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  1. henry-in-florida, 2. Tomorrow is "Make Friends With Your Router Day". Start by getting the MAC addresses for each of your "client" machines from Apple Menu->About This Mac->Ethernet Cards, and writing them down. Then proceed with connecting to, logging in with your password (if you haven't changed it, it's probably on a label attached to your router), and phoning your ISP's Tech Support (not Retrospect's). Once you've done that, you want to ask the T.S. person how to navigate to setting a fixed IP address for each client machine that you actually still have. On my Verizon Quantum Gateway, that's Advanced-> IP Distribution->Edit (assuming your "client" machines are booted, so they show the default IP addresses in the router). Enter the MAC address for each machine that you do have, and checkmark the box or whatever to make the listed dynamic IP address the static IP address. If any machines are listed that you don't have, find out how to delete them. 3. You said in your second post that you have two "client" machines with the same x.x.x.64 address. That's obviously a problem; look in System Preferences->Network for each of the "client" machines, and change the duplicate to a different IP address. Make sure that the static IP for that machine is changed accordingly in your router. 4. Do not set a static IP address for your "backup server" machine. That advice came from Alan in 2015.
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    can't link to

    redleader, What kind of machine is FS SERVER? Is it some kind of NAS that runs under Linux or Windows? If so, try repairing that with the appropriate software. Also Retrospect 15.6.WHAT.WHAT? Try upgrading your "backup server" and Client(s) to Retrospect Mac, which doesn't seem to have the "bad release" problems of 15.6.0.
  3. henry-in-florida, First, have you updated your "backup server" machine and your Mac Clients to 15.5 and 15.6.0 seem to have been "bad releases", at least for Retrospect Windows. Second, I was told years ago by the now-departed-from-Walnut-Creek Alan that the "backup server" should not have a fixed IP address. The one time I tried violating that, I had problems. Third, surely you shouldn't have two "client" machines assigned the same fixed IP address—such as .64.
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    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    x509, If you want scripts doing Backups of the same LAN "client" drive to run concurrently, they must be backing up different Subvolumes of the same "client" drive. Even that is new for Retrospect Windows 12.6, as noted here. As j-polasektamu.edu's OP in that thread said nearly 3 months before 12.6 was released:
  5. After a little creative searching on Wikipedia, I found this. YMMV; I haven't had a Windows machine in my home installation since I gave back the Windows 95 desktop to my employer upon being laid off in 2004. Up to that point, I was getting my Windows tech support from IT in our New Jersey office.
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    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    JamesOakley and x509, I caught onto the new Desktop Edition feature on 31 October, based on JamesOakley's having noticed it, and got DovidBenAvraham to put an announcement in the Wikipedia article—which I mentioned in the second paragraph of this post. In that mention I said From what you're saying, it seems Product Management was so reluctant to mention the new feature that they didn't tell Support about it , which must be why Support told x509 to rename his config files to something else etc.. In two posts immediately subsequent to the one I linked to in the first paragraph of this post, I discussed the results of a thread I started on the Ars Technica Linux Kung Fu forum regarding the technical feasibility of Retrospect Inc.'s implementing a future painful new feature that I think this new feature is a prelude to. I won't repeat that discussion here, one reason—besides the sin of double-posting—being because its results are sensitive enough that they might IME cause the head of Tech Support to delete this and/or other posts.
  7. henry-in-florida, You should look at the cumulative Release Notes. For 15.1 they say : "Mac Client: Fixed issue where client did not prevent macOS from going to sleep during backup (#7273)". Also for, an emergency release you may not have upgraded to, they say: "Remote Backup: Fixed issue where remote backup connection was incorrectly closed (#7735)". I'm pretty sure you are not using Version 15's new Remote Backup capability, but the fix for #7735 may also have fixed your problem. Try installing it, and file a Support Request if your problem is still not fixed.
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    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    JamesOakley, Too bad you don't know Sally. In my imagination (which is, of course, entirely where she exists ) she is an excellent salesperson, and speaks Shanghainese as well as Mandarin. Seriously, if your organization has a second office site, you'd be better off having a permanent connection from its LAN to the office where your "backup server" sits—so you can use regular Backup scripts. You can read all about it in "Advanced Networking" on pages 305-313 of the Retrospect Windows 12 User's Guide. AFAIK you'd need a second network card in your "backup server" machine. If your second office is also somewhere in Britain, BT (or its competitors) will love you for this if you don't already have the connection—which for other purposes you probably do. IMHO Retrospect Inc. developed the Remote Backup feature for organizations with far-flung employees/contractors to whom a permanent network connection would be too expensive. That's why they were satisfied with having it work only for Proactive scripts, although there may be technical difficulties I'm not qualified to understand in making it work for regular Backup scripts.
  9. DavidHertzberg problems

    johnnymacgo, You and zz-pdb got that beta release about the same time in early November. We thank both of you for submitting Support Requests that eventually led to the 29 November public release of, with the Release Note "Backup: Fixed issue where scripts hung due to Management Console integration (#7753)". It looks as if Retrospect engineering may have waited to also include 4 fixes for the new Remote Backup feature.
  10. DavidHertzberg

    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    JamesOakley, Do you actually use Remote Backup? My impression, from this KB article and other Retrospect Inc. marketing material, is that the facility is mostly designed for backing up employee Sally in Shanghai from your constantly-running "backup server" in Britain. Sally's "client" must be on a Proactive script, but that's OK because you can't keep the time difference straight—and because Sally's "client" is a laptop that she carries around with her when she isn't in your Shanghai office. If Sally accidentally deletes a file, she can do a User-Initiated Restore to get it back from your "backup server". Is anyone using Remote Backup yet? Speak up; inquiring minds want to know.
  11. x509, You failed to understand my linked-to post. My key point was "my experience last fall indicates a -505 error may be caused by another piece of client software monopolizing the communications facilities that are used by the Retrospect Client". In my case it was an automatically-initiated installer for Adobe Flash Player, but it could well be some other piece of client software. If you look further down the same post, another administrator had a -505 problem apparently caused by ChronoSync, which is "a macOS application for periodic backups, bootable drive clones and folder synchronizations".
  12. x509, Here's how I fixed my -505 error about a year ago on Retrospect Mac 14. As the fifth paragraph of this post says, the head of Retrospect Technical Support "has verbally assured me that you don't need to be signed up for ASM to report a bug—only to get personal assistance with coping with it." If this is a bug related to Retrospect Windows 15, they're not going to know to fix it if you don't report it. Lennart_T, The release of Retrospect Windows also apparently fixes a bug a lot of people have been having problems with: "Backup: Fixed issue where scripts hung due to Management Console integration (#7753)".
  13. DavidHertzberg problems

    As of 29 November there is a new Retrospect Mac Engine/Console version that probably fixes this bug. See this post; I don't want the head of Retrospect Tech Support to ding me for "spamming".
  14. DavidHertzberg

    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    As of 29 November there is a new Retrospect Windows Engine/UI version that probably fixes this bug. The Release Notes say "Backup: Fixed issue where scripts hung due to Management Console integration (#7753)". My guess is that it's the official release of what zz-pdb received nearly 4 weeks ago. It worries me that the release number is still 15.6.x.x instead of 15.7.x.x, and doesn't include any other bug fixes—other than a few related to Remote Backup.
  15. dougbehrens, I'm by no means a hardware expert, although I've done a couple of easy replacements on my Macs over the years. The iFixit instructions for Mac Mini optical drive replacement Nigel Smith linked-to look rather hairy to me. If all else fails, you could snail-mail the CD-Rs to me for attempted reading on my ex-wife's Digital Audio G4. You would have to pack the CD-Rs lovingly, and include with them one or two USB2 thumb drives of suitable capacity. You would also have to include an informal but legally binding letter to me; it would state that I make no promises beyond my best efforts as to getting results or preserving the CD-Rs, will make no charge other than return postage, and promise to make no copy for my own use of any files that I manage to recover from the CD-Rs. PM me if you're interested.
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    sidebar reports missing

    johanvos, IMHO you have a Retrospect Mac 15.6 variant of what Lindsay Robertson reported for Retrospect Mac 15.0 on 2 May. Here is my post with a general explanation for what's going on. Note that the OP in that thread says Lindsay Robertson was seeing in 15.0 almost the exact opposite of what you are seeing with 15.6. My guess is that the Retrospect Inc. engineers corrected that Console bug, but created yours instead. The final post in that thread said "Werner also said that the developers are working on difficulties related to the glorious new Dashboard." I assume that you have clicked the Reports Disclosure Triangle, which is described on page 18 of the (English) Retrospect Mac 15 User's Guide. Here is why and how to file a Support Case. I urge you to file it immediately; the engineers are already overdue in releasing Retrospect Mac and Windows 15.7. Based on various bugs that have been reported on the Retrospect Windows forums, my guess is that 15.5 and 15.6 were "bad releases" that didn't receive sufficient testing—and that the engineers are running behind schedule for the 15.x series of releases. P.S.: The second paragraph turns out to probably be irrelevant, resulting in my having looked at pages 18-19 of the Retrospect Mac 15 User's Guide instead of looking at my own Dashboard. So long as you confine yourself to the pre-defined ones, each Report appears directly on the sidebar—as shown in the screenshot on page 26—with no Disclosure Triangle. Whoever at Retrospect Inc. supplied the screenshot on page 18 evidently took it of a Console that had at least one Custom Report, which apparently—I've never defined a Custom Report—puts all the Reports inside a folder on the sidebar.
  17. What is this signature you speak of, and how do I look at it? I've clicked on your picture, and none of that information shows. In any case, if the purpose of your OP was to actually tell other administrators about a bug—rather than to simply make an unfocused complaint—that information should be up front.
  18. henry-in-florida, You're 0 for 5 today, so far as providing information is concerned. You don't tell us your version of Retrospect Mac, either for the Engine/Console or for the Client. You don't tell us what version of macOS your "backup server" is running. You don't tell us what version of macOS your "client computer" is running. And you don't tell us the Retrospect error number that corresponds to "Client unavailable". Back in 2015, in the last thread before this one that has "Client unavailable ..." in it, I made a suggestion in this post. Note that, in the last post of that thread, Don Lee says: You know why and how to file a Support Request. You'll have to provide all the information listed in the second paragraph of this post.
  19. I don't read Swedish either, but I Googled "Apple HT203973" (without the quotes) and got this.
  20. DavidHertzberg

    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    It'll almost certainly be a 15.7 release with other bug fixes. The fact that it isn't out yet, more than 3 weeks after zz-pdb got a beta version, confirms my guess that 15.5 and15.6 were "bad releases" with a number of bugs.
  21. It sounds to me as if the optical drive on your newly-acquired Mac Mini is having problems reading CD-Rs, as distinct from DVDs, at least using Retrospect 6.1. That's why I suggested buying some new CD-Rs and writing to them and reading them back, first with ordinary OS X 10.4 facilities and then with Retrospect 6.1. If the writing-reading doesn't work with OS X 10.4 facilities, the drive is either dead or doesn't work with CD-Rs. If the writing-reading just doesn't work with Retrospect 6.1, you should try the configuration procedure on pages 33-35 of the Retrospect Mac 6 UG. Per a fast look via Google, you can buy USB 2 drives for anywhere from $20 to $60. Be sure you get one that can read CD-Rs, not just DVDs, and preferably one that you can easily RMA if it doesn't work.
  22. I just Googled "'David Lee' Retrospect", and one of the pages returned is a 4 March 2014 Retrospect Inc. press release that quotes "David Lee, Retrospect's Director of Worldwide Product Management." So Lee has been around at least nearly 5 years, and was involved in the release of Retrospect Windows 9 and Mac 11—which were almost certainly developed in Walnut Creek CA. Besides, my understanding is that Product Management is really Retrospect Inc.'s marketing function—assisting J.G.Heithcock in determining what products/features should be developed rather than how precisely to develop them. I am somewhat worried that the fix for the 15.5-15.6 "bad releases" is taking so long. However that may simply be the result of developers in Walnut Creek discovering that they had created more of a mess than they realized.
  23. dougbehrens, First of all, the DVD-RW drive on my ex-wife's Digital Audio G4 is a Pioneer DVR-103, not a Matsushita drive. Second, if after cleaning you can neither write nor read back files to/from a CD-R disc using ordinary OS X 10.4 facilities, you may have to buy an external optical drive; the drive in your Mac Mini may be effectively dead.
  24. dougbehrens, First, to get it out of the way, the company now known as Panasonic was previously known (from 1918 on) as Matsushita. They originally adopted the U.S. brand name Panasonic because—in 1961—Matsushita sounded too, well, Japanese. MATSHITA is an abbreviation of Matsushita that fits in 8 characters. I found the specs for your Mac Mini on everymac.com. My original suspicion was that its newer CD-RW/DVD optical drive could not read CD-R discs, but AFAICT that should not be true. However, if you look here, your old Retrospect backup discs may have exceeded their usable lifespan. I'd suggest buying a small number of new CD-R discs on Amazon, backing up at least a Subvolume (IIRC the Retrospect Mac 6 name for Favorite Folder) from your Mac Mini onto CD-R, and trying to restore it. If that works, you may be SOL in trying to restore your old files. However if it doesn't work, you might consider buying this or the equivalent. If—after using the cleaning disk—you can write and read back files using ordinary OS X 10.4 facilities but not Retrospect 6.1, you'll need to try the configuration procedure on pages 33-35 of the Retrospect Mac 6 UG. BTW a couple of hours ago I found a CD-R burned in 2004 containing a couple of software apps. I fired up my ex-wife's Digital Audio G4 (she asked me to save it for her when she switched to a PowerBook after moving out), which dates from around 2001, and—after persuading the balky drive door to open— successfully opened the CD-R in order to view the files. P.S.: Expanded third paragraph with two additional sentences; added fourth paragraph.
  25. dougbehrens, You need to tell us: The Macintosh model the CD-Rs and DVDs were originally created on The manufacturer, model, and interface type of the drive they were created on—if it was a drive external to that Macintosh The Mac Mini model (year of manufacture) you are now trying to read the CD-Rs and DVDs on The manufacturer, model, and interface type of the drive you are now trying to read the CD-Rs and DVDs on—if it is a drive external to this Mac Mini You next need to look up the Mac Mini drive in the Retrospect storage devices Compatibility Table, by Manufacturer and Model and Interface Type. Double-check that the device you have, if it is compatible with Retrospect currently (not necessarily in Retrospect Mac 6.1), is compatible with the types of CD-Rs and DVDs you want it to read. If the drive isn't in the Compatibility Table but is compatible with the types of CD-Rs and DVDs you want it to read, you need to read "Configuring CD/DVD Drives" on pages 33-35 of the Retrospect Mac 6 User's Guide, and do what it says. The top of page 32 says "No Media indicates there is no disc in the drive." You will need a blank CD-R and DVD of the types you want to read. BTW, your having written "another MAChine that is dead" shows your complete unfamiliarity with Macintoshes. The all-upper-case acronym MAC stands for Media Access Control, which is a type of hardware address that has nothing to do specifically with Macintoshes—although Macintoshes like Windows and Linux machines have MAC addresses. To think MAC has something to do with Macintoshes is an error frequently made by Windows users.