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    Can't save Snapshot in Backup

    Hello, Disabled the open files option and it still has the same problem... I have narrowed the error down to a folder with 500K files in it... all Jpg and tiff images. Is there some sort of limit on the number of files Pro can handle in a single volume??? If I move the directory with my images then the problem follows it. I have 512m memory on this machine and only started having this problem when I added the last 10k of records...
  2. definently not a disk space issue... I am backing to an external USB 250G drive with nothing on it except from the back up that wont do the snap shot... so it might have to do with the amount of data on my c drive as the D drive save the snapshot in the same backup. I have been playing around and moved 52 meg of data 400k files from the drive and now it seems to work OK... It apears there is some magic unknown limit. All my local drives have at least 100 gig free... What if anything can I use to check to see if it is some weird IO problem
  3. reblake

    Can't save Snapshot in Backup

    Can't save Snapshot in Backup Set A - Daisy, error -1019 (not enough resources) I am runnung Win XP sp2 and backing up a main system and 2 remotes... it will not save the snapshot of the C drive... the others seem to work OK Any help would be great, I have looked everywhere and connot find any good information