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  1. As related here, for the past three days I have been using a version of Retrospect Mac 15.0 tarted up with additional debugging code. So I've had a chance to use the preview release of the Retrospect Web Console, although just as an improved Dashboard but not over the Web—as I write this the Web version is either not released or not available to us lowly Desktop Edition licensees. It turns out I only guessed correctly about one of the three blue icons at the upper right below the menu bar. Looked at closely and with the benefit of mouse-over, they are as follows: The leftmost icon is for Restart Server, which would be a new interface controlling the Engine; I tried clicking it once, with questionable results. The center icon is for Retrospect Support, which would test communications with a Web browser; I tried it once, and it works. The rightmost icon is for Print (I guessed that one correctly in the P.P.P.S. of the post directly above); it works. So my prediction in the last sentence of the second paragraph of the post immediately above was almost correct. There is one icon that can immediately be used to test a new control interface with the Engine. One of these months a fully-functional Web Console will be available, but that month is not May 2018. Therefore you Retrospect Windows administrators must continue to suffer for at least a few more months. Sorry about that.
  2. This suggestion is an offshoot of this thread in "Windows Products—Retrospect->Professional", which I shall henceforth refer to as the "New Windows user" thread. It is motivated by iCompute's astounding revelation in post #21 (posts beginning with #21 are on page 2 of the "New Windows user" thread) : "I have a Mac laptop, with a copy of the Mac Retro 'console' on it. Just 'cuz, I fired up the console, and lo and behold, it *works* on the WINDOWS Retro server. As far as I can tell, I get the full function of the Mac engine/console via the Mac console when operating/controlling the Windows Retro server." In the fourth paragraph of post #22 in the "New Windows user" thread, I belatedly realized that we shouldn't consider iCompute's revelation quite so astounding, because what is now known as the Retrospect for iOS app has been working—connected to a Retrospect Windows "backup server" as well as a Retrospect Mac "backup server"—since 2010. This means that the "engine side" of Retrospect.exe retains the capability of exchanging messages with another app—even if that app is not the Retrospect Launcher. In post #23, after doing some inferences based on an 18 January 2007 article in The Register by Ashlee Vance, I concluded "My guess is that the Retrospect engineers simply left the code for interprocess communication in Retrospect Windows 7.5 and following, where it has remained ever since—ready for iCompute to activate its inter-machine capability with a Retrospect Mac Console." So creating a separate Windows user-space GUI app similar to the Console app in Retrospect Mac seems feasible, so long as the GUI app is run on a different Windows machine from the "backup server" Engine—as is allowed for Server editions of Retrospect Mac. What makes this suggested app desirable is the discussion on page 1 of the "New Windows user" thread. iCompute, an experienced Retrospect Mac administrator faced with his first Retrospect Windows installation, was especially flummoxed by the fact that the Retrospect.exe app stops any running scripts cold if he logs off—unlike the Retrospect Mac Engine app if you quit the Console app. Guided by ProFromGrover, he discovered that the Retrospect Dashboard.exe app is a way to work around this problem, which I had explained in post #2 is a consequence—along with the need for the Retrospect Launcher Windows service—of security features added to Windows Vista and beyond. What makes this suggested app seem practicable with a reasonable amount of Retrospect Inc. engineering effort is a further inference from the Ashlee Vance article, stemming from the fourth paragraph of post #23 in the "New Windows user" thread. It is that by December 2006 the EMC Insignia engineers had made significant progress in developing a Windows, as well as a Mac, version of the separate Console app. If this inference is correct, and the source code for that Windows Console was saved, it should be possible to update that source code with the fixes that were made to the Retrospect Mac Console in later point releases of Retrospect Mac 8 and later versions of Retrospect Mac. There is a caveat: the resulting Retrospect Windows Console app would, barring extensive modifications, use the Retrospect Mac Console GUI—although it would be fairly easy to change the terminology within the GUI back to the terminology of Retrospect Windows. What makes this suggested app seem more desirable is that, based on what other administrators have posted on page 1 of the "New Windows user" thread, the combination of the old Retrospect GUI and the limitations imposed with Windows Vista makes using Retrospect Windows a kludge-filled mess compared to using Retrospect Mac. That's clearly why iCompute wrote at the end of post #21 "Way back when I posted this thread, I had no idea this would work. Turns out that it does. I hope it's supported. ;->" I think that, after reading 1.3 screen pages in the third bulleted item in this section of the old Wikipedia article, administrators running a Server edition of Retrospect Windows will use the proposed Retrospect Windows Console app—and bless Retrospect Inc. engineers for developing it.
  3. It turns out that the developers at Retrospect Inc. are also eager to fix the -530 bug (I now think there's only one bug with 3 manifestations). On 14 May I left a voicemail on the Tech Support hotline, asking to whom I should snail-mail my now-no-longer-needed MoCA 1.1 adapters and 40-foot coax cable. Early on 15 May I received an e-mail from the head of Technical Support, saying that liability issues prevented Retrospect Inc. from accepting equipment from customers, but offering me a test version of Retrospect Mac that is related to the -530 bug. Later that afternoon I received another e-mail telling me how to download and install the test version of Retrospect Mac 15.0, which turns out to have added logging to troubleshoot -530 errors. I downloaded and installed that evening, and have been running both test and daily incremental production backups of my MacBook Pro using the test version. Last night I uploaded the resultant logs to my Support Case, and today I will revert back to my regular Retrospect Mac 14.6 version. IMHO the moral of this story so far is that some bugs can be very difficult to find and fix. If only a minority of users experience a bug, and if most of those are too busy to help isolate the precise conditions in which it occurs, the developers of Retrospect are going to find it very hard to reproduce the bug under controlled conditions.
  4. FedEx delivered my new Motorola Zoom Telephonics bonded MoCA 2.0 adapters early in the afternoon of 9 May, and I tested one of them before going to the gym. However I wanted to do further tests using both of them, but first had to register and speak at an official meeting on the 2019-2020 Canarsie Line renovation—grabbing dinner before the meeting started and doing grocery shopping after it ended. My idea in substituting only one of the adapters first was to test out my speculation that a hypothetical power surge on 30 January 2017 had damaged the MoCA 1.1 adapter in the study while ruining the adjacent 100Mbps Ethernet switch. Since MoCA 1.1 is supposed to be upwardly compatible with bonded MoCA 2.0, simply replacing the adapter in the study would test my speculation. Well we can definitively discard my speculation; I still had to do a Locate under all circumstances to get the Engine to see the MacBook Pro's Client, but the combination of one new and one old adapter worked fine for "sacrificial" backup scripts (running them is faster) once I did the Locate. My further tests late on the night of 9 May, with both new bonded MoCA 2.0 adapters substituted for the old MoCA 1.1 adapters, produced the same results. My conclusion is that it's the backup software that has "gone bad" in two successive stages, starting on 31 January 2017, not any networking hardware. I forgot to say that yesterday, before the FedEx delivery, I dug out my used-once 40-foot length of Radio Shack RG6 coax (it's got printed labels) and repeated the test I did back in the spring of 2017. I got the same results I've been getting for the past 2 months with my RG-59 cable running through the walls and under the floor, so there's nothing wrong with that piece of networking hardware either.
  5. The head of Retrospect Tech Support said here "The VWMare add-on doesn't support current versions of VMWare and we are no longer selling this add-on unless someone absolutely needs to use it. This old add-on is discontinued." He then went on to say "If you would like Virtual Machine support, please look into purchasing Retrospect Virtual which is a complete solution for virtual environments." Since I have no connection with Retrospect Inc. other than as a customer for Retrospect Mac, I have no idea how much the product he mentions (he once forbade me from mentioning it)—which won't run on a Mac—would cost for a single Windows machine.
  6. Waiting for media timed out?!

    sjmills, How about Send e-mail for failure and media requests, an e-mail preference on page 159 of the Retrospect Mc 15 User's Guide? Is that checked, with valid addresses in the From address and To address(es) fields?
  7. Waiting for media timed out?!

    sjmills, The cumulative Release Notes for Retrospect Mac 15 say "Fixed issue with media request timeout setting not taking effect (#7070)". Pages 155-156 of the Retrospect Mac 15 User's Guide say "Media request timeout: n minutes sets the amount of time that Retrospect will wait for media to become available during execution. For example, if you’re using a tape autoloader, it may take several minutes for the device to find and load a particular tape in the Media Set. This preference is off by default, so media requests never time out."
  8. Waiting for media timed out?!

    Page 30 of the Retrospect Mac 15 User's Guide says:"Start new Media Set tells Retrospect to create a new destination Media Set (with a name similar to the old one) of the chosen type. Depending on the type of Media Set, Retrospect will use a new or erased disk or tape. For Disk Media Sets, Retrospect will create a new folder on the disk, and backed-up data will be written as a series of 600 MB backup files inside that folder." I've never used the Start New Media Set media action. However my understanding of the above passage means that you need to have had an erased disk mounted for the member to be stored on. Am I wrong in my understanding, or did you fail to do that? I have no idea why it took over 7 hours to get from "Copying TubeDrive" to "Found ...", as opposed to 2.5 hours in your previous run.
  9. Waiting for media timed out?!

    sjmills, Here is why and how to file a Support Case for a bug. You don't say what your "previous version" of Retrospect was; you definitely will have to say in the Support Case, and IMHO you should get in the habit of naming all versions of Retrospect you are referring to in Forums posts. I was wondering why you are still using File Media Sets (if you are still referring to them as Backup Sets, your "previous version" must be Retrospect Mac 6—unless you are converting yourself or your installation from Retrospect Windows). Trying to figure out what your "previous version" was from your past posts, I found this post you made in October 2016. Someone should have responded to that post by telling you that members of Disk Media Sets must be created within a folder with the name of the Media Set, and that folder must be within a folder named "Retrospect" (without the quotes). Now that you know, you can at last switch to using Disk Media Sets, and avoid trouble from using the long-obsolete File Media Sets.
  10. Remote console summary blank

    I just phoned Werner of Retrospect Sales. He says his records show that Retrospect T.S. is working on the Support Case, and that they just communicated some debugging instructions to Lindsay Robertson today. However Werner also said that the developers are working on difficulties related to the glorious new Dashboard. So I don't know how much of this problem is a bug, and how much is a more-or-less-planned glitch in the Dashboard switchover. However Werner said to stay tuned for related announcements this month.
  11. Remote console summary blank

    Unfortunately Retrospect Inc. has a history of taking years to fix bugs, a history that goes all the way back to its days as Dantz Development Corp.. As to putting in a message on a blank page, the history of the Retrospect Windows bug described in this post—which wasn't fixed until September 2017—is very instructive (insert appropriate smiley here).
  12. Remote console summary blank

    Lindsay Robertson, did you create your Support Case before or after you read this post of mine? We overlapped in posting, so that my post preceded your following post by less than a minute—and you may not have read mine. If you did read my post before creating your Support Case, did you include my suggestion that the head of Retrospect Tech Support post an explanation of what is going on? I wouldn't worry about the message you got back; the fifth paragraph of this post recounts the head of Retrospect Tech Support's verbal assurance that a bug report will not be ignored just because the submitter of the Support Case doesn't have ASM. Retrospect T.S. wants licensees to sign up for ASM, because ASM pays the salaries of the T.S. department. A likely reason for T.S.'s not wanting to post an explanation anywhere on the website, especially assuming the cause of the missing remote Console Dashboard is some kind of policy decision rather than a simple coding error, is that IMHO Retrospect Inc. has a long-lasting case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. If you read between the lines—and especially read the references (particularly this 2012 Macworld article, which the head of Retrospect T.S. has linked to in the Latest News forum)—in this section of the Wikipedia article, you will realize that the release of Retrospect Mac 8 in early 2009 justly or unjustly ruined the reputation of the product—many of whose developers and support personnel still work at Retrospect Inc.. I found this out when I started the first Ars Technica Mac forum thread about Retrospect in 2015, after I had ended 15 years of using Retrospect Mac that finished with Retrospect Mac 6.1 (there never was a Retrospect Mac 7, and Retrospect Mac 8 didn't support my PowerPC "backup server" until about the time the machine died of old age) in 2010, and restarted 5 years later with Retrospect Mac 12. IME the head of Retrospect Tech Support is still very sensitive to anything that sounds like criticism of the product, and that attitude extends all the way up to the CEO. If Retrospect Inc. really did deliberately decide to disable the old Dashboard in the Retrospect Mac 15 remote Console, pending the introduction of the preview version of the Web Console, IMHO they are unlikely to admit it.
  13. Remote console summary blank

    When I just now noticed the three blue icons on the upper-right of your second screenshot, it finally dawned on me what must be going on. Oh lucky Lindsay Robertson, you have probably just fallen into a temporarily-open hole in the Retrospect Inc. development process (insert appropriate smiley here)! Your second screenshot shows the integration into the local (I assume) Console of a version of the glorious new Dashboard, which I discussed in this 6 March post. The post is in the Product Suggestions—Windows forum, because it is of vital interest to administrators using Server Editions of Retrospect Windows—who have never had a remote Console for a reason briefly explained here. The post explains that the glorious new Dashboard is scheduled to be available in May, as the preview release of the Retrospect Web Console that will finally make those Retrospect Windows administrators happy. It appears that the developers managed to integrate the glorious new Dashboard into the local Console in Retrospect Mac 15.0. However IMHO, for reasons that are above my pay grade, they couldn't integrate it into the remote version of the Console, probably because the new panels would require new facilities in machine-to-machine remote communication. Maybe the developers ran out of time before the 6 March release, or maybe they thought the development of such facilities would be a waste of effort once the fully-interactive Web Console is released 6 to 12 months (my guess) from now. If the latter "maybe" is true, then it indicates that Retrospect Mac administrators—not just Retrospect Windows administrators—will be forced to transition to using the Web Console instead of the existing Retrospect Mac remote Console. Lindsay Robertson, IMHO you should proceed to file a Support Case asking the head of Retrospect Technical Support to explain on Retrospect.com what is going on. However, assuming the developers don't run into further delays, IMHO you should expect by the end of May to be able to use the display-only version of the new Dashboard. However—if my second "maybe" in the preceding paragraph is correct—it will be a separate application instead of part of the the existing remote Console, which you will have to use for all remote interactive functions—with the old Dashboard permanently missing—until those are eventually made accessible from the Web Console. I'm licensed for the lowly Desktop Edition that doesn't allow a remote Console (I have to walk into the bedroom to access my "backup server"), but I feel your pain.
  14. Remote console summary blank

    Lindsay Robertson, What I assume you've posted are a screenshot of the Dashboard on your remote Console, followed by a screenshot of the Dashboard on the Console of your "backup server". However, you also say"Other than that, the remote console works fine." Does that mean, for instance, that you can go to Past Backups on your remote Console and see the equivalent of what you are seeing on your "backup server" Console? I note that the cumulative Release Notes for Retrospect Mac 15 lists several improvements to the Console. I can't believe the Retrospect Inc. developers didn't test these on a remote Console. I think you'd better create a Support Case. If you've recently upgraded, you should be entitled to personalized help even if you haven't paid for ASM. P.S.: Here is why and how to file a Support Case.
  15. Remote console summary blank

    Already answered here on the wrong forum.
  16. Sorry wrong board...

    The first thing that's going on here, Lindsay Robertson, is that you've asked a Retrospect Macintosh question on a Retrospect Windows forum. However we are very forgiving here, so I'll take a shot—even though I have the lowly Desktop Edition that doesn't allow remote Consoles. According to "Starting and Stopping the Retrospect Console" on pages 15-17 of the Retrospect Mac 15 User's Guide, "If a local Retrospect engine is not present, you may add one or more remote Retrospect engines by clicking the plus (+) button in the bottom bar of the console." "Tip: In the Server Address of the resulting dialog, you may enter the IP address of the machine with the running Retrospect engine, or, if the machine is on your local subnet, you may enter its Computer Name, for example, Server.local. You can find a machine’s Computer Name in the Sharing category of its System Preferences." Have your server's license code at the ready, and follow the rest of the instructions.
  17. Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    Just to give credit, the user is named Scillonian, because he/she is located on the Isles of Scilly in the UK. He/she is one of the stalwarts on these Forums, and handles difficult questions that I cannot—especially Windows-related ones. The third paragraph of this 2015 post seems to contain the instructions that mbennett has modified.
  18. Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    hevanw or Hofstede, Here's why and how to file a Support Case for what is an apparent incompatibility between Retrospect Windows 15 and the Windows 10 April Update. Depending on how recently you upgraded to Retrospect Windows 15, you may be entitled to personalized help in fixing the problem even if you haven't paid for ASM.
  19. Ron Haines, Here's why and how to file a Support Case. As the second paragraph explains, the revered CEO of Retrospect Inc. stated about 1.5 years ago that this sub-forum is no longer a means of reporting bugs to anyone except other Retrospect administrators.
  20. Ron Haines, Here's why and how to file a Support Case. As the second paragraph explains, the revered CEO of Retrospect Inc. stated about 1.5 years ago that these forums are no longer a means of reporting bugs to anyone except other Retrospect administrators.
  21. Ron Haines, You might take a look at this Knowledge Base article. I doubt it's going to help too much, since the "Services" section says settings haven't changed from Retrospect Mac 14 to Retrospect Mac 15. Step 2 under "Troubleshooting" (I don't think you need to do Step 1 under Retrospect Mac 15) is probably giving you what you are seeing in system.log. You could consult your mail server documentation, or try Googling "connection refused". I'd also try contacting Retrospect Tech Support, since you obviously must have just recently upgraded.
  22. Stu, After a certain amount of playing around, I got Retrospect Mac 5.1 running on my ex-wife's old HDD and seeing my old tape drive attached to her old Digital Audio G4 tower (which she gave me for storage about 13 years ago after she moved to her own apartment). I did a search on one of the Storage Sets, and found 4 files ending in .tiff. However when I tried to Restore them, it turned out that no DAT/DDS tape I have with that Storage Set name matches the date that the Catalog File is expecting. Before I recreate a Catalog File from one of those tapes, please describe step by step what you did.
  23. For three months now, after I experimented temporarily with reverting to 100Mbps Ethernet switches, the "sacrificial script" has had no effect in making the "real" script run. If my Mac Pro "backup server" is not booted until after the 3 a.m. scheduled time for my scripts, I have to manually: [1] Pause the "sacrificial script" in its 10-minute effort to find my already-booted MacBook Pro client, [2] Locate the MBP in the Sources pane, [3] Stop the "sacrificial script" in the Activities pane. Thereupon the "real" script starts running, finds the MBP after a couple of seconds, and proceeds to do what the script says. If my Mac Pro "backup server" is booted before the 3 a.m. scheduled time for my scripts, all I have to do is Locate the MBP in the Sources pane, after which the "sacrificial script" and then the "real" script proceed to run starting at 3 a.m.. Yesterday afternoon, having just received delivery of a 50-foot Ethernet patch cable I had ordered for an unrelated use, I ran an experiment. I disconnected the MoCA adapters from my 1Gbps Ethernet switches in the study and the bedroom, and substituted the 50-foot patch cable (because it is 50 feet long, I can run the cable around furniture and corners and along halls between the two rooms). "Sacrificial scripts" scheduled for 10 minutes after my "backup server" was booted ran to completion. However "sacrificial scripts" scheduled before my "backup server" was booted couldn't Find my already-booted MBP. This proves that my particular -530 Bug 2 is caused by the Retrospect Mac 14.6.1 Engine being confused by some kind of momentary timing delay in my MoCA adapters, which—as I stated above—can be overcome by doing a two-second Locate of my MBP connected to my Mac Pro "backup server" via the MoCA adapters. I'm not prepared to spend $120 to $160 upgrading my 270Mbps MoCA 1.1 adapters to 1Gbps MoCA 2.0 bonded adapters, since they may not solve what is fundamentally a Retrospect bug. Over a month ago I upgraded my MBP's Retrospect Client software to 14.6.0, which didn't make any difference. The preceding 3 paragraphs are copies of the latest Additional Notes to my Support Case. The bolding starting midway through the first paragraph was an artifact resulting from my having itemized the manual steps using letters surrounded by square brackets; the letter 'b' surrounded by square brackets is apparently interpreted by the Forums system as a bolding command.
  24. CherylB, It used to be possible to contact the head of Retrospect Tech Support via a Forums post, but he's stopped reading the Forums routinely for the last year or so because he's too busy (he lost his assistant). You'll either have to phone him at (888) 376-1078 or (925) 476-1030 and press 3, or submit a Support Case. If you're still on your free temporary ASM from having purchased Retrospect Mac 15, IMHO phoning might be easier. OTOH it sounds as if a Support Case will have to be established, because IMHO there needs to be beta testing done on the fix. In case you don't realize it, I'm just a Retrospect user having no financial connection with Retrospect Inc..
  25. On pages 31-35 of the Retrospect Mac 6 User's Guide, there are instructions for "RECORDABLE AND REWRITABLE DISC DRIVES". The Storage Device Compatibility lookup says there are no Pioneer Blu Ray devices that are currently compatible. I don't know whether there were any in the past. cbum made this post in October 2012. The rest of that thread is worth reading.