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  1. DavidHertzberg

    Several Issues with mac Clients

    For those who were wondering what post Pesetus was responding to, it was one of mine that it turns out Big Brother has deleted. The horrifying content 🙄 of that post which B.B., otherwise known as the head of Retrospect Tech Support, evidently objected to was my merely having repeated what another administrator said about European Retrospect Tech Support in the first paragraph of this post in another thread nearly two years ago. IIRC I advised Pesetus to contact U.S. Tech Support, which evidently he/she has done. So Big Brother is indeed watching you on these Forums, or at least is watching me. I could suggest better uses of his time.
  2. jhg, Here's a SuperUser.com thread on how to kill a task at a scheduled time. Disclaimer: My only experience administrating Retrospect Windows was a Windows 95 Client on a Mac 6.1 Engine from 2001-2004. 🤣 Here's another SuperUser.com thread on how to kill a task in general from a command script.. P.S.: As I said ending the second paragraph of this post in another thread, if my prediction is correct you'll be able to leave a GUI-less Retrospect.exe running constantly—mostly using virtual memory when not executing backup or restore tasks—so your daily e-mail report will be created at 7 a.m. with no effort. P.P.S.: BTW e-mailing of the daily backup report was added to Retrospect Windows 12.5 (so you're not still running 7.5 😀)and to Retrospect Mac 14.5, but with absolutely no documentation. Even this Knowledge Base article, updated in December 2019, uses screenshots from before the Preference was added.
  3. jhg, You probably know this, but here's how and why to submit a Support Case for a feature request. However IMHO Retrospect Launcher—which you refer to by its ancient name of retrorun—is going to disappear from Retrospect Windows 17 (you're surely not really still running Retrospect Windows 7.5 as your Profile says?), as it did from Retrospect Mac 8.0 in 2009, in March or August 2020. I've discussed that prediction starting with this post in another thread. If I'm correct, there's no way your feature request will be implemented by Retrospect engineering. Later on in that thread, Nigel Smith suggested using Windows Task Scheduler—for which a basic guide can be found in this Digital Citizen article. Disclaimer: I'm a Retrospect Mac administrator, and I haven't used Windows since I chose to retire from my last job—where I was using Windows 95 for all but the last 5 months—in mid-2004. So I don't know how you would schedule a kill of Retrospect.exe after it has sent the daily backup report, say at 7:05 a.m.. Maybe someone else on the Forums has a suggestion, or maybe you'll have to research that yourself.
  4. DavidHertzberg

    Stop "catchup" backups after starting Windows 10

    I briefly considered Windows Task Scheduler, but thought rbratton might not be knowledgeable enough about it—which was stupid of me since he/she is a software developer. In a prior thread NoelC wondered why the Retrospect developers hadn't included "easy integration with Windows Task Scheduler just by setting the right options in the Retrospect UI"; my answer in a post in that thread—whose first paragraph links to an article describing how to use that modern Windows facility—was that doing so would have seemed a bit premature in 2013. Maybe rbratton should write a Support Case for such a product enhancement—per this boilerplate post, for Retrospect engineering to implement assuming Retrospect Launcher will disappear in Retrospect Windows 17. If rbratton chooses to setup a Windows Task Scheduler task that launches Retrospect early Sunday or Monday mornings, he/she should simply pre-write unscheduled Retrospect Backup scripts —so that he/she can Run them in my predicted Retrospect Windows 17 R.-Mac-like GUI after having worked on a Saturday or Sunday. That would ensure that there are no Retrospect tasks to cancel later on Mondays. He/she can test this currently with run documents. Here's a Knowledge Base article on writing Retrospect script hooks, in case rbratton chooses to follow the suggestion in Nigel Smith's second paragraph. AFAICT script hooks automatically apply to all Retrospect scripts—meaning running any script while Nigel-hooked would end with a machine shutdown.
  5. DavidHertzberg

    Stop "catchup" backups after starting Windows 10

    Nigel Smith, You're correct in the immediately-above post, but to "schedule Proactive to run only for certain hours of the day" requires that the "backup server" be already running to act on that schedule. For the next few months, that can be done via the Retrospect Launcher. But, as I said in the second paragraph of the same post you quote, "Retrospect 'Inc.' AFAICT intends getting rid of Retrospect Launcher in Retrospect Windows 17". That would mean that as of March or August of 2020 rbratton's "backup server" machine would have to either be constantly running the GUI-less Retrospect Engine whenever it is booted, or rbratton would have to remember to start the Engine each midnight—a reversion from what he is going to do. I think the second alternative might be more burdensome than the only-on-most-Mondays cancellation procedure I described in the second paragraph of this post, which is applicable to regular Backup scripts. The first alternative would, of course, also work with Backup scripts individually scheduled to run only at certain hours. We'll see in a few months—but see the next two posts.
  6. DavidHertzberg

    Stop "catchup" backups after starting Windows 10

    rbratton, Cheer up; even if my informed guess about Retrospect engineering plans to switch Retrospect Windows 17 to a Launcher-less Retrospect-Mac-like interface proves correct, you will have the following two options: The first option is the equivalent of your current solution. First, change your Sat.-Sun. backup scripts to both use the same execution unit (see page 272 of the Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide), and change the scheduled time of those Sat.-Sun. scripts that backup your "backup server" machine to 5 minutes after those Sat.-Sun. scripts that backup your "client" machine. Then, on every Monday following a weekend on which you have not worked both Saturday and Sunday, boot your "backup server" machine first. Immediately, before you boot your "client" machine, start the Retrospect Engine and the Retrospect Console on your "backup server" and cancel every Backup activity awaiting execution. The Backup activity that has already started should be trying to back up your "client" machine; it will fail by itself because your "client" machine—not having yet been booted—is not yet visible on your LAN. After you have done the necessary cancellations, you can boot your "client" machine, By then no Sat.-Sun. Backup activities should be executing or awaiting execution, so you can leave the Retrospect Engine running on your "backup server" machine—where it will be using mostly virtual memory until the scheduled time for your midnight-Tuesday-morning Backups of your Monday work ( you can quit the Retrospect Console, restarting it to monitor those Tuesday-morning Backups). The second option is the equivalent of the one I said in a post above I personally would prefer. First, create scripts for Sat.-Sun. backups of your "backup server" and "client" machines, but do not schedule them. Then, on every Saturday or Sunday you work, when you have finished work simply start the Retrospect Console and Run those scripts using the appropriate Backup Set destination. When the Console shows those scripts have finished execution, you can shut down both machines. If you want, you can instead create a single two-Source script that does a Backup of both machines. I predict you'll like the new Retrospect Windows GUI after you get used to it. Based on the current Retrospect Mac 16 User's Guide, the Retrospect Windows 17.x User's Guide will be half—less than 300 pages—the length of the Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide.
  7. DavidHertzberg

    Stop "catchup" backups after starting Windows 10

    rbratton, I had thought about what Nigel Smith says in the first paragraph of his post directly above. However I assume that you are bothered by the additional scanning time for regular backups that follow "catchup" backups, even if the backups are incremental. Moreover I'm not sure his second-paragraph suggestion of Proactive is applicable, because Proactive (which I don't use) assumes a dedicated "backup server" machine that is "always here" whenever the "client" machine is "sometimes here"—which (as Nigel Smith recognizes in his third paragraph) is not the situation described in your OP. Unfortunately your current solution will IMHO become impossible as of March or August 2020 (maybe with a month's delay if Retrospect engineering gets overwhelmed by other StorCentric-dictated enhancements). That is because, per this post in another thread (second sentence in P.P.S.), Retrospect "Inc." AFAICT intends getting rid of Retrospect Launcher in Retrospect Windows 17—as they did with retrorun (its old name) in Retrospect Mac 8.0 in early 2009. The Retrospect Mac 16 User's Guide describes no general Schedule Preferences equivalent to what is on pages 397-399 of the Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide. Those Schedule Preferences are dependent on the Startup Preferences described on page 401, which affect the behavior of Retrospect Launcher—if the first checkbox in Startup Preferences is checked to enable Retrospect Launcher. This post is part of another thread that discusses the woes of using Retrospect Launcher in Retrospect Windows; and the post's P.S. says "And now that my [Retrospect Mac] backup script has finished running, the combination of Retrospect Engine and Retrospect Console has dropped to 250MB real memory. IMHO derek500's [Retrospect Windows] installation ought to be able to afford reserving that continuously." And in Retrospect Mac one can stop and start the GUI Console while the Engine continues to run.
  8. DavidHertzberg

    Stop "catchup" backups after starting Windows 10

    rbratton,Page 398 of the Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide says "Schedule lets you define a window during which scripts are allowed to execute." So the result of your experiment is exactly what I would have predicted, if I had had time to post. If you prefer to remember on most Monday mornings to delete the "catchup" backups that have been scheduled but not yet executed, that's up to you. If I were you, I'd prefer to remember on a few Sunday or Monday mornings to execute a pre-prepared run document. Different strokes for different folks.
  9. DavidHertzberg

    Stop "catchup" backups after starting Windows 10

    rbratton, Sorry, but I read "the other runs MTWTF at 2AM" in your previous post as meaning you normally run what you call your "MTWTF" script at 2 a.m. on Monday through Friday. I now think you mean "MTWTF" as referring to the days you did the work that is backed up, not the days the script is actually run. Thus you actually run the "MTWTF" script at 2 a.m. on Tuesday through Saturday, even though it is backing up work you did Monday through Friday. Assuming that what I wrote in the paragraph above is correct, I hereby absolve you from the charge of not backing up your Friday work until the following Monday. So you are indeed professional enough to use Retrospect; you're just not always the most professional tech writer. It's good to hear you're using a version control system promptly. Making that same assumption, your "Weekend" script is actually scheduled for Sunday and Monday at 2 a.m.. But maybe your "Weekday" script is also scheduled for 2 a.m. on Monday, not just Tuesday through Saturday. If so it ran yesterday—Monday—right after the "Weekend" script ran when it was unable to run on Sunday or Monday at 2 a.m.. Or something along those lines.
  10. DavidHertzberg

    Stop "catchup" backups after starting Windows 10

    rbratton, You work in remote software development, but you don't normally back up work you do on Friday until the following Monday (assuming you're not working a Transylvanian schedule)? 😮 Please PM me your employer's company name, so that I can short-sell the stock. 🤣 My 7-days-a-week backups are scheduled for 3:05 a.m., but I boot my MacBook Pro "client" and then my "backup server" whenever my BPH wakes me up after that time—and let the backup run while I do my teeth. IMHO you're not professional enough to be using Retrospect; you should instead be using a Windows backup program that does near-continuous backup. That's why Retrospect doesn't have the feature you want. However, if you persist, I suggest creating one or more run documents (pages 236-238 of the Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide). Then, if you work on a Saturday or Sunday, just use a run document to start the appropriate Backup script after you've finishing working.
  11. DavidHertzberg

    Stop "catchup" backups after starting Windows 10

    rbratton, I originally got the idea for the "sacrificial" script from this 2016 post by hgv. He/she wrote "This suggests there's an issue with Retrospect daemon being initiated too soon at startup. This is particularly annoying to me because my backup computer is restarted daily. As a workaround I created a launchd script to do a 60 seconds delayed stop/restart of both daemons at startup. The problem seems to have disappeared." I don't know enough about macOS to write a launchd script, so I came up with the "sacrificial" Retrospect script instead. I noticed, in re-reading that thread, that I originally scheduled my "sacrificial" script 10 minutes before the real script. That was sufficient to nullify the effect of the -530 error for the "sacrificial" script then. I still schedule "sacrificial" scripts 5 minutes before my real Backup scripts, but—since I changed to using Add Source Directly (the Retrospect Windows equivalent is Direct Access Method)—I'm no longer getting any -530 errors on the "sacrificial" scripts even when I boot my "backup server" machine (with my MacBook Pro "client" machine already booted) several hours after their scheduled 3 a.m. start time. Wikipedia says launchd is "an init and operating system service management daemon created by Apple Inc. as part of macOS to replace its BSD-style init and SystemStarter". If, instead of a "sacrificial" Retrospect script, you want to write the equivalent of a launchd script for Windows, I have no idea how to do that—but it would probably have to do a delayed stop/restart lasting more than 60 seconds.
  12. DavidHertzberg

    Stop "catchup" backups after starting Windows 10

    rbratton, To solve the first problem in your OP, just duplicate your 2 a.m.-scheduled script. Have one script scheduled only for Mon.-Fri., and the other script scheduled only for Sat.-Sun.. If your computers are shut down on Sat.-Sun., the second script won't run that week—but the first script will run Mon.-Fri.. To solve the second problem in your OP—if the above paragraph doesn't eliminate it, precede your "real" Monday execution of the first copy of the script with a "sacrificial" script scheduled for 1:55 a.m. Monday. This will be an exact duplicate of the "real" script, but with the No Files Selector; Selectors, including Built-In ones, are documented on pages 435-437 of the Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide. I've used a "sacrificial" script for years to bypass Retrospect Mac Engine startup delays; if the "sacrificial" script runs before the LAN is active, as x509 says, the "sacrificial" script fails at 1:59 but the "real" script" runs.
  13. oleksiak, This sounds like a problem I had in July 2017 (note to self: see Support Case #56419) when I experimentally upgraded my MacBook Pro from the Mac 14.0 Client to the Mac 14.1 Client. When I re-Added the MBP as a "client" on Retrospect Mac 14, it began doing scripted Backup activities having the MBP as a Source so as to automatically include what I will call 3 Apple-created "hidden duplicate volumes" on the MBP—for which it got -1101 errors because the Engine couldn't see the "hidden duplicate volumes" on Backup script runs. I discovered that there is now a Volumes dropdown in Sources->Options that specifies which volumes on a "client" should be backed up. The dropdown defaults to All Volumes; I found I had to change the dropdown to Startup Volume to eliminate the "hidden duplicate volumes" (which are not shown with a disclosure triangle). The Volumes dropdown is documented on page 40 of the Retrospect Mac 16 User's Guide,. Try changing the Options->Volumes dropdown in your Sources definition of your Linux "client" machine to Startup Volume—you may need to do a Sources Remove and re-Add and then re-checkmark in scripts. I have a hunch that doing so may eliminate Retrospect Mac's trying to back up the Docker container.
  14. As to how the crashing bug report will be treated, read the fifth paragraph in this 2017 post. I have never had ASM, but Tech Support responds to my bug reports; for one bug I was given a test release with enhanced logging—although I didn't get personalized help.
  15. oleksiak, Read the second post in this Windows Linux, Unix and Netware Clients thread. If the CentOS 7—but with FreeBSD kernel (... 11.2 and 12.0 kernels)—is applicable to you, it looks like there was—at least experimentally—some kind of fix for the Retrospect Windows Engine that may not have made it into the Retrospect Mac Engine. OTOH maybe that fix never made it into a later production release of the Retrospect Windows Engine. I'd suggest PM'ing Xenomorph to find out if it did, and then contacting Retrospect Tech Support on that basis. You may also (or instead—in case your OP-described bug was fixed in Engine 16.5 or 16.6) have to get your "it crashes our Linux client on connect" bug fixed for the Retrospect Mac Engine 16.6, though, unless you can get your OP-described bug fixed in an experimental version of instead for 16.6.