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    Confusing message during rebuild catalog

    At a guess (by a Retrospect Mac administrator), that would be the Add Snapshot button—which is mentioned on page 203 of the Retrospect Windows 15 User's Guide. You don't say what version of Retrospect Windows you are using. Disregard Lennart_T's post directly above; he's using Retrospect Mac.
  2. DavidHertzberg

    changing ACLs backups whole files again?

    eweri, As I'm sure you discovered years ago (I found this thread while investigating how thoroughly you read semi-technical documents in English), this is not a "really huge bug". Instead it is the "Use attribute modification date when matching" feature, which defaults to "on" and was activated by your changing the attribute modification dates on part of the server volume. That feature is documented on page 111 of the Retrospect Mac 12 User's Guide, but it was also documented for the preceding Retrospect Mac version. Therefore, unless your customer had just upgraded from OS X 10.3, I suspect the "really huge bug" was in fact activated by your introducing your script "that resets ACLs and POSIX permission every morning at a specific network share". Please in the future finish threads you have participated in by stating your long-term solution. Everyone makes "bug"-reporting mistakes—I do, but it is important for other Retrospect administrators that we have a permanent record on these Forums of what the real solutions were.
  3. DavidHertzberg

    Can I safely downgrade from V15.61 to V12?

    x509, I suggest you look at the cumulative Retrospect Windows Release Notes that cover up to I administrate Retrospect Mac, but I didn't see anything for Windows version 15 that seemed to be changing the format of either Backup Sets or of the User Interface—those parts of it that don't use the version 15 new features—from version 12.6. In the case of "a backup script that involved several volumes was backing up only one of the subvolumes, but if I did an immediate backup, everything worked fine", this sounds as if you were getting -530 errors on some of the machines that had the subvolumes. If so, you may be able to fix that—at least temporarily—by moving your config77.dat file from its location (see pages 463-464 of the Retrospect Windows 15 User's Guide) to the desktop. Other than that, I suggest you first phone Werner Walter, the chief of Sales, at extension 2 on whichever Retrospect Inc. phone number you use.
  4. eweri, Nobody has reported such a macOS bug on the Ars Technica Macintoshian Achaia forum, which would surely happen by now if it affected applications other than Retrospect. Also the Knowledge Base article was last updated on 16 October 2018, but that was 7 weeks before macOS 10.14.2 was released—according to the Mac Ach thread specifically about that release. No reports of this bug in that Mac Ach thread, so my guess is that you're not following the procedure correctly—possibly because it's unclear to you. Here's why and how to file a bug-fix Support Case. Maybe someone at Retrospect Tech Support will offer some advice, especially if you are within your 30 days of free Tech Support for Retrospect 15.
  5. I have stumbled into at least a temporary solution of my -530 Bug 1 and -530 Bug 2, per this post. As I said in the last paragraph of that post, "the fixes to my -530 Bug 1 and -530 Bug 2 may not last, because my -530 Bug 3 is essentially a corruption of some Retrospect configuration file after a couple of weeks—causing my -530 Bug 1 and/or -530 Bug 2 to reappear". P.S.: As I have reported in preceding posts in this thread, -530 Bug 3 seems to be activated—resulting in manifestation of -530 Bug 1 and/or -530 Bug 2—by what should be inconsequential hardware changes to my home LAN. Moreover the -530 Bugs 1 and/or 2 manifest themselves intermittently, which again suggests that they are related to networking hardware.
  6. No, don't do a Copy Backups, because it will only copy the most recent backup of each source unless you have specified a number of snapshots in your Grooming policy—per this 2016 post by a Retrospect Inc. employee. Unless your Copy Media Set run finished just before copying those backups, following up with a Copy Backups run will leave backups un-copied. Just delete the stalled-run data, Rebuild the destination Media Set, and run the whole 15-hour Copy Media Set again. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  7. I noticed a couple of days ago that all my script executions scheduled after 1 January were showing in Activities as "Deferred". I figured this was Retrospect Inc.'s New Year's gift to me, so I looked in the cumulative Retrospect Mac Release Notes. Lo and behold, Under Console for there's "Activities: Fixed issue with scheduled activities showing up as "Deferred" (#7670)" . As we all should know by now, was a "bad release"—so you'll want to download and install the "backup server" instead. I've done this and tested it. It fixes the "Deferred" problem, but I've kept my Mac Client at 14.1. That's because last summer, when—at the request of Retrospect engineering—I ran an extra-logging version of the 15.0 Engine and Client to see if they'd fixed my -530 bugs, that combination of versions actually made my -530 problems worse. So I reverted to 14.6.0 for the Engine and 14.1 for the Client. I should also point out that, at the suggestion of henry-in-florida, I've recently switched the Console Sources definition of my MacBook Pro's Client to using Subnet broadcast instead of Multicast. That seems to have eliminated everything except -530 Bug 1, for which I developed a work-around nearly two years ago. For those who don't want to upgrade, here's an old post to the Mac 8 Forum that describes an alternate way to fix the problem.
  8. Hold everything, folks! What I reported in this post above seems to have been an artifact of my -530-bug-prone "backup server". Very early yesterday morning I received the following response from Retrospect Tech Support: I saw the e-mail on my MacBook Pro "client" in the study and—in moving rapidly back and forth between the study and the bedroom—mentally converted it into a reply to my Support Case about the "Deferred" bug. I also mentally converted "configXX.bak" into "configs.xml", based on a vague memory of what Scillonian had said in this 2016 post. Moving both files to my "Macintosh HD SSD" SSD's desktop wiped out all the saved info from my copy of Retrospect Mac, so I spent several hours recreating the "client" machines and scripts and Media Sets (for which I trickily used the existing "1-..." folders from my two at-home portable backup HDDs—the third one being in my bank safe deposit box). When I had done all that yesterday afternoon, I ran tests of my "NoOp Sun.-Fri. Backup" and "Sun.-Fri. Backup" scripts. They all ran OK, even when I booted the "backup server" a half-hour after the scheduled time for the test scripts. So causing Retrospect to recreate config80.dat and configs.xml fixed—at least temporarily—my -530 Bug 1 and -530 Bug 2 problems for Retrospect Mac This morning I repeated the same testing procedure on my "Macintosh HD New" HDD, except—belatedly realizing my mistake—I only moved config80.dat to the desktop. The equivalent tests again all ran OK, proving that the "Deferred" error is indeed a "cosmetic" one—one that is fixed by installing the Retrospect Mac 14.6.2 Console. Sorry about that, administrators and Retrospect Inc. personnel. BTW the fixes to my -530 Bug 1 and -530 Bug 2 may not last, because my -530 Bug 3 is essentially a corruption of some Retrospect configuration file after a couple of weeks—causing my -530 Bug 1 and/or -530 Bug 2 to reappear.
  9. bradp015, I agree that it looks as if you have enough space on "4T HD" for another copy. The one thing that occurs to me is that you have two "Retrospect" folders on that drive. even though one of them is underneath the "NO USE SFA 3SAFE 4t 111116" folder. IME the parts of Retrospect that deal with creating Members on disk drives are programmed to either detect existing "Retrospect" folders or to create new ones. I'd hazard a guess that those parts get confused when there's more than one "Retrospect" folder on a drive. I'd suggest that you Finder-move the "SFA 3SAFE" folder that's two levels inside the "NO USE SFA 3SAFE 4t 111116" folder so that it—and its subsidiary "1-SFA 3SAFE" folder—are directly within the "NO USE SFA 3SAFE 4t 111116" folder, and then Finder-delete the "Retrospect" folder that the moved folder used to be underneath—along with the "Retrospect" folder's contained 0-byte "Backup Media" document. If you ever need to put the moved copy of the "SFA 3SAFE" folder back into action, you can first re-create a "Retrospect" folder and then Finder-move that "SFA 3SAFE" folder back inside it. Come to think of it, maybe the 0-byte "Backup Media" document is a marker to tell Retrospect that the "Retrospect" folder that contains it also contains a Media Set Member folder. If so, it would explain why Retrospect would get confused when it found more than one "Retrospect" folder containing a 0-byte "Backup Media" document on the same disk volume. Yes indeed, that's the sort of kludge I might have devised myself back when I was an applications programmer.
  10. eweri, You do not state your version of Retrospect Mac, which is a requirement for our helping you. However you should first be running Retrospect Mac for both "backup server" and Client. I know that the latest fixes for Mojave shown in the cumulative Release Notes are for, but was the second in a pair of "bad releases"—particularly because it did not yet contain an emergency fix for bug #7753 (which is non-Mojave-related but affected many administrators). Once you have upgraded to, you should follow the procedures in this Knowledge Base article. You could have found that article either by using your Web browser's search facility on this Web page to find "Mojave", or by looking under this "Top Articles" sub-section of that Web page.
  11. DavidHertzberg

    Selector question

    pls2000, See the first dialog on page 442 of the Retrospect Windows 15 User's Guide, but also see "Working With Conditions" on pages 438-440. You want to connect the two conditions with the Or operator, not the And operator. C:\Users\pls\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Cache is not the Application Data folder, so no folder can satisfy both of the conditions simultaneously—which is what you require if you connect them with the And operator. I think they teach logical operators in high school programming courses now.
  12. bradp015, Are you saying that, inside your Retrospect folder on your drive "4T HD", you have two Media Set destination folders that each have a "1-..." folder inside—one destination folder named "SFA 3 Safe" and another named "SFA 3"? If so, no wonder you're getting the the "select new media" message near the end of the Copy Media Set run—there simply isn't enough free space left on the drive! If folder "SFA 3" contains 1.5TB, and folder "NO USE SFA3SAFE 4t 111116" also contains nearly 1.5TB, then when you Copy Media Set "SFA 3 Safe" to "4T HD" you'll hit nearly 4.5TB on a drive that has only 4TB capacity! To your reply, please attach a Finder screenshot of the contents of the Retrospect folder on your drive "4T HD" with all disclosure triangles clicked. IMHO you're going to have to rethink what backups you want on what drives. You've really only got one logical Media Set whose backup contents you want to save on two drives. I'm guessing you want to put an on-site copy on one of the drives in your new RAID —because the RAID enclosure isn't really portable, and an off-site copy on your "4T HD" drive—because that single drive is portable even if it won't quite fit in your pocket. Therefore—to allow for maximum expansion—the only folder you should end up with inside the Retrospect folder on your "4T HD" drive is one named "SFA 3"; you should have another Retrospect folder on a RAID drive containing a folder named "SFA 3 Safe". If you don't like the names for the Media Set destination folders on the two drives as I have proposed them, feel free to reverse the names. Let's assume for now that the "SFA 3 Safe" folder is the one to go on the RAID drive. You should first Finder-move the "SFA 3 Safe" folder from inside the Retrospect folder on your "4T HD" drive, with its filled (with .rdb and—maybe .session files) "1-SFA 3 Safe" folder inside, either directly beneath "4T HD" or onto another drive—possibly the Desktop on your "backup server" computer—in which case you must Finder-delete the folder on your "4T HD" drive after you have Finder-copied it onto another drive. You should next use Retrospect to Remove the "SFA 3 Safe" Media Set. Following that you should Finder-delete the "SFA 3 Safe" Catalog File from wherever it is stored (probably in the default Library -> Applications Support -> Retrospect -> Catalogs folder on your "backup server" computer, then Empty Trash, and then use New to recreate the same "SFA 3 Safe" Media Set—with its Catalog File in the same folder from which you just Finder-deleted it and a a single Member on your chosen RAID drive. Finally you should Finder-copy the saved filled "SFA 3 Safe" into the Retrospect folder on your chosen RAID drive, allowing the Finder to replace the the newly-Retrospect-created "SFA 3 Safe" folder and its empty "1-SFA 3 Safe" folder inside, and then use Retrospect to Rebuild the "SFA 3 Safe" Media Set—locating its only Member again on the chosen RAID drive. Whenever you are satisfied that everything is hunky-dory, you can Finder-delete the "SFA 3 Safe" folder from wherever you originally Finder-moved it, then click on the Retrospect pencil icon to expand the capacity of the "1-SFA 3" Member on your "4T HD" drive, and repeat the Copy Media Set with "SFA 3 Safe" as the source Media Set and the Member-expanded "SFA 3" as the destination Media Set. Trust me; this morning I did the analogous procedure to re-create 2 Media Sets that already existed, with "1-Media Set ..." folders that were already filled, on my portable backup drives. Be careful, and good luck!
  13. bradp015, I don't have any production experience with Copy Media Set; I've only used it in some tests. What I would suggest is that you use the Finder to look in the Retrospect folder (I hope you have only one) on your drive "4T HD", and see if you now have a "1-SFA 3" folder within that. If not, keep the Retrospect folder selected and click the Add button in the dialog. I had occasion this morning to completely Rebuild two Media Sets in Retrospect Mac using the existing "1-Media Set Whatever" folders. IIRC clicking the disclosure arrow to the left of my Retrospect folders on the two external drives did not cause the contents of that folder to be shown in the Rebuild dialog. The Retrospect Mac interface for Copy Media Set also appears to be pretty funky, and appears to have basically originally been designed for a tape destination.
  14. DavidHertzberg

    Dashboard Backup Report Errors

    francisbrand, Now that I've been forced to upgrade to Retrospect Mac, I'm seeing the same problem. However, in addition to missing drive backups for one "client" in the Backup Report pie chart, I'm seeing the same missing drive backups for one "client" in the Backups bar chart. I should note that that particular "client" is only backed up as a Recycle once a week, and that—as part of the switching-between-Retrospect-versions described in this post about "Deferred" testing—I ran that particular "client"'s Recycle backup twice in three days using the same Catalog. That may explain why my Dashboard problem is worse than yours. Therefore I'm not going to submit a Support Case on this problem. But I think you should; here's why and how. IME the Backups bar chart has been buggy for years. The data that is showing spurious unprotected clients in the new Backup Report pie chart may be drawn from the same, presumably Engine, data. After ignoring that problem for years, the increased prominence of the Backup Report may force the Retrospect Inc. engineers to fix it. My heart bleeds for them. P.S.: As of Sunday 20 January I had been running for over a week, including another "Sat. Backup" script run Recycling 6-plus-a-Favorite-Folder drives twice on Saturdays. I've seen comparable Dashboard bugs for the latest "Sat. Backup" script run, including omitting the first "client" from the Backups bar chart (that "client" is shown on the daily Backups bar charts for "Sun.-Fri. Backup" No Media Action script runs the other days of the week) and saying all 3 drives from the other "client" (which is only backed up on Saturdays using the Legacy Client) are Unprotected on the Backup Report pie chart. Therefore I have now submitted a Support Case.
  15. To keep the third paragraph of the above post short enough to avoid exceeding the approximately-20-line limit for Support Case entries, I left out a mention that two subsequent attempts to run the "NoOp Sun.-Fri. Backup" script under the 14.6.0 Engine and Console resulted in -530 errors, even though in the same execution on the Mac Pro I had previously done a successful Locate of my MacBook Pro "client". The same was true today, after I updated the Console on "Macintosh HD New" to the 14.6.2 "fix". So today I changed System Preferences->Startup Disk to make the Mac Pro boot from "Macintosh HD SSD" and restarted. I then submitted the "NoOp Sun.-Fri. Backup" script and the "Sun.-Fri. Backup" script. After the "NoOp Sun.-Fri. Backup" script passed the 3-minute mark still "Finding ...", I Paused it, did a Locate of my MBP "client", and Stopped the "NoOp Sun.-Fri. Backup" run. "Sun.-Fri. Backup" immediately started and ran OK. This seems to show that Retrospect Mac doesn't have -530 Bug 2 (see this post in another thread) any worse than it did before, on the same "backup server" machine where the pre-"fixed" and "fixed" Retrospect Mac 14.6.0 runs worse than it did before. Thus I'm sticking with Retrospect Mac as my production version, and I've just paid for an upgrade license code (I was given a permanent one last summer, because I needed it to run R.T.S.-requested tests for a supposed -530 bug fix).
  16. geryoei and swednet, As the Knowledge Base article says, the free Console fix only works for Retrospect Mac versions 12.5, 13, and 14. Thus swednet, who is running version 8, must upgrade; I don't know about geryoei, because he/she hasn't stated his/her version. I don't think that a perpetual license for an older version of Retrospect—Retrospect Mac 12 was released in March 2015 IIRC—obligates Retrospect Inc. to fix a bug that just showed up in January 2019 for versions that are more than 4 years old. However I feel your pain. That's why I submitted a Support Case suggesting that Retrospect Inc. offer license codes for the appropriate Edition of version 12.5 at a price less than the new-purchase price for the appropriate Edition of Retrospect Mac 15. That Support Case has been marked Closed. I therefore suggest that you speak to your local Retrospect Inc. salesperson/agent; my experience is that the salespeople are anxious to make a deal that will bring in some revenue—and can put pressure on Retrospect Inc. Product Management to make that deal possible. I just negotiated a deal in which I belatedly paid for a Desktop Edition license for Retrospect Mac 15, but—since I was forced to upgrade from version 14.6.0 by this bug—the deal will give me a free upgrade to version 16 even though I am purchasing almost a month earlier than the 1 February 2019 cutoff date. P.S.: I'm assuming that Retrospect 16.0 will be released sometime in March 2019, since early March has been the usual date for the first release of previous major versions. In case any of you folks have failed to realize it, Retrospect Inc. Engineering is under tremendous pressure to get several "go big or go home" features out of beta. That explains the 15.5 and 15.6.0 "bad releases", and probably the hasty claim that the "Deferred" bug is only a "cosmetic" problem for Retrospect 12.5 and up.
  17. Contrary to what the head of Retrospect Tech Support has said above, the issue that causes a script to appear deferred as of January 1st is definitely not just a cosmetic issue. The deferred scripts, when they run, do not backup "client" machines, only local drives. See this post for the details of a test I did. P.S.: See this post; i turns out that the issue is cosmetic, and fixable with Console 14.6.2, for Retrospect Mac 12.5-14.6—unless you have the -530 Bug problem I had. Sorry for testing that indicated otherwise.
  18. Contrary to what the head of Retrospect Tech Support has said above, the issue that causes a script to appear deferred as of January 1st is definitely not just a cosmetic issue. The deferred scripts, when they run, do not backup "client" machines, only local drives. I did a fairly definitive test last night using my "backup server" Mac Pro, which is a 2010 "cheesegrater" model containing 3 drives. Disregarding the late original owner's inherited "Macintosh HD" HDD (on which I do a Recycle backup once a week in case one of his students wants to work with the contents), there is the "Macintosh HD New" HDD—a boot drive containing the Retrospect Mac 14.6.0 Engine and Console—which I have not updated to 14.6.2 with the patch, and there is the "Macintosh HD SSD" SSD—a boot drive onto which last Friday evening I copied the contents of "Macintosh HD New" and then installed the Retrospect Mac Engine and Console. The scripts on both drives use the same Media Sets, stored in the default Catalogs folder on "Macintosh HD New". Last night, having first booted my MacBook Pro "client" machine, I changed System Preferences->Startup Disk to make the Mac Pro boot from "Macintosh HD New" and restarted. I immediately Paused the "NoOp MBP Sat. Backup" script which had begun to run (two days after it was scheduled), did a Locate of my MBP, and then Stopped the "NoOp MBP Sat. Backup" script; this is the procedure which I have developed to avoid -530 errors for the MBP. The "Sat. Backup" script immediately began to run (two days after it was scheduled), but got -530 errors for both the MBP and my Digital Audio G4 "client" (which I had not bothered to boot) before going on to do a specified Recycle backup of both the local (original owner's) "Macintosh HD" and "Macintosh HD New" HDDs. I then changed System Preferences->Startup Disk to make the Mac Pro boot from "Macintosh HD SSD" and restarted. I immediately Paused the "NoOp Sun.-Fri. Backup" script which had begun to run (3.5 hours after it was scheduled), did a Locate of my MBP, and then Stopped the "NoOp Sun.-Fri. Backup" script. The "Sun.-Fri. Backup" script immediately began to run (3.5 hours after it was scheduled), and ran OK—although it did a Recycle backup of the MBP rather than the specified No Media Action backup. The 4 paragraphs above are copied from a Support Case I have just submitted, slightly edited to underline words that had to be given leading and trailing underscores in the Support Case system—which does not allow rich text. My results are consistent with what boegly reported here, which is that "It appears to not be cosmetic. No scripts are running. I have a number of clients using this version." In the OP for that thread, boegly says his/her clients are running "Version 14.6.1 on MacOS 10.12.6". P.S.: See this post below; i turns out that the issue is cosmetic, and fixable with Console 14.6.2, for Retrospect Mac 12.5-14.6—unless you have the -530 Bug problem I had. Sorry for testing that indicated otherwise.
  19. oslomike, Here's why and how to file a Support Case. In the Support Case I already filed on this bug, which Retrospect Tech Support claims is "cosmetic", I included a link to your previous post in this thread. However having you independently file a Support Case should help persuade R.T.S. to do further testing.
  20. seanbreilly, I see the last sentence in the first substantial paragraph of my previous post was too subtle for you (a sin of which I have rarely been accused ). Go duplicate your Original Post in a thread on the Windows Products-Retrospect > Professional forum. You'll get no further help from me—or probably anyone else—on this Forum. That's because, although the underlying code for Retrospect Windows and Retrospect Mac are essentially the same, the User Interface and terminology of the two variants have been different since early 2009. If you don't believe me, read the last sentence in the third paragraph of this section of the Wikipedia article. Let me be still more non-subtle by repeating: Go duplicate your Original Post in a thread on the Windows Products-Retrospect > Professional forum. If you want to add your post at the end of this existing thread in that Forum, that'll be OK. P.S.: As a Retrospect Mac administrator, I couldn't resist making parting suggestions after reading the Retrospect Windows 15 User's Guide: Try saving a Selector by creating a stand-alone browser window per pages 424-427, selecting C:\Seantest in that window, and then saving that selection as a exclusion Selector per pages 441-442. When you duplicate your Original Post in a thread on the Windows Products-Retrospect > Professional forum, really attach the screenshot(s)—which you didn't manage to do in your first post in this thread. Make lots of screenshots to be attached, including the stand-alone browser window as well as whatever selector(s) you are using—and anything else you might deem relevant to solving the problem. I did a Forums search for ""C:" Windows selector" (without the outer quotemarks) specifying all search terms, but all the relevant old posts referred to "Windows path matches pattern"—which doesn't seem to exist in modern versions of Retrospect Windows; in your duplicated OP ask which of the Windows Selector Conditions on page 437 replaces it. If suggestion 1. doesn't work, try following the instructions in this 2015 Windows-Products Retrospect > Professional post—noting that the third condition on pages 444-445 of the User's Guide describes and shows the Universal Name dialogs referred to in that post. Consider ANDing that condition with a Volume Name (Universal) condition, as described on page 437—note that it's not the drive letter. See the top—not the bottom—of this post by a Retrospect Windows administrator—using Windows 10 Pro and the latest version of Retrospect—who has excluded a particular Windows directory, no doubt using the Path (Windows) condition on page 437 of the UG.
  21. oslomike, Given that you still can't get your scripts to run, there's no point in your digging deeper. You're going to have to spend some money "upgrading" to a version of Retrospect Mac that doesn't have this Console bug. (I have never worked for Retrospect Inc., or its predecessor companies; I'm just repeating that sad fact to a fellow administrator.) Right now the only version you can "upgrade" to is Retrospect Mac 15. That will be charged at the full purchase price, not at the upgrade price, because your version of Retrospect Mac is older than version 14. Maybe you can talk someone at Retrospect Sales into giving you the upgrade price for the license of whatever Edition you need. I've also submitted a Support Request, suggesting that Retrospect Inc. offer everybody with Retrospect Mac 11 or earlier a cheap price for an upgrade to the appropriate Edition of Retrospect 12.5. If you had that, then—with the free upgrade to a new version of the Retrospect Mac 14.6 Console offered in this Knowledge Base article—your scripts would start running again. But you'd need a license code for Retrospect Mac 12.5, because the license code for Retrospect Mac 8 won't work for the Retrospect Mac 12.5 Engine. BTW, if "digging deeper" means looking at buying a different Macintosh client-server backup application, I predict you won't be happy with what you find. AFAIK the only other two such applications (whose names I can't mention on these Forums) that can run their "backup server" on a Mac are much more expensive.
  22. seanbreilly, Welcome back to the Forums after more than 6 years! At first I thought you were a time traveler from the "oughties" still currently using Retrospect 6—presumably on an ancient PowerPC Macintosh, rather than the usual poster to this Forum trying to recover ancient files backed up on an ancient tape drive attached to an ancient PowerPC Mac. Then I realized from your mentions of "C: drive" that you are actually using Retrospect Windows, but found this thread without realizing that it is on a Forum for users of a very old version of Retrospect Macintosh. I then did a Forums search on "exclude folder directory", omitting the surrounding quotemarks and specifying "All of my search term words". Here's the next-to-last post on the subject in the Windows Products > Retrospect > Professional forum. Note that it is from 2015; you will probably find it helpful to read the entire thread of which it is a part. When making an additional post in that thread, be sure to mention your Retrospect version and Windows version.
  23. DavidHertzberg

    2019 Defer Issue

    A couple of administrators running versions of Retrospect Mac older than 12.5 have reported on this Forum that their scripts have stopped running starting in January 2019. So I have two questions: For versions of Retrospect Mac older than 12.5, is it true—as the Knowledge Base article states—that "This issue is cosmetic. It does not affect Retrospect’s backups."? If it isn't true, can those administrators upgrade to Retrospect Mac 12.5 for less than the price of upgrading to Retrospect Mac 15.6.1? P.S.: I've submitted a Support Case proposing that the answer to Question 2 above be Yes. Tech Support marked that Case Closed.
  24. If you want to try that, go ahead. I suggested trying to delete the schedules for your existing scripts, not the scripts themselves. However if you can't even delete the scripts, it sounds as if Retrospect Mac 8 has been permanently disabled by a bug caused by the year changing to 2019. Again, to avoid repeating myself, I suggest you read this post for my suggestions on your two possible courses of action. In case you don't know, to read a blue-underlined link in one Forums post to another post, run your mouse pointer over the blue-underlined words; your mouse pointer icon should turn into a hand with a pointing finger, and you "click the mouse" to follow the link.
  25. oslomike, You're not going to get a response from the head of Retrospect Technical Support by posting here. He lost his phone-answering assistant over a year ago, and is ordinarily too busy to look at these Forums. His post above yours is one of several extraordinary ones, made because several administrators running older versions of Retrospect Mac are reporting this problem. His statement that "no backups should fail to run because of this issue" may only apply to Retrospect Mac 12.5 to 14.6, or it may be entirely wrong. However you could try deleting the schedules for all your scripts, and adding new ones. Please let us know how that works out. If that doesn't work, please read this post to find a suggestion by me.