at 22:00 However, I have remembered a Retrospect bug (limitation) from years ago regarding the maximum number of files that could be scanned, so I've broken down my backup into smaller subfolders rather than the whole parent folder. I'm going to give that a try and see if it works...
  11. g.bevan

    incremental backup not working

    Yes, same selectors (all files) both times. Thanks. Grahame.
  12. g.bevan

    incremental backup not working

    Hi. Thanks for the reply - interesting test! the preview button identifies about 890000 files, 1154Gb with 74000 files, 128Gb to back up. Yet in the logs for the scripted backup (same settings) it's trying to back up about 400000 files, 700Gb. The backups are to the same tape set. I have 2 sets (backup set A and backup set set A is in for a week, then backup set B is in for a week etc. The script was based on the weekly rotation model from the easyscript wizard. The server is a simple file server (neither SQL or Exchange). Can't understand the big difference between the previewed manual backup and the scripted... Any other ideas from this extra detail? Thanks again. Grahame.
  13. Retrospect Multi Server for Windows 7.5.508 Hi. I have a backup script scheduled to perform a "normal" (full followed by incremental) backup nightly with weekly rotation. Under "matching" options, the first 2 options are selected. I have no AV running on the server or anything else that could alter the modification dates of the files. I'm also not running a verification check. The backup set backs up to tape (Quantum DLT-S4 800/1600). The source data is on the same server as the tape device and Retrospect is backing the data from a local folder. Problem is, Retrospect keeps backing practically all the files on every run (like a full backup every time instead of incremental). I'm filling up tapes at an allarming rate and keep having to recycle the backup set. Has anyone else got this problem, is there a fix or workaround? Thanks. Grahame.
  14. Hi. I'm trying to backup an SQL server. I'm using SQL Server authentication (although I've tries all the others). I know I'm using the correct login credentials (the same I use to connect with SQL Manager) but Retrospect won't connect to add the SQL server to the backup sources. Can anyone suggest a fix? Thanks.
  15. g.bevan

    Request for new media

    Thanks Robin. I'll give that a try. (and thanks again for the prompt reply). Grahame.