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  1. DavidHertzberg

    Amount of data not equal

    pronto, I found a thread in the recent-versions Retrospect Mac forum, ending with this post by a Retrospect Inc. employee. Copy Media Set is the Retrospect Mac equivalent of Transfer Backup Sets (this table had the terminology for the Retrospect Mac equivalents of Transfer Snapshots and Transfer Backup Sets reversed; I've just fixed it). Based on that post and preceding posts in its thread, if you are using the Recycle source Backup Set after successful transfer option (described most fully on page 372 of the Retrospect Windows 12 User's Guide) it might be a good idea to stop using it. Here's why and how to file a Support Case; Retrospect Tech Support almost certainly has someone who knows the German-language version.
  2. DavidHertzberg

    Amount of data not equal

    pronto, First, I hate to sound like a broken phonograph record, but what numeric version of Retrospect Windows are you running, and what version of Windows and/or Linux are your "backup server" and "clients" running? Second, how are you doing "transfer data between a disk backup set and a tape backup set"? Is it with a series of Transfer Snapshots script runs (pp. 210-217 of the Retrospect Windows 15 UG), or is it with a Transfer Backup Sets script run (pp. 206-210)? If it is with a series of Transfer Snapshots script runs, is there something special about when "the entire folder Bilder_1121'" should have been transferred? Or whether, with either type of Transfer, you have a a Selector that would have prevented the transfer? Please remember, in posting examples, that most people on these Forums don't understand German—so include some English interpretation.
  3. DavidHertzberg

    Execution Incomplete - how to fix

    addimoore, You misunderstand; "the June 13 update" does not have anything to do with a Microsoft Windows update, but with an updated version of Retrospect Windows. Since you say you are still running Retrospect Professional 7.7.620, you might try what hevanw reports worked for him/her here, which is "disabling the 'Save space and download files as you use them' setting" plus "disabling OneDrive altogether (Unlink PC/account and then remove the entire OneDrive folder) and then linking my account again which then again downloaded all files". If that doesn't work, you may have to take the financially-painful step of upgrading to Retrospect Windows 15—plus what MrMikeH reports doing here.
  4. DavidHertzberg

    Execution Incomplete - how to fix

    addimoore, There's a whole thread on this Forum related to a problem with the Windows April 2018 Update. This post, on page 4, may be a good starting point for your reading—forwards or backwards to this post. The "June 13 update" the page 4 post refers to is bug fix #7445 in Retrospect Windows, as mentioned at the top of these cumulative Release Notes.
  5. DavidHertzberg

    Replicate Onsite Backup to the Cloud

    kbisignani, You will probably want to look at this Knowledge Base article, for what it's worth. I did a Forums search, but there's nothing worth looking at except this answer I gave to an administrator who was having trouble restoring from Google Cloud Nearline—and I pointed him to the same KB article. P.S.: Ah, but there's always Wikipedia—specifically the last paragraph of this article section.
  6. DavidHertzberg

    Copying a retrospect hard disk backup

    capun, I just realized that you may be mentally back in the "oughties". You posted here in 2012 "I have Retrospect Pro 7.7"; has that changed? Also where can one find 4GB drives these days; do you instead mean 4TB drives? But what also just occurred to me is that you may be using File Backup Sets instead of Disk Backup Sets. Disk Backup Sets were introduced in Retrospect Windows 7.5; their advantages are described here on pages 37-38. But maybe Disk Backup Sets still had bugs in Retrospect Windows 7.7, which would explain why you might be still using File Backup Sets. As to "I haven't had good luck with drives over 4GB", I have a faint recollection that there used to be some size limitation on File Backup Sets. Here's a 2002 post that may shed some light on that, especially if you really means 4GB.
  7. DavidHertzberg

    ADMIN GUIDE: Hints for success with Disaster Recovery

    This is wonderful, Mr Pete! I strongly urge you to create a Support Case linking to your post above, suggesting as a Documentation product improvement that the post be turned into a Knowledge Base article. Here's why and how to do that. I suggest that your Support Case link to the post, rather than trying to copy the post as an "Additional" Note. That is for two reasons: [1] Retrospect Inc.'s Support Case software limits each Additional Note to about 2000 bytes, so you'd have to create a new Additional Note for each 15-20 lines. [2] The Support Case software has no capability for bolding, underlining, or italicizing text; when I write an Additional Note for a Support Case, I have to make do with underscore characters on each end of a word I want to emphasize. Again, thanks a lot!
  8. DavidHertzberg

    Cloud: no snapshot found

    insont/Martin, I mentioned 7 March 2018 because that's when I thought Retrospect 15 was announced (it was actually 6 March); x.0 major versions of Retrospect are generally announced in early March, with x.5 minor versions (which sometimes have added features) in early September. Wasabi support–you fast-Internet transAtlantic frugal person (insert appropriate smiley here; Wasabi only has datacenters in the U.S.)—was added in Retrospect Mac 14. Wasabi is supposed to be AWS-S3-compatible, but maybe there is an uncaught Retrospect bug related to using it. Please do us all a favor and file a Support case—here's why and how. Maybe you'll hear a great sound across the Atlantic, resulting from an engineer's slapping his/her forehead in Walnut Creek CA, by early September instead of early next year.
  9. DavidHertzberg

    Cloud: no snapshot found

    insont, You left out two very important pieces of information: What version of Retrospect Mac were you using last year through about 7 March of 2018, and what version are you using now? The bug might have been fixed in Retrospect 15, although there is no mention of it in the cumulative Release Notes. OTOH you might have been using Retrospect Mac 11.0 or older, since Retrospect Mac 11.5 fixed bug #5082. There is also the possibility that, since you are located in exotic Sweden, you had a non-ASCII character in your Wasabi cloud media set name, causing the problem fixed in bug #6096 for certain providers in Retrospect Mac 13.0.1.
  10. This post says "... machines running Mac OS 10.10; we have Client 6.3.029 running on them, and only certain folders are backed up, not the entire boot drive and operating system." However I forgot to mention that, if you want to upgrade to a newer-version Retrospect Server that will backup "clients" running the 6.3.029 Client, you've got until early March of next year to do it. After that this Knowledge Base announcement, , entitled "Support End-of-Life Announcement for Mac OS X 10.3, 10.4, and 10.5", will be in effect with Retrospect Mac 16.
  11. I have for several years been doing what it says in this old post, but now using the Desktop Edition of Retrospect Mac 14.6.0 on the Mac Pro "backup server"—which is running under macOS 10.12.6. In fact since yesterday I have been doing the same thing using a test-build of Retrospect Mac 15.1.1, supplied to me by Tech Support so that I can help pinpoint the -530 Bugs. One "client" is a MacBook Pro running the latest production Client (14.6.0 until yesterday, now 15.1.0). The other "client" is still a Digital Audio G4 running the 6.3.029 Client under OS X 10.3.9; as stated in the linked-to post, I have to change that Client's switch from Off to On. Once a week I also back up a an additional local drive on the Mac Pro that belonged to my late friend; I've left it as is with OSX 10.6—although I rarely boot from it, because my friend used a lot of PowerPC applications. As the head of Retrospect Tech Support states here, you shouldn't be using Client 6.3.029 to backup "clients" booting under anything past OS X 10.4. OTOH a year ago I did some older-version-of-application selective Restores on my Digital Audio G4, both to its OS X 10.3.9 boot drive and to one of the OS 9 drives also installed on that "client".
  12. DavidHertzberg

    Shut Down Computers Automatically

    Not any more there isn't. There was an option to shut down a client after completing a backup; that option is described on page 228 of the Retrospect Mac 14 User's Guide, in the "Legacy Client" appendix. However it is not shown in the screenshot on that page, and the description refers to the Special Menu, so I think it is only available if the Client is running on an OS 9 machine.
  13. DavidHertzberg

    No more instant scan on MacOS?

    suyashdruva says in the last 21 May 2018 post in that Apple Developer Forums thread "I observe case and normalization are preserved for operation other than delete. So why behavior is different for file/folder delete event? It seems while accumulating events, paths are getting normalized except this case." CrashPlan had (and evidently still has) a File System Scan that was scheduled to run by default at 3 a.m., because it "Requires more resources". CrashPlan used to use Spotlight instead of FSEvents—which Retrospect uses, so that section of the page used to say "Spotlight does not report deleted files in real-time, so CrashPlan only detects deleted files during the scheduled scan". Maybe Retrospect will have to adopt the same approach. P.S.: insont got in his immediately-preceding post while I was researching the second paragraph for this one. I think what I've just said still is applicable. P.P.S.: For the masochists and/or frustrated systems programmers among you, here's an applicable blog post—with comments—on APFS filename normalization.
  14. This over here is the new thread. Since it contains much more current information, let's use it.
  15. DavidHertzberg

    No more instant scan on MacOS?

    The OP in the 21 May Apple Developer Forums thread I linked to in this previous post used the "handle" "suyashdruva", so I just did a little Googling for "suyash druva". It appears that his name is Suyash Singh, and he works for a company named Druva. And a look at an overview video on Druva.com confirms they have product(s) that do AWS cloud backups including for "endpoints". Reading some of the references in this section of the Wikipedia "Backup" article has made me aware that "endpoint" is industry slang for end user devices such as PCs, laptops and mobile phones. And that would include Macs, so the APFS problem insont/martin reports sounds as if it's Mac-backup-industry-wide and not just limited to Retrospect. So "Walnut Creek, we have a problem"; sorry for my initial skepticism, Martin. BTW, even the newest of my 3 Macs is on macOS 10.12.6, and they use good old HFS+. So I'll let Instant Scan continue to shorten my daily incremental backups of one Mac by 8-10 minutes.