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    need help creating a disaster recovery CD...

    Howard, Whilst I agree about Dantz not including the facility to burn the iso image to CD-R within Retrospect, what I do think is pretty bad is that, as far as I remember, the instructions about how to do this are in a readme file, rather than in the user manual. That is not good!
  2. This is really a supplementary to a post I've just made. Wonder if anyone can tell me if, in W98SE, would the Disaster Recover CD contain all the drivers, etc necessary to access an external Firewire DVD drive conected via a Firewire cardbus adaptor in a laptop. If not, is there a work around? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  3. My hard drive is partitioned with C: as the bootable system drive, and D: containing only data files, and I do separate backups of C: and D: drives. If there are software problems, rather than hard drive problems, I would like to be able to just recover C: and not wipe the data drive as a consequence. If I have a backup just of C: (together with the Disaster Recovery CD relating to it), is it possible to restore just a single C: partition, rather than the entire hard drive? The manual is vague about this, and although I have rebooted from the Distaster Recovery CD as a test - I backed out at the first screen.
  4. john_gb

    System slows then hangs towards end of backup

    Since posting my query I have wiped my boot drive (for other reasons) and now have a clean W98SE system (with W98SE patches, NAV Firewall, MS Office, etc, installed) and Retrospect is now behaving properly. So the problem must have been something in my old software/setup.
  5. john_gb

    System slows then hangs towards end of backup

    David & GH, Many thanks for the suggestions. I will try out the various suggestions over the next few days. As a test, I did resurrect a slow and ancient DAT drive (SCSI via Adaptec PCMCIA card) and whilst it was slow, it didn't exhibit the progressive slowing down that the DVD-RAM backups did, and the system time only lost a couple of minutes, rather than hours.
  6. john_gb

    System slows then hangs towards end of backup

    I updated Retrospect to the latest version and have used the latest driver. The first time I ran Retrospect, immediately afterwards, it behaved OK. It didn't slow down to a crawl, and the system clock didn't slow down to a standstill. BUT, everytime I have tried to use it since them it have behaved exactly like it was behaving before: i.e. vitually unusable (with Norton AV 2004 and Firewalln 2004 disabled and no other applications running). I would like to continue using Retrospect, but unless I can sort this out I will have to look for other options. Any help would be very very gratefully received.
  7. john_gb

    System slows then hangs towards end of backup

    spider, I downloads 6.5.350 today, and the driver that came with it was 4.9! It is the file 'rdu.rpx' in the Program Files\Dantz\Retrospect folder. If you right click - properties you can see the version of the file. The latest driver file (together with a readme instruction file) is downloadable from http://www.dantz.com/en/support/updates.dtml. My experience with the latest version is mixed so far: - uncompressed backup drive C, 7.2GB: worked fine - compressed backup drive D, 4.6GB: had the old problem, but I am doing further trials.
  8. john_gb

    System slows then hangs towards end of backup

    Spider, I'm experiencing what seems to be exactly the same thing when attempting to backup to DVD-RAM. The system slows to a crawl and the backup drops to approx 8MB/min after 1 hr. It becomes almost impossible to use the mouse, and the time displayed in the Dantz screen and on the taskbar grinds to a halt, and I have the same difference with compressed/non-compressed backups. Even when I have aborted the backup, the PC only becomes usuable once Retrospect is closed down (sometimes that requires Alt-Ctrl-Del). I am going to do tests using CDs both on the LaCie and the Toshiba's internal drives - but it all takes a huge amount of time - and I have work to get through before that. Would be great if some kind person could help us. My system is: Dantz Retrospect Backup Professional Vn 6.5.283 Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600, 800MHz W98SE (with patches downloaded) 256 MB ram No other programmes running, NAV disabled External DVD-RAM drive LaCie d2 Firewire MultiDrive connected via Adaptec Fireconnect for Notebooks cardbus (The drive is basically the Panasonic SW-9571 drive in an external housing, with IEEE1394) Media being backed up to: DVD-RAM