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    Dashboard empty

    myhrik and Lennart_T, I believe what you are experiencing is what Lindsay Robertson reported last May. I'm assuming your blank Dashboards are on Macs other than the "backup server". I've been (belatedly, for reasons not appropriate to this thread) running Retrospect Mac for nearly three weeks now, and the Dashboard on my Mac Pro "backup server" is filled with glorious information—some of which has old (the Backups bar graphs) or new (the circular Backup Report) bugs in it. I am only licensed for the lowly Desktop Edition, so I can't install the Retrospect Mac Console on my MacBook Pro "client" machine; my installation is at home, and I'm not so decrepit that I can't walk into my bedroom and use my Mac Pro's Console. My explanation for Lindsay Robertson's problem is in this post in that thread. My final post in that thread recounts my phone conversation in May with Werner Walter, the head of Retrospect Inc. Sales. The "related announcements" Werner referred to were the May release of the first beta version of the Web-based Management Console. My impression is that J.G. Heithcock and his merry Product Management men (I'm speaking of Retrospect Inc.; I think they've heard of women ) are hell-bent on delivering a fully-functional Management Console with Retrospect 16.0 in March 2019. As you can see, the Management Console is a Web-based version of the Dashboard, so the non-"backup server" Dashboard bug in the non-Management Console has not been fixed as of the cumulative Release Notes. I don't know whether the Retrospect Inc. engineers will have time to fix your bug before March. If you want to "go with the flow", here are instructions on how to install the Management Console—which will cost you nothing in Retrospect 15. Maybe the Scandinavian representative of Retrospect Inc. will want to record your impressions, and possibly attach sensors to your bodies , while you use it. Werner told me that, in any case, Retrospect Inc. cannot abandon the non-"backup server" Mac Console; the United States Air Force (helping to protect your NATO-member butt, myhrik, and Old Golden Boy would like Norway to pay more for that protection ) evidently uses Retrospect Mac, and won't allow Web-connected applications in security-sensitive locations.
  2. DavidHertzberg

    Dashboard Backup Report Errors

    (Copied—with clarifications—from the latest Additional Note to my Support Case) Interesting results running my "Sun.-Fri Backup" scripts early this morning, which is a Sunday: I initially looked at my Mac Pro "backup server" in the bedroom just after the "sacrificial script" (see last substantial paragraph of this post for the initial explanation of what that means) had started running. The Dashboard's "Most Recent" pane showed all 7 drives backed up—in a Recycle—as of yesterday. The "Backups" bar graph for yesterday did show a segment on the right end for my Macbook Pro's "Macintosh HD", and the circular "Backup Report" showed all 3 drives on the G4 as Unprotected. The "Backups" bar graph showed segments for the preceding Sunday-Friday "Sun.-Fri. Backup" daily No Media Action script runs, which backup only my MacBook Pro. I again looked at my Mac Pro "backup server" just after the "real script" had finished running. In the "Backups" bar graph for yesterday the backup for the Favorite Folder had changed, now being shown in two segments. The first segment is all the way on the right, in place of the backup for my MacBook Pro's "Macintosh HD"—which is the first drive backed up by the "Sat. Backup" script. The second segment is all the way on the left, which is where it should be because the Favorite Folder is backed up last by the script. I had not restarted the Console while all this was going on, so the change must have been from the Console picking up revised information from the Engine. The circular "Backup Report" still showed all 3 drives on the G4 as Unprotected. Since the circular Backup Report is new in version 15, my guess is that the engineer who programmed it said to himself/herself "I know that version 16 is not going to handle Legacy Client machines, so I won't bother to provide for them in the circular 'Backup Report'".
  3. bradp015 and Lennart_T, bradp015 can as of Retrospect Mac 14.6 do what he suggested in his OP, so long as he is simultaneously backing up a different Favorite Folder on the same drive in each script. He could divide his whole disk into Favorite Folders, which only apply to Retrospect, and have his two scripts back up the Favorite Folders in a different order. Alternatively bradp015 could do what Lennart_T suggests, with a Backup script and a Copy script. However he should be sure to assign the same Activity Thread, in the Summary tab for the Scripts, if he schedules the two scripts so that they could possibly overlap in execution. If he doesn't make sure to do that, the Copy script will ignore new or changed files that are being backed up—since it uses a Catalog File that is not updated for the Media Set until the end (barring any optional Comparing) of the Backup script run. P.S.: On 10 January 2017 I suggested in this Product Suggestions—Mac OS X thread that a modest enhancement to Retrospect would enable overlapping a Backup to a particular Media Set with a Copy Backup or Copy Media Set from that same Media Set as the source. That enhancement assumes that the Copy script would be scheduled at least a minute after the Backup script. On 2 April 2017 I converted that suggestion into Support Case ##54601 for a Feature Enhancement. That Support Case has been closed, with no evident action taken on it by Retrospect engineering since then. Considering that Retrospect 15 now enables multiple Activity Threads (Execution Units for Retrospect Windows) even for the Desktop Edition, IMHO Retrospect engineering should reconsider that enhancement for Retrospect 16.
  4. DavidHertzberg

    Defer on v10.5

    skypitt and Lennart_T, At the beginning of 2019 I was running Retrospect Mac 14.6.0 from a HDD on my Mac Pro. I was still doing that because my workaround procedures for -530 bugs—which had not been very effective for the preceding month or so—had not seemed to work at all when Retrospect Tech Support had me run a test version of 15.0 with a supposed -530 bug fix and enhanced logging last summer, which I had done from an SSD on my Mac Pro. I tried running 14.6.0 again on 7 January, but the "deferred" scripts would not back up "client" drives— only local drives. That was still true after I upgraded the Console to the newly-released 14.6.2 version. If you care, that's recounted in this post and the first paragraph of this post. Then, acting precipitously on an e-mailed suggestion from Retrospect Tech Support that was really for a Support Case for another bug, I installed on my Mac Pro's SSD and deleted a couple of configuration files. I had to recreate my scripts because of my over-zealous deletion of configuration files, but both the "deferred" bug and my -530 bugs disappeared—as recounted here and in the first 2 paragraphs below the quote here. Finally I switched back to my HDD and deleted only one configuration file, after which 14.6.0 with the 14.6.2 Console ran without either the "deferred" bug or a -530 bug I couldn't get around—as recounted in the last 2 paragraphs below the quote here. Therefore I've officially upgraded to as my production version of Retrospect Mac, although I'm currently using the 14.1 Client on my MacBook Pro to make sure I don't get -530 errors. However I've filed Support Case #65274, suggesting in the Problem Statement that Retrospect Inc. allow Mac administrators with a license for a version older than 12 to upgrade to version 12.5—so they can then install the 14.6.2 Console to fix the "deferred" bug—for less than the price of upgrading their Editions to version 15. It seems to me that getting some licensing income from these installations would be better than getting no licensing income, but maybe that type of business thinking is too sophisticated for the Silicon Valley area.
  5. DavidHertzberg

    No more instant scan on MacOS?

    1.5 weeks ago I switched to running Retrospect Mac in production on my Mac Pro "backup server". My Saturday Recycle backups of 6 drives plus a Favorite Folder are running about 0.5 hours faster then they used to. That is probably because Retrospect is running on an SSD, whereas Retrospect Mac 14.6.0 was running on an HDD (my Mac Pro has 2 HDDs, including the one belonging to my late friend, and 1 SSD). Instant Scan is still working for the SSD in my MacBook Pro "client" and the 2-drives-plus-a-Favorite-Folder in my Mac Pro. However both my MacBook Pro and my Mac Pro are still booting under MacOS 10.12, and all my drives use HFS+ instead of APFS. In addition my MacBook Pro is still using the Retrospect Mac 14.1 Client, because I have long suspected that a later version of the Client was contributing to my temporarily-vanished -530 errors. The half-hour speedup in my Saturday backup script may simply be due to the fact that the current Mac Pro boot drive, that I am backing up in its entirety, is an SSD rather than a HDD (I've kept my Catalog Files on the former HDD boot drive, so I'm backing them up as a Favorite Folder).
  6. DavidHertzberg

    Retrospect keeps backing up files that are linked to

    heavanw, To help other Retrospect Windows administrators who might have the same problem in the future, please be so kind as to post exactly which Windows Security backup options you checked and un-checked. Those would be, I think, on pages 379-382 of the Retrospect Windows 12 User's Guide. Thanks!
  7. DavidHertzberg

    Retrospect keeps backing up files that are linked to

    heavenw, Maybe there's a bug because you're doing block-level incremental on an external drive. I noticed in the cumulative Release Notes for the very first release of Retrospect Windows 10 "Fixed: Fix for backing up system file hard links as separate files (#4958)", but maybe it wasn't fixed for external drives. However, even though I'm a Retrospect Mac administrator, I realize these probably don't qualify as "system files". The following would probably be a pain in the butt, but have you considered defining everything on your external drive as a set of Retrospect Subvolumes—and then having your dedicated script not backup the Subvolume that contains these sub-directories?
  8. DavidHertzberg

    Retrospect keeps backing up files that are linked to

    heavanw, First, you fail to state either your version of Retrospect Windows or your version of Windows. You ought to know by now that doing so is in most cases a necessity for our giving you any kind of help on these Forums. However the cumulative Release Notes for Retrospect Windows do not show any recent fixes to Selectors. Second, your problem with excluding via a Selector not working sounds similar to the problem seanbreilly has reported starting with this post. Ignore the fact that he tacked his posts onto an existing thread on a Forum dealing with an obsolete version of Retrospect Mac; he reports using "Retrospect ( [whatever that is] in my post, but not my Windows, which is Windows 10". Note the suggestions in the P.S. of my 7 January 2019 post below his.
  9. seanbreilly, On these Forums there are no gripes about duplicating a question. You can always link to a previous post; that is done by [1] clicking or double-clicking wherever you want the link to be inserted, [2] clicking with the Right Mouse Button on the icon at the upper right of the previous post's window and selecting "copy link location", [3] clicking on the icon at the top of the editing window for your post that looks like a link in a chain, [4] pasting the URL you copied into your clipboard in step [2] into the URL field, and [5] typing the text you want to associate with the link into the Link Text field and clicking the Insert Into Post button. Discussion of your problem indeed belongs on a Retrospect Windows forum, because it both involves using a Retrospect-Windows-specific GUI feature and using that feature to specify a Windows path. I don't know why your screenshots didn't make it into your OP; I've never included a screenshot into a post on these Forums. I gather you need to click the Insert Other Media button at the lower right of the editing window and select the appropriate choice for your screenshot. If you've not already upgraded to Retrospect Windows, you should do so. 15.5 and 15.6.0 were "bad releases" with newly-introduced bugs in existing features—especially for Retrospect Windows, but they allegedly included fixes to problems with Windows 10.
  10. Wait a minute, bradp015. You had your RAID drive unmount? Is it a NAS server, and was it while running Retrospect Mac 9? The cumulative Retrospect Mac Release Notes say, for Retrospect Mac 12.0, "Fixed: Changing the media set 'Use at most' option when backing up to a NAS no longer results in a media request (#3861)".
  11. Here's a thread I just found, entitled "Disk Media Sets Have Wrong Free, Capacity Columns", discussing the problem for Retrospect Mac 9. If you search the cumulative Release Notes for Retrospect Mac, there are several entries containing the word "capacity". However the only one with much relevance seems to be "Fixed: Media Set available capacity lists correct values (#5370)" for the Retrospect Mac 12.0 Console.
  12. DavidHertzberg

    Cannot "move" disk media set

    bradp015, Never having had a RAID, I don't know anything about them except what I looked up this evening on Wikipedia. As for Disk Utility First Aid, I would suggest phoning Apple Support at (800) 275-2273 between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. Eastern Time any day of the week. I don't understand why you are currently worried about your RAID device. I thought everything was working fine there, including Finder copies and Retrospect backups.
  13. DavidHertzberg

    Cannot "move" disk media set

    bradp015, If I understand you correctly, you're saying that both (?) failed attempts to Copy Media Set were done with "4T HD" as the destination, but that a Finder copy of the full "1- ...' folder to "4T HD" worked OK. If that's true, then possibly you have uncovered a bug in Retrospect Mac 15 that no one else has discovered. If so I urge you to quickly submit a Support Case, because if you upgraded to version 15 within 30 days of the problem you will be entitled to personalized help from Tech Support.
  14. DavidHertzberg

    Cannot "move" disk media set

    bradp015, Concerning your post directly above, which I am not quoting because of length: 1. I sounds as if either Copy Media Set works differently in Retrospect Mac 15 from Retrospect Mac 9, or else it keeps the whole directory when the copy is to a RAID disk. Did you in fact do the copying to RAID using Copy Media Set? I'm a bit confused because of your changing of Media Set names and destinations. 2. It sounds as the changing of the capacity numbers on "4T HD", as opposed to on the RAID drive, is a Retrospect bug—although I'm not sure what else is on "4T HD" because your last-posted screen shot isn't all the way up unless you've changed the name of your stand-alone drive . Don't forget to include the changing of the capacity numbers in your Support Case.
  15. karma, Read "Restoring from Retrospect 6.x backups" on pages 146-147 of the Retrospect Mac 11 User's Guide. You must Add new Media Sets (modern Retrospect Mac term for Backup Sets) with the same names as the Retrospect Mac 6.1 Catalog Files you have, because there is no way to upgrade a Retrospect Mac 6.1 Catalog File into a Retrospect 11 Catalog File. The Add Media Set operation is described on pages 97-100 of the Retrospect Mac 11 UG. You will create your new Media Sets as type Optical. I hope the DVDs are readable on your current Mac, because you'll first need to Add them as the Members of the new Media Sets in order to populate the new Catalog Files. P.S.: The head of Retrospect Technical Support has created a couple of relevant Tutorials on YouTube. This one deals with DVD Media Sets, but it is for Retrospect Windows—using the GUI for that variant—and therefore refers to them as Backup Sets. This one is for Retrospect Mac, but is for Disk Media Sets. Both Tutorials are for a Rebuild, so you'll have to mentally adapt their message for an Add. P.P.S.: Rereading those pages of the Retrospect Mac 11 UG again, I now think it may be possible to directly do a Rebuild of the Retrospect Mac 6.1 Catalog Files, rather than Add new Media Sets with the same names as the Retrospect Mac 6.1 Backup Sets. "You will need to tell Retrospect where to save the new Catalog", and you'll still have to add all the DVDs as Members. The effort saved over what I have written above would simply be not having to re-enter the names of the 6.1 Catalog Files, but to avoid possible complications I'd suggest not trying to save the new Catalogs in the same locations as the old Catalogs..
  16. DavidHertzberg

    Cannot "move" disk media set

    bradp015, Here's a question whose answer I may have missed, suggested by the fact that "the raid drive unmounted for no reason" twice at the same point in the Copy Media Set: Before you did the Copy Media Set onto the destination SFA 3, when you Added SFA 3 as a Media Set and defined 1-SFA 3 as its first and only Member on "4T HD", did you make sure 1-SFA 3 had more than 1.4 TB as its capacity? That capacity depends on what percentage of the available space it is allowed to use, and Retrospect's default percentage tends to be too low. Since you're running Retrospect Mac, you can change the percentage or the maximum capacity by going back to Media Set SFA 3 and using the "pencil" in the Member tab. Then repeat the Copy Media Set from the beginning. If that isn't applicable or doesn't work, here's why and how to file a bug Support Case.
  17. DavidHertzberg

    Cannot "move" disk media set

    bradp015, First, on "4T HD" does your single (I hope) Retrospect folder contain a 0-byte "Backup Media" document? Based on my hypothesis that Retrospect expects to see that document there as a marker, you'd better have one there. Please attach a Finder dialog for "4T HD" showing us what is in your Retrospect folder all the way down. Second, perhaps to attract the attention of Don Lee, you have resurrected an old thread as an alternative to this recent one. I find it confusing bouncing back and fourth between the two threads—unless you don't want me to post in this thread.
  18. Sorry, Lennart_T; I termed you a "now-two-Retrospect-variant-expert" only to describe what I thought was your work history. I thought that you had had a long-time job that included administrating a Retrospect Windows installation, and that you were then laid off and found a job that included administrating a Retrospect Mac installation. I didn't realize that you have Retrospect Mac at home. Whatever the historical reason, you certainly are an expert in both variants of Retrospect. I rely on you to deal with many of the difficult administrator problems posted on these Forums, since I have only used Retrospect Mac (versions 3 through 6, then versions 12 through 15) for my home installation. Thanks.
  19. CherylB, Congratulations, a search of the Forums shows you are the first administrator reporting error code -808 for Retrospect Mac. Nobody has reported this error code on Retrospect Windows for about 9 years, but the most appropriate thread—one for a Backup—seems to be this one. The now-two-Retrospect-variant-expert Lennart_T then suggested "I don't know what caused it, but you should recreate the catalog file to rectify" in the second—and last—post in that thread. Ununnilium never reported whether that worked. However 15 days later, in another thread concerned with running out of RAM during a Catalog File Rebuild, he/she reported "As a followup, I noticed that the backup set [Retrospect Windows term for a Media Set] was created."
  20. DavidHertzberg

    Confusing message during rebuild catalog

    haggis999, First of all, I was wrong about Add Snapshot for Immediate Restore operations. The button there is labeled More Snapshots, described and shown on page 103 of the Retrospect Windows 12 User's Guide. Also see this 2016 post by me, in the Retrospect Mac 9+ Forum. The P.S., following up on the end of the paragraph just above it, says the Retrieve button was not greyed-out for earlier backups from a Media Set (the Retrospect Mac term for Backup Set) which was not the latest one. I never got an non-Hogwarts explanation, but—since the Retrospect Engine under the GUI is the same for both Mac and Windows variants—that may help you.
  21. DavidHertzberg

    Confusing message during rebuild catalog

    A bit of Forums searching has confirmed that my guess is correct. About half-way down this 2009 post, rhwalker said: Look on page 149, or pages 202-203, of the Retrospect Windows 15 User's Guide.
  22. DavidHertzberg

    Confusing message during rebuild catalog

    At a guess (by a Retrospect Mac administrator), that would be the Add Snapshot button—which is mentioned on page 203 of the Retrospect Windows 15 User's Guide. You don't say what version of Retrospect Windows you are using. Disregard Lennart_T's post directly above; he's using Retrospect Mac.
  23. DavidHertzberg

    changing ACLs backups whole files again?

    eweri, As I'm sure you discovered years ago (I found this thread while investigating how thoroughly you read semi-technical documents in English), this is not a "really huge bug". Instead it is the "Use attribute modification date when matching" feature, which defaults to "on" and was activated by your changing the attribute modification dates on part of the server volume. That feature is documented on page 111 of the Retrospect Mac 12 User's Guide, but it was also documented for the preceding Retrospect Mac version. Therefore, unless your customer had just upgraded from OS X 10.3, I suspect the "really huge bug" was in fact activated by your introducing your script "that resets ACLs and POSIX permission every morning at a specific network share". Please in the future finish threads you have participated in by stating your long-term solution. Everyone makes "bug"-reporting mistakes—I do, but it is important for other Retrospect administrators that we have a permanent record on these Forums of what the real solutions were.
  24. DavidHertzberg

    Can I safely downgrade from V15.61 to V12?

    x509, I suggest you look at the cumulative Retrospect Windows Release Notes that cover up to I administrate Retrospect Mac, but I didn't see anything for Windows version 15 that seemed to be changing the format of either Backup Sets or of the User Interface—those parts of it that don't use the version 15 new features—from version 12.6. In the case of "a backup script that involved several volumes was backing up only one of the subvolumes, but if I did an immediate backup, everything worked fine", this sounds as if you were getting -530 errors on some of the machines that had the subvolumes. If so, you may be able to fix that—at least temporarily—by moving your config77.dat file from its location (see pages 463-464 of the Retrospect Windows 15 User's Guide) to the desktop. Other than that, I suggest you first phone Werner Walter, the chief of Sales, at extension 2 on whichever Retrospect Inc. phone number you use.
  25. eweri, Nobody has reported such a macOS bug on the Ars Technica Macintoshian Achaia forum, which would surely happen by now if it affected applications other than Retrospect. Also the Knowledge Base article was last updated on 16 October 2018, but that was 7 weeks before macOS 10.14.2 was released—according to the Mac Ach thread specifically about that release. No reports of this bug in that Mac Ach thread, so my guess is that you're not following the procedure correctly—possibly because it's unclear to you. Here's why and how to file a bug-fix Support Case. Maybe someone at Retrospect Tech Support will offer some advice, especially if you are within your 30 days of free Tech Support for Retrospect 15.