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  1. henry-in-florida,

    The bottom of this April post contains my method for fully restoring a machine after a bare-metal Erase and Install of the High Sierra OS on a MacBook Pro with an SSD.  As discussed in the OP of that thread, it has been combat-tested :rolleyes: ; I'm pretty sure it will also work for Mojave and Retrospect Mac 16.  In the last post of that thread, the worthy Nigel Smith gives the method his blessing.:)

  2. 3 hours ago, haggis999 said:

    Hi David,
    The last time I paid for an upgrade purely in the hope that it would fix a long-standing bug, it proved to be a waste of money. I'd be happy to pay for v15.5 if I felt more confident that it was going to fix my current problem, but a bug fix for cloud backup does not immediately appear relevant to my situation. That KB article is all about issues with troubleshooting email notifications and that's something that has never ever been a problem for me.

    You can get a free 45-day trial of Retrospect Windows here.  If you talk to Sales at (888) 376-1078 or (925) 476-1030, they can probably check with Tech Support to see if that release fixes your problem—and if so tell you how much it will cost you to permanently upgrade.  If it does, you can presumably find some disk drive on which to install it.

  3. haggis999,

    These are simply a couple of WildA**edGuesses from a Retrospect Mac administrator:  First, the cumulative Retrospect Windows Release Notes say for version 15.5.0 (which is later than you're running, but it may only cost you US$75 to upgrade the Desktop Edition)


    Cloud Backup: Fixed "error -1017, expired_auth_token: expired authorization token"

    Second, look in the "Security Settings" section of this KB article, which was updated 15 May 2018 for Windows 10.

  4. Getting back to the latest problems with the Wikipedia articles, DovidBenAvraham has done further work—which Pi314m has left alone so far.  It looks as if the fact that other WP editors, who may be administrators, took DBA's side in the latest Request for Comments has at least temporarily persuaded Pi314m to go mess with some other articles instead.

    Actually it now appears that Pi314m's heart was in the right place when he merged the "Continuous Data Protection" article into the "Backup" article.  The difficulty is that there are two types of backup applications that are called "CDP".   One is "true CDP", which was invented in 1989 but is only implemented in a handful of applications.  "True CDP" applications must get their "fingers" into an OS filesystem at the level where actual disk writes take place; they do so either by requiring that the OS be run inside a virtual machine so that they can get their "fingers" into the VM, or by requiring that special disk driver software with built-in "fingers" be installed.  "True CDP" backup can restore interactive applications to precisely the point where the system failed, but they're too expensive in money and complications for ordinary home/SME installations.   R. V. (whose spelled-out name I am forbidden to mention on these Forums) may be a "true CDP" backup application, but I can't tell.

    Much more common and less expensive are "near-CDP" backup applications, which were introduced after the front 7 screen pages of the "Backup" article were written.  AFAIK the first of these was Apple's Time Machine, which automatically does an incremental backup once an hour without a script.  They are made possible by intent-logging features that are now in all commercial OSs' filesystems, and are made non-burdensome by "snapshotting" facilities that are also in such filesystems (at long last for Apple's APFS, which was introduced at least partly because Apple couldn't bolt "snapshotting" onto its older HFS+).  "Near-CDP" backup applications can with proper add-ons restore interactive applications to the last point at which an incremental backup was done, possibly as little as 10 minutes ago, which is close enough for Microsoft Exchange and some database applications.  Retrospect non-V. can backup hourly, if you schedule a script accordingly, but it doesn't (so far) do so from "snapshots"  (not to be confused with Retrospect Snapshots, which are a different feature named a decade before the industry-wide OS feature appeared—at which point EMC dropped the use of the term Snapshot with Retrospect Mac 8 but not with Retrospect Windows).

    So DBA had to write three different versions of the above exposition.  The first version revises the re-established "Continuous Data Protection" article, with added quotes from the references because Pi314m evidently can't read technical English at a senior-high-school level (possibly as a result of his apparent sub-culture, in which boys past the age of 13 are educated—without any math or science classes—almost entirely in a non-modern European language).  The second version is the "Near-CDP" sub-subsection of the "Backup" article, which omits everything but a mention of "real CDP" because ordinary readers will never encounter it.  The third version is the "Backing up interactive applications via true Continuous Data Protection" paragraphs of the "Enterprise client-server backup" article, which can omit any mention of "near CDP" because it refers readers to the "Continuous Data Protection" article.


  5. bookcent,

    Make sure you are running the latest version of Retrospect Mac.  The Retrospect Mac cumulative Release Notes for version say


    Backup Sets: Fixed issue where rebuild did not work for certain sets (#8011)

    It's been impossible to turn off "fast catalog rebuild" for a Disk Media Set for several releases; I just tried it.  The engineers  haven't eliminated the GUI option yet for Tape Media Sets, but it may not work.  All my current Media Sets are Disk. 

    If you upgraded to Retrospect Mac 16 in the last 45 days, I suggest you contact Retrospect Tech Support at (888) 376-1078.  Otherwise you might consider Removing the Catalog for your Tape Media Set, doing a Finder Delete of the catalog in the folder where it's stored, and creating a new Media Set with the same name and same Members.   Before doing that, are you sure your AIT tape drive still works, considering that Sony discontinued AIT tape drives in 2010?  Try creating a new Tape Media Set whose sole Member is on a blank AIT tape (assuming you have one—if not you can buy one here), and doing a Backup to it.

  6. bookcent,

    Since your thread title says you are running "v16 Max OS X", you should repost in the "Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh" forum.  This is the "Windows Products - Retrospect Server, SBS and Multi Server" forum.

    But anyway, make sure you are running the latest version of Retrospect Mac.  The Retrospect Mac cumulative Release Notes for version say


    Backup Sets: Fixed issue where rebuild did not work for certain sets (#8011)

    It's been impossible to turn off "fast catalog rebuild" for a Disk Media Set for several releases; I just tried it.  The engineers  haven't eliminated the GUI option yet for Tape Media Sets, but it may not work.  All my current Media Sets are Disk.  If you upgraded to Retrospect Mac 16 in the last 45 days, I suggest you contact Retrospect Tech Support at (888) 376-1078.  Otherwise you might consider Removing the Catalog for your Tape Media Set, doing a Finder Delete of the catalog in the folder where it's stored, and creating a new Media Set with the same name and same Members.   Before doing that, are you sure your AIT tape drive still works, considering that Sony discontinued AIT tape drives in 2010?  Try creating a new Tape Media Set whose sole Member is on a blank AIT tape (assuming you have one), and doing a Backup to it.

  7. pbartoli,

    Have you tried stopping and restarting the Retrospect Engine, as I suggested in the first paragraph in this up-thread post?

    When you look in Preferences -> General under the Retrospect menu in your console, is the Server Address field filled in—and is it the correct address for your "backup server" machine?  If not, I would suggest following the "Installing the Retrospect Console" instructions on pages 12-13 of the Retrospect Mac 15 User's Guide.

  8. pbartoli,

    This post from nearly 10 years ago is the only one I can find with an answer to your problem.  To stop and start the Retrospect Engine, go to System Preferences -> Retrospect on your "backup server" Mac.  Make sure you have downloaded version 15.6.1; 15.6.0 was a "bad release", especially for Retrospect Windows.

    So what changed in your installation's Mac setup just before you started having this problem?

  9. pbartoli,

    You don't say what version of Retrospect Mac you are running.  The last time you made a post that mentioned it, you were running Retrospect Mac 12.

    Page 19 of the Retrospect Mac 12 User's Guide says


    If a local Retrospect engine is not present, you may add one or more remote Retrospect engines by clicking the plus (+) button in the bottom bar of the console. Tip:In the Server Address of the resulting dialog, you may enter the IP address of the machine with the running Retrospect engine, or, if the machine is on your local subnet, you may enter its Computer Name, for example, Server.local. You can find a machine’s Computer Name in the Sharing category of its System Preferences.

    Have you recently changed the IP address or System Preferences -> Sharing -> Computer Name of your "backup server" machine?

  10. pbartoli,

    Unless I'm very much mistaken, you are running Retrospect Mac on both your Retrospect Console machine and your "backup server" machine.  This Forum is for "Windows Products-Retrospect -> Server, SBS and Multi Server".  Please re-post this problem in the "Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh" Forum, so people knowledgeable about such problems can help you.


  11. My first reaction to this merger announcement was that it means the "go big or go home" strategy instituted by Retrospect Inc.'s Product Management team last year is failing.  My guess is that R. V. is not selling well, and that the new features have failed to get consultants (whom they term "Partners") interested in selling Retrospect non-V. to larger enterprises.  IMHO Retrospect Inc. might have been able to convince more "Partners" if the two-way features of the Web-based Retrospect Management Console had been fully working by Spring 2019, but the engineers lost 3 months or more of development time on those in Spring 2018—because they were diverted to enhancing the "automated data grooming" facility to permit exclusion compliance with the GDPR "right of erasure".  Oh yeah, and some engineers were diverted in January 2019 for a month or so, because Retrospect Mac's good old non-Web-based Console turned out to have a "year 2019" bug. :rolleyes:

  12. Now that I think more about the StorCentric acquisition, the best news about it for us Retrospect administrators may be from the channelbuzz.ca article—which quotes the StorCentric CEO Mihir Shah.  “We will sell Drobo and Retrospect products individually until we have identified an integration point,” he said. “Then we will combine Retrospect within Drobo software to create an easy to use backup appliance that is robust. We will focus on what customers want. But they will still be able to purchase both products separately if they want to do that.”

    This means that Rod Harrison, CTO of StorCentric, will be looking at the actual usability of a version of Retrospect on Drobo hardware.  I don't think he'll be happy to hear from a subordinate who doesn't report to J.G. Heithcock that the User's Guides are out of date because of the "overwrite the feature description instead of moving it" syndrome.  I also don't think he'll be happy to learn from the same subordinate about the recent  lack of robust alpha testing of new versions, which stems from a now-evident attitude on the part of the engineers "The new version works between our home workstations and the Walnut Creek backup server, so it must be ready for release." :rolleyes:   The overall result is that Retrospect will finally have software-and-documentation beta testing, with the beta testers reporting their results to Heithcock's boss.  The 2009-2010 Retrospect Mac debacle (which IME caused drastic damage to Retrospect's reputation) wasn't enough to persuade the Retrospect engineers to institute software-and-documentation beta testing (they no doubt said to each other "EMC management didn't give us time in 2009"), but it appears the acquisition will do that.

  13. Since the head of Retrospect Tech Support is apparently too busy (or too uninformed) to post about the e-mail we all received this afternoon, that task initially falls to me.  It is a fit subject for this thread, since obviously the news of Retrospect Inc. joining with Drobo and Nexsan as subsidiaries of StorCentric needs to be added to the "Retrospect" Wikipedia article.  Here and here are articles on the merger; IMHO the TechTarget article looks more promising as a WP ref, but the channelbuzz.ca article will be interesting to Retrospect administrators for the merger rationales expressed by J.G. Heithcock (who will be "General Manager") and Mihir Shah (who will continue to be StorCentric CEO).

    The TechTarget article says Retrospect Inc. has 20 full-time employees, which is about what I had guessed and IIRC is about the same number it had when it was spun off from Rovi in late 2011.  The channelbuzz.ca article quotes Heithcock saying Retrospect Inc. is "a virtual business, with fewer engineers than at EMC, who use Google Chat for meetings."  No wonder it takes the engineers so long to fix bugs, since it sounds as if there may not be an extensive centralized test facility!:o  OTOH the last paragraph of the TechTarget article quotes Shah as saying "the StorCentric roadmap involves making select transactions to build value during the next several years, potentially leading to an initial [my emphasis] public offering", so if StorCentric paid a lot of money for Retrospect Inc. it's not clear where that money came from.

    My impression from a quick Advanced Search of the Ars Technica Mac Forum is that Drobo storage devices were more popular some years ago than they are now, because of the criticism recounted here in the Wikipedia article on those devices.  This would explain Shah's expressed intention to "combine Retrospect within Drobo software to create an easy to use backup appliance that is robust ... But they will still be able to purchase both products separately if they want to do that."  This series of comments on the WP article's Talk page indicates access to the Drobo support forums was closed to non-customers even in 2010, and my tests of the links listed in those comments show that they are—if anything—more restricted now.  So no matter how Tech-Support-policed the Retrospect Inc. forums are now, it's likely to get worse under Shah.

  14. On 6/25/2019 at 7:16 AM, Nigel Smith said:

    Why not publish your own? "Hertzberg's Guide to Retrospect for Busy Backup Admins".

    I'd buy that for a dollar!

    I'm actually semi-serious here. You know your stuff and write well. It might be worth a pitch to the Take Control guys (who you may know of from the TidBITS mailing list/magazine). Retrospect got a mention in "Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac", but there's nothing else in any depth.

    Thank you, Nigel, but DovidBenAvraham already wrote a "Guide to Retrospect for Busy Backup Admins"—as linked to at the bottom of the first substantial paragraph in this up-thread post.  The second substantial paragraph explains what happened to that "Guide"; you can still follow the link to the permalinked old version of the article, but the "Guide" only runs through Retrospect Mac 14 and Windows 12.

    As for Kissell's "Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac", both the existing "Backup" article (now split to create the new "Enterprise client-server backup" article) and the "Retrospect" article use an old freely-available 2007 edition (title slightly changed) of that book as a reference.  The description of the UI in that edition, because it is based on Retrospect Mac 6, has recently served me as an introduction to the Retrospect Windows UI.

  15. 5 hours ago, Mayoff said:

    I have moved this thread from the Professional area to "General use", which seems like a more appropriate area since this topic does not involve any troubleshooting. 

    Oh goody!  Now that we have the attention of the head of Retrospect Tech Support, maybe he can take some time out of his very-busy schedule to tell us when the august Documentation Committee (to which, as he has told us, he is not permitted to belong) is going to straighten out the mess the User's Guides have been in for the past 3 years.:rolleyes:

    In this thread alone, in chronological order, I've discussed that mess here and here and here and here; a notable discussion in another thread is here.  Frankly I'm getting tired of answering administrators' troubleshooting questions stemming from that mess. :angry:  And I'd assume the head of Retrospect Tech Support is also tired of (and made very busy) answering such questions, either personally or via his subordinates.  After all, you can't gently suggest that an administrator RTFM when the answer to the administrator's question has been over-written in TFM—or from Retrospect 15 on has never appeared in TFM (because the "What's New" chapters now consist of marketing blurbs that are over-written in every major release).

  16. It sounds as if two other editors participating in the RfC discussion are also Wikipedia administrators, and they’ve promised to support DovidBenAvraham in an Administrators’ Noticeboard request for partially or totally banning Pi314m if he does anything destructive to the articles.  So DBA finished doing the split-off yesterday evening, after re-creating the two “related" articles which Pi314m had destructively merged-in.

    DBA has updated the "Retrospect" article links that go to the former "Enterprise client-server backup" section of  the "Backup" article or its sub-sections to go to the split-off Enterprise client-server backup article.  I'll have to go through my posts on these Forums and do the same, but not today.  Meanwhile, if you want to read what the split-off article says about enterprise client-server backup features, go directly to it (there's now a link to it in the third sentence of the third paragraph in the lead of the "Backup" article) or go via the "Retrospect" article.

    P.S.: Link to the "Enterprise client-server backup" article is now in the third sentence of the third paragraph in the lead of the "Backup" article.

  17. AntonRang,

    You don't say what version of Retrospect you are running, and under what version of macOS you're running it.

    The latest version of Retrospect Mac, released on 28 May, has the following fix in the cumulative Release Notes:


    Engine Fixed NAS: Fixed issue where certain NAS devices could no longer be found (#8121)

    If that doesn't help, here's why and how to file a Support Case for this bug.

  18. After 3 tries, DovidBenAvraham has created a sufficiently neutral-sounding Request for Comment section on the "Backup" article's Talk page that several other Wikipedia editors have commented.  All of them so far, plus DBA, have reluctantly voted to split off the "Enterprise client-server backup" section into a separate article.  DBA's justification is that only doing the split-off will allow him to file an Administrators' Noticeboard request to ban Pi314m from editing the new separate article.  Pi314m promised in his own voting statement to act as if such a ban is in effect, but DBA pointed out that the promise is worded so as to likely expire within a day.

    Anybody who is already a Wikipedia editor can come over to the Request for Comment section on the "Backup" article's Talk page, in order to vote on and/or discuss DBA's request.  Actually you don't already need to be a WP editor, but by the time you learn to use the idiosyncratic WP editing system DBA will have already filed his Administrators' Noticeboard request—so your input may not count for much.

  19. zz-pdb,

    Both possible versions of your problem have been discussed in a Mac 9+ Forums thread.  Here's my post that distinguishes both versions; you can look forward or backward in that thread to find a possible solution for your particular version.

    However if it is indeed your "client" machine that has two network interfaces, this Knowledge Base article doesn't say how to specify the "ipsave" command for the Linux Client software.  Page 554 of the Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide says:


    Note:In addition to the Java-based graphical user interface, Linux clients can also be controlled through the command line. To see the command line arguments, enter the following:$retrocpl --help

    If that doesn't help, here's why and how to submit a Support Request for a bug.

    P.S.: I had forgotten to suggest that you Add Source Directly, specifying its fixed IP address on your LAN.  I see that this option in adding "client" machines, which solved  a two-year-old problem I had with -530 errors, is called Direct Access Method on pages 294 and 296-297 of the Retrospect Windows UG.  Since Subnet Broadcast—which also to some extent bypasses Multicast—may solve your problem if it is your "backup server" that has two network interfaces, you probably should read pages 294-299 in the UG.  Either way you'll need to Remove and re-Add your "client" machine.

  20. Thank you, CherylB.   Would you believe that same article, titled "macOS Mojave – Application Data Privacy",  has been in the Knowledge Base under "Top Articles" since 16 October 2018?    Great article titling, Retrospect engineers! :rolleyes:

    P.S.: CherylB, how about your creating a Support Case suggesting that Retrospect Inc. change the KB article's title to something like "macOS Mojave – Application Data Privacy  and Error -1101"?   Here's why and how to do  that.

  21. I stopped the "sacrificial" script early 8 June morning after 19 minutes when it issued  "!Error reading snapshot record ...", which it shouldn't have been doing because the script specified Recycle.  I did a Rebuild of "Media Set White" from portable HDD "G-DRIVE White" , and the "real script started to run OK—until it failed with a -519 (network communication failed) error after 4 minutes when I absent-mindedly shut down my MacBook Pro "client" preparatory to going back to bed.

  22. After I downloaded Retrospect Mac, both the Recycle backup scripts—the "sacrificial" one and the "real" one—started to run OK early 1 June morning to "Media Set Red".  However, after the "sacrificial" script ran OK, two things happened while the "real" script was running:

    • The backup of my MacBook Pro "client" failed after 1.5 hours with -559 (network connection timeout).  The script continued with my local drives.
    • After the script backed up and compared my late friend's local "Macintosh HD" and backed up my local "Macintosh HD SSD", it failed with -116 (volume doesn't exist) when I gently (I thought) picked up "G-DRIVE Blue" to look at its bottom masking-tape label one minute into the compare.


  23. I originally posted this on 25 May (as shown in the right-most column of the thread listing), but it was deleted by Retrospect Inc.—evidently sometime after 6 June 2019 03:35 when I copied it as an Additional Note to Support Case #67777—because they considered a final paragraph I've now omitted to be overly critical of Retrospect Inc. engineers.  This happens, as I warned you in the third paragraph here!

    Both the Recycle backup scripts—the "sacrificial" one and the "real" one—ran OK early 25 May morning to "Media Set Blue". Of the possibilities discussed here up-thread:

    1. I simply pushed the USB3 cable firmly into "G-DRIVE Blue" late 24 May morning; I didn't take special precautions. This wasn't the week for my cleaning lady, but last week—when the scripts also all ran successfully—was.
    2. The USB3 cable I used was the same one that was used when I had problems two Saturdays ago.
    3. I had upgraded my "backup server" to Retrospect Mac 16.1.0 before last Saturday's run, and I upgraded it to 16.1.1 on Thursday.

    So possibility 3 is the winner. The Retrospect Inc. engineers must have fixed the Recycle bug in 16.1.0, even though there's no mention of that in the cumulative Release Notes. I can't believe they released 16.0 without having tested Recycle for APFS-built Media Sets; I too would be ashamed! :angry:

  24. zz-pdb,

    I sincerely doubt that it wouldn't work on AMD processors, but I'm a Retrospect Mac administrator—and all Macs manufactured since 2006 have Intel processors (before that they had IBM PowerPC or Motorola processors)..

    Here's why and how to file a documentation request.

    P.S.: Here's the most recent post (from 2014) I could find where the OP says he is running Retrospect on an AMD CPU.  Here's an 8-month-old post where the OP is having the same problem as jgaiche reported in 2014  but is running Retrospect Windows 15.6 on an Intel CPU.  FYI, here's a post from farther down x509's 2018 thread where he recounts Retrospect Tech Support's response to that same problem, which AFAICT will only be resolved for Retrospect Windows administrators by the introduction of the glorious Web-based Management Console.