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    Full Access Mojave

    henry-in-florida, I'm just a laggard who is still running Sierra. However: On my MacBook Pro client, under Preference Panes, there is a file named Retrospect Client.prefPane. As far as Instant Scan for APFS on Mojave, read this post—as well as previous ones in that thread—and weep. P.S.: As far as Full Access is concerned, see if you can read this Web page for Backblaze installation in Mojave—which may be password-protected (I had to sign up, even though I don't intend to use Backblaze). If you can't read the page, the following is a paste—which may enable you to do the equivalent for the Retrospect application: [begin paste] Giving Backblaze Full Disk Access After Updating To Mojave 1. After updating to the latest client, open the Applications Folder. 2. Open the System Preferences on your Mac by clicking the apple icon in the upper-left corner and select System preferences. 3. Click Security & Privacy settings. 4. Select "Full Disk Access" in the left-hand column. 5. If necessary, click the lock and enter your Mac's username and password to allow you to make changes. 6. Drag the Backblaze app into the Full Disk Access location and release the Backblaze icon into it as show in the images below. 7. Restart your Mac. After reboot, once Backblaze does a hard drive scan it should back up everything that the Mojave upgrade excluded and your backup should remain safe! **Note: If you are still having issues with the Mac Menu Bar Backblaze icon please click here for instructions. Was this article helpful? 43 out of 56 found this helpful Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Have more questions? Submit a request 0 Comments Article is closed for comments. Related articles Backblaze Icon doesn't work after upgrading to Mojave Inherit Backup State Safety Freeze (Your Backup is Safety Frozen) Removing a Backup From an Account and Reassigning a License Backing up External Hard Drives [end paste]
  2. ShadeTek, When Retrospect does that, does it at least occasionally catch additional errors on the verify pass? I ask because IM long-ago E a significant percentage of read errors for tapes were caused by something happening to a tape surface after it had been recorded on. I should point out that my most recent ten years of tape experience was with DDS tape drives based on Digital Audio Tape technology. Although Retrospect verify passes reported these as quite reliable—unlike previous tape drives I had used, the fact that DAT technology was fundamentally designed by Sony as a not-too-much-more-expensive replacement for the analog audio compact cassette meant it did not have any frills such as readback-after-write AFAIK. I should also point out that my mainframe computer experience goes back to the mid-1960s, with 2400-foot half-inch-wide 7-track reel-to-reel tapes on drives that cost many tens-of-thousands of dollars. You don't want to hear about that; it would spoil your digestion.
  3. DavidHertzberg

    Subnet Broadcasting

    Nigel Smith, Your latest post has enabled me to realize that I had forgotten that there's more than one way to set up a static IP address. When I switched my apartment LAN from LocalTalk to Ethernet in 1998, I needed to re-enable my wife's Mac to print on my HP LaserJet 5MP printer—which is in a different room. That printer is so old (but so sturdy that it still works fine for my limited needs) that I had to buy an HP JetDirect EX Plus to interface between its parallel port and my Ethernet LAN. When I bought a MacBook Pro in 2015, a poster (who shortly thereafter turned out to be Retrospect-hating, BTW) on the Ars Technica Mac Forums suggested I give the EX Plus a static IP address via the router (as opposed to doing it by Telnetting into the EX Plus, which I had been doing). Then Andy—the now-departed Tech Support phone-answerer—told me shortly thereafter that I needed to give my client machines static IP addresses so that Retrospect Mac 12 could connect with them, so I did that via my router also. Over the intervening years, I had forgotten that you can also assign a computer itself a static IP address via System Preferences—>Network (or the equivalent on other OSes). Because giving computers static IP addresses on a network's router is done by equating an IPV4 address to the computer's MAC address, I couldn't understand how the Fortigate IPS would let you permanently assign two static IP addresses for a client—one on the 45 subnet and one on the 183 subnet. I now understand that that's not what you needed to do. Sorry.
  4. DavidHertzberg

    Copy Backup to tape extremely slow

    j.a.duke, What Nigel Smith says in his first paragraph is so eminently correct that another developer of client-server backup software years ago implemented a "multiplexed backup" capability that only works for tape destinations. But that's designed to speed up Backup scripts (whatever NB's terminology is), not Copy Backup scripts. My suggestion would be to turn off the following Options: Match Source Media Set to destination Media Set, Don't add duplicates to Media Set, Match only files in same location/path. The post in another thread you linked to justifies that. Why should you care if you copy a few extra backups to an offsite backup, if the overall time to complete that copying is improved? Another approach would be to reduce the time-after-Backup for the Copy Backup to complete, by implementing the overlapping approach described in the first paragraph of this post and the thread it links to (sorry, the Forums software no longer has the post-in-thread-numbering feature it used to have). However be very aware of the problem stated in the second paragraph of that same post.
  5. Lennart_T is, as usual, correct (second paragraph of the section).
  6. DavidHertzberg

    Subnet Broadcasting

    Nigel Smith, Thanks for the enhanced explanation. What I understand from it is that, to Add the Retrospect Client on a client machine client via subnet broadcast discovery , you must—presumably via Fortigate IPS—set it up with a static address on the 45 subnet. After you've done the Add, you must also set the client machine up with a static address on the 183 subnet. Obviously the static address you set up on the 183 subnet is not used when the client machine shows up on the 45 subnet; I guess this is due to the magic of Fortigate IPS. I'm as surprised as you are to learn that the Retrospect "backup server" recognizes an already-Added client no matter which subnet it is connected to; my undoubtedly-ignorant guess is that the recognition is by Computer Name (System Preferences—>Sharing on Macs). We'd probably all love to hear an explanation of why your organization won't let the "backup server" directly see the 183 subnet. Can you give a security-sanitized one? Does it have to do with different levels of trust?
  7. DavidHertzberg

    Subnet Broadcasting

    Nigel Smith, Hold on a friggin' minute, there. If your "[backup] server sits on the 45 subnet", how can it setup a a static client to a 183 address? And how can it then setup a a static client for the same machine to a 45 address? is the setting up of static clients done through the Fortigate IPS? You owe us a decent explanation of what I've quoted from your last post, and IMHO you can provide one without violating the secrets of your installation's security—or expecting us to be experts in the capabilities of networking hardware/software.. P.S.: Furthermore, does the setting of a client to a static address have to be done each time a client logs on to one subnet or the other, or just once for each client on each subnet? If it's the former, who does the setting—the Backup Administrator (i.e., you) or someone from IT? What does "three for three (so far)" mean, individual backups handled or clients permanently set up on both subnets?
  8. DavidHertzberg

    Can't access volume Error -1102

    The have been a number of Forums topics dealing with the -1102 error message, but most of them have been for Retrospect Windows. Here's one that was for Retrospect Mac 8. To find all such topics, type "-1102" with the surrounding quotes into the Search oval on the top right of this page, then click the question mark symbol. The cumulative Release Notes for Retrospect Mac 15 show there has never been a bug fix for this problem. My impression, from glancing at some of the topics found as per the preceding paragraph, is that people get this error after doing "funny things" with a disk.
  9. DavidHertzberg

    How fast are your network backups?

    If what Retrospect Tech Support has told insont as recounted in this post gets done on schedule, it looks as if Retrospect 16 will go a long way towards solving the speed-of-backups problem. The 21 March Knowledge Base article that post links to talks about adding an option "FileSystemApi=2" to /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/retro.ini; the name of that option sounds to me—a retired applications programmer—as if "the client scan APIs will be completely overhauled" in the post means more than just for Instant Scan. Now if Retrospect Mac 16 doesn't make the -530 bugs worse, which is what apparently happened with the Retrospect Mac 14.6 Client (explaining why I'm still running the Retrospect Mac 14.6 Engine and Console with the Retrospect Mac 14.1 Cient), I'll be resigned to backing up my secondary Digital Audio G4 (running OS X 10.3 ) separately with Retrospect Mac 6 onto DAT tape after I upgrade to Retrospect Mac 16 for my primary "backup server". I should report here that I have twice run test versions of Retrospect—and sent them log files—at Tech Support's request, but they haven't sent me a test version that actually fixes any of the -530 bugs in backing up my primary MacBook Pro.
  10. DavidHertzberg

    No more instant scan on MacOS?

    insont, That's good, because I just found a 15 May 2018 Knowledge Base article change confirming what you've been saying. The paragraph "Mac Customers: Please note that Instant Scan is not supported with APFS." has been added below the first paragraph in the KB article "Instant Scan Frequently Asked Questions". which is under the catch-all heading "Resources" in the KB . That first paragraph begins with the sentence "Retrospect 10 for Macintosh and Retrospect 8 for Windows introduced a new feature called Instant Scan." This section of the permalinked old version of the Wikipedia article says those versions were introduced in 2012, so the original article almost certainly dates from sometime shortly after that year up through April 2015—when the companion article "Instant Scan Advanced Options" was published. Sorry to have previously expressed doubt, Martin. Pretty sneaky announcement there, Retrospect Inc. ; you didn't even point Martin to it in your final reply to his Support Case.
  11. DavidHertzberg

    Subnet Broadcasting

    Nigel Smith, It appears that you have two intra-organizational foul-ups. One is that you have more non-static devices than addresses in the IP pool, which sounds to me like a merger foul-up—possibly compounded by the IPV4 address shortage and associated money problems. The other is that "the gateway 'upgrade' last year " means "server sits on the 45-subnet and can broadcast-detect all clients on that subnet but no clients on the 183", which sounds to me like some sort of security-motivated foul-up—since you say "each client can get either a 45- or 183-based DHCP provided address when they connect to our network". I don't expect you to explain those foul-ups on this forum, but I suspect switching to any client-server other than Retrospect will result in your organization's spending much more money and you spending much more time than would be palatable. One alternative is to simply set up a second Retrospect "backup server" on a machine that has full access to the 183-based subnet. Since you are willing to "maintain concurrent operations and allow different clients to use different backup sets", I suspect that Retrospect 16's full Retrospect Management Console—expected to be available in March 2019—will allow you to meet these needs by monitoring and controlling both "backup servers" from one Console. An extra "backup server" machine would be trivial for an organization of your size, and I'm sure you can negotiate with Retrospect Inc. for no additional license fee in a situation that could be viewed as being the fault of a deficiency in their product. Another alternative is Remote Backup, as I have mentioned above. This KB article says you have to use public/private keypairs for he facility. However, the top of page 60 in the Retrospect Mac 15 UG says "Distribute or copy this public_key folder containing the pubkey.dat file along with the Retrospect Client installer. As long as the public_key folder is located at the same level with the Client installer when the installer is run, the proper encryption keys (pubkey.dat, pubkey1.dat, pubkey2.dat, ..., pubkey9.dat) will be installed on each client". Unless the use of multiple encryption keys is a facility peculiar to the Mac Client, IMHO the lack of this same paragraph in the Retrospect Windows 15 UG is simply another example of the accumulated inconsistencies between the Mac and Windows UGs for which I have justifiably criticized (see the second sentence in the next paragraph) Retrospect Inc.. Either way I agree that you should discuss your problem with the head of Retrospect Technical Support. I am not mentioning his name, as you have done, because it is my impression that he does a daily search of the Forums for posts by me containing his name—resulting in his coming down on me like a ton of bricks for any thoroughly justified or joking criticism of Retrospect Inc. or its customers contained in them. Other than that, he has apparently been too busy for the past year or so—since he lost his assistant—to look at the Forums. That is why I suggested that you create a Support Case, because I suspect he will automatically refer any phone call from you—likely a Brit—to European Support. P.S.: If your Support Case does not receive prompt attention, I suggest that you phone Retrospect Sales—who have on one occasion "goosed" Tech Support for me. The head of Sales is Werner Walter; his U.S. phone number is (925) 476-1030 extension 814, his e-mail is Werner.Walter@Retrospect.com. If you have to do this, be sure to mention the specific other client-server backup application that you are considering switching to; the thought of a current customer—especially one who has just purchased the latest version as you have—having inquired about the competition tends to energize salespeople. Also please be aware that the "description of your issue" in the Support Case form is IME limited to about 2000 characters by the Support Case software. If you go over that limit your "description" will be broken up into a "description" plus one or more "additional notes". The same is true for any additional notes you may later post yourself. I suggest that, to avoid the appearance of choppiness in your Support Case, you create your case from your posts in this thread and then copy it paragraph-by-paragraph to your Support Case. Finally please be aware that the Support Case software does not support any text formatting; to underline something I suggest putting the underscore character in front of the first and behind the last word you would like to underline. P.P.S.: Removed mention of Storage Groups from 2nd paragraph; a Backup Set is supposed to be simultaneously updateable by more than one activity if it's a Storage Group, but no doubt the Backup Set itself (as opposed to its Members) must be defined on only one disk drive—which couldn't be simultaneously updated by activities running on two different "backup servers".
  12. DavidHertzberg

    Subnet Broadcasting

    Nigel Smith, Thinking further, it occurred to me that "each client can get either a 45- or 183-based DHCP provided address when they connect to our network" means the clients on those two subnets transiently connect to your network. That sounds to me as if you are likely to be using Proactive scripts to back them up. If so, it seems that Retrospect 15.1 might be able to handle those clients with its new Remote Backup feature. That, to the extent I understand it, would mean that each client machine would have to have an IP address on whichever subnet it connects to. You might have to set these up (I don't know how with Fortigate involved) with two static IPs for each client machine's MAC address, one for each subnet it might connect to. Your "backup server" would have to have port 497 open—and port 22024 if you want to allow on-demand requests, and would have to have the "Remote Backup Clients" item defined on Volumes and the "Remote Backup Clients" tag defined under Sources; it would also have to be set up with a public/private keypair per "Installing Windows Clients for Multiple Log In" starting on page 275 of the Retrospect Windows 15 User's Guide. You would then have to give each installed client the public key, apparently according to this post. Thus a particular client machine would get Proactively backed up on whichever subnet it connected to. P.S.: Revised second paragraph, because my first version would have required duplicate Proactive scripts using different names for the same client (because it would be set up with two static IPs for the client machine's MAC address, one for each subnet) depending on which subnet it was connected to—which I'm sure you would consider undesirable. Basically I'm pretty sure (but you should ask Retrospect T. S.) that a Client doesn't even respond to Layer 2 broadcast traffic; it requires Layer 3 (my only exposure to networking layers was in one lecture of a course I took in 1990; I'm a retired applications programmer). I suspect your topology involves client computers that move around between connections, which would have been unusual in 1990 because Wi-Fi didn't yet exist. Public/private keypairs were invented for situations where Natasha Fatale might be able to spoof the IP address and password of enterprise-employee Carmen Sandiego's computer; it was Retrospect Inc.'s recent insight that Carmen might be connecting from another network anywhere in the world and would need the Remote Backup facility. In that case Carmen wouldn't need to have an IP address assigned, which is why I changed to "might" in the third sentence of the second paragraph.
  13. DavidHertzberg

    Subnet Broadcasting

    Nigel Smith, As I've said elsewhere, I run Retrospect Mac 14 on a small home network with no subnetting. IIRC, when I Add a Removed and re-installed Client from my "backup server", the Client software stores the server address of the "backup server" that Added it—which cannot then be changed (I just checked in a System Preferences—>Retrospect). If you install a bunch of clients from the "backup server" address , it sounds to me as if those clients will communicate over the .address ff.ff.ff.ff.ff.ff (is that an IPV6 address?—it's 48 instead of 64 bits) because that's how your Fortigate is set up. If that doesn't work I will fearlessly offer some suggestions, probably based on a misunderstanding of your problem and certainly with no knowledge of the Fortigate IPS. First, have you considered establishing a fixed IP address for each client machine, based on its MAC address (upper-case "MAC" stands for "media access control", and has nothing to do with "Mac" as an abbreviation for Macintosh—though many people think it does)? I was advised by the now-departed assistant to the head of Retrospect Technical Support to do this through my router when I installed Retrospect Mac 12 in 2015; it had not been necessary through Retrospect Mac 6. I don't know how you would do this in conjunction with Fortigate. You would then Remove, re-install, and re-Add each Client on your "backup server"—specifying that fixed IP address. Second, have you considered "Using Public/Private Key Authentication with Retrospect Clients", which is described starting on page 59 of the Retrospect Mac 15 User's Guide (you can find the equivalent section in the Retrospect Windows 15 UG; I'm not going to bother)? Third, you should try using the technique described in this Knowledge Base article. If testing with the ip command works, you would obviously want to switch to using the ipsave command. Fourth, you may still be entitled to free Tech Support because you have purchased Retrospect 15. Based on the experience of another administrator, it seems that Retrospect Inc.'s European TS is contracted out to people who are not very knowledgeable. I would instead submit a Support Request to Walnut Creek CA via this form. P.S.: Added new first paragraph.
  14. DavidHertzberg

    Subnet Broadcasting

    Nigel Smith, Your post doesn't say what version of Retrospect you are using, and whether it is Retrospect Windows or Retrospect Mac. Rather than waste my time by making an inquiry, I'll just assume it is some version of Retrospect Mac—as most of your past posts seem to indicate. Everything I know about setting subnet addresses in Retrospect, which isn't much, is contained in the posts I made in this thread last year. I suggest you read all those post, and view the video by the head of Retrospect Tech Support I linked to in one of them. I also suggest you read this section of the relevant Wikipedia article. I don't know anything about setting server interfaces, so someone else will have to comment on that.
  15. Sorry, but DBA cannot put into the Retrospect article—or the former "Enterprise client-server backup" section of the "Backup" article which is now a separate article—any information about features that are planned or not fully operational. That is why the only mention of Retrospect 15.5 features he has added is global deduplication of e-mail accounts, citing a new TidBITS article . BTW, the announcement of the experimental Storage Groups feature is extremely bare-bones. Does the fact that a Storage Group is defined as a specially-flagged (presumably because organized in a more-complicated fashion) Backup Set (R. Windows) / Media Set (R. Mac) imply that it can have multiple Members, rather than being limited to a single "looks like one disk" device— however large its capacity?
  16. derek500, in this 2015 post, gave me the solution. See the remaining posts by me in that thread for further discussion. Although I'm still using Retrospect Mac 14, I routinely use that undocumented dragging-in-the-Details-panel-of-the-script-Summary trick whenever I Remove and re-Add a source. See further posts by me in that thread for an explanation. There's a limitation for local Sources because you can't easily Remove them, as discussed here and in posts that follow it. In any case, the first paragraph of this following post is my explanation of precisely what is the nature of the "alphabetical order" that Retrospect follows in backing up Sources within a script.
  17. DavidHertzberg problems

    Here's why and how to file a Support Request for a bug.
  18. If Retrospect Inc. made a misstatement in the Retrospect v11 for Windows and Retrospect v13 for Mac User's Guides' "What's New" chapter, IMHO they should have explicitly corrected it in a later edition.
  19. According to the head of Retrospect Tech Support, the first paragraph of my first post in this thread is incorrect--even though I based it on what was in the User's Guides. "Fast Catalog Rebuild is turned on by default with all Disk Backup Sets. We don't have an option to turn it off/on because it is always enabled. Fast catalog rebuild was not removed from the product." If Retrospect Inc. made a misstatement in the Retrospect v11 for Windows and Retrospect v13 for Mac User's Guides' "What's New" chapter, IMHO they should have explicitly corrected it in a later edition.
  20. DavidHertzberg

    Keep unique tape name when adding to a backup set

    According to the head of Retrospect Tech Support, the first paragraph of my preceding post is incorrect--even though I based it on what was in the User's Guides. "Fast Catalog Rebuild is turned on by default with all Disk Backup Sets. We don't have an option to turn it off/on because it is always enabled. Fast catalog rebuild was not removed from the product." If Retrospect Inc. made a misstatement in the Retrospect v11 for Windows and Retrospect v13 for Mac User's Guides' "What's New" chapter, IMHO they should have explicitly corrected it in a later edition.
  21. There are a number of Forums posts discussing this error. Type "-1124", including the quotes, into the Search box at the upper right to see them.
  22. See this post, and the post it links to. The short version is that Fast Catalog Rebuild was removed in Retrospect Mac 13.
  23. DavidHertzberg

    Error -1103 after Windows 10 April Update

    Had you made the same fixes to your wife's laptop that successfully fixed the problem on your other machine(s)? Did she put anything new on her laptop, such as vacation pictures?
  24. DavidHertzberg

    How to skip Dashboard, start directly

    zz-pdb, Sorry if you experienced this post as a flame. It wasn't intended to be; it's just that the bane of these Retrospect Forums is people asking for help while trying to conceal as much as possible about their Retrospect installation—frequently IMHO because they are a new employee/consultant who has "inherited" an old installation of Retrospect and doesn't want to cause their employer/client additional expense. My understanding is that you should do what Lennart_T says he does in this post. That means you should set the Start Preferences, described on page 398 of the Retrospect Windows 15 User's Guide, to not Enable Retrospect Launcher Service. I think you should also not Automatically Launch Retrospect; instead just remember to launch it manually after every reboot unless you have some reason to wait, and then "minimize" it (whatever that means to Windows users). P.S.: This 2017 post by gjs looks as if it might be helpful.
  25. DavidHertzberg

    How to skip Dashboard, start directly

    zz-pdb, First of all, you have not supplied enough information for us to help you. What numbered version of Retrospect Windows are you running, what Edition, and under what version of Windows? Are you running any Proactive scripts? We understand that you may be a new employee/consultant who has "inherited" an old installation of Retrospect, but nobody on this Forum is a Retrospect Inc. employee who might make a "sales pitch". Second, what are you doing that causes the Dashboard to start running? It sounds to me, an administrator of Retrospect Mac, as if you are setup to run Retrospect Windows under auto launch. The first paragraph of this new/updated Knowledge Base article says "Starting with Windows Vista/Server 2008 Microsoft made a change where Windows will no longer allow services/programs to interact with the user and introduced User Account Control. With Retrospect this means that when Retrospect auto launches Windows puts Retrospect into a protective desktop environment where the user will not be able view and control Retrospect. We recommend that Retrospect be left open and minimized in this case [my emphasis] but if you want Retrospect to auto launch here is a guide on how to accomplish this." Third, the Release Notes for Retrospect Windows – September 5, 2017 include the following: "IMPROVED Retrospect Dashboard has a new icon to differentiate it from the Retrospect application IMPROVED Retrospect Dashboard launches when Retrospect is already running in Session 0 and includes explanatory message IMPROVED Retrospect Dashboard's "Relaunch Retrospect" button displays an alert message when there is an execution running"