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  1. PSA: Wikipedia article on Retrospect going away in current form

    The other night I went through my posts that had "Wikipedia" in them on these Forums, either visibly or in links, using the Search tool. In most cases I just changed the links to point to the appropriate section in the rewritten Wikipedia article; in some cases—where the rewrite had eliminated the appropriate section—I changed the link to point to the appropriate section in the permanent link of the old form of the article. There are a handful of cases that I missed because they didn't have the word "Wikipedia" in them; I'll find those and change them.
  2. How fast are your network backups?

    Rereading dittberner's OP just now, I realized I had misread what he/she is trying to do. His/her virtual machines are not Retrospect clients connected to the "backup server" over TCP/IP, but are instead connected to the "backup server" as SMB shares. Thus his/her situation is closer to what I did today when I ran my Recycle backups of all 6 drives, including 2 drives that are local to my Mac Pro "backup server"—they are inside the "cheesegrater" Mac Pro' s case connected by SATA. For those two drives, the combined backup-compare speeds were 2.423GB/minute and 1.425GB/minute respectively. Considering that according to this Wikipedia article SMB evidently has more overhead than SATA, 4GB/minute seems quite reasonable for Retrospect combined backup-compare speeds on what is almost certainly a faster machine than my 2010 Mac Pro. Note that my first local drive has more data, but fewer files and folders, than my second local drive. Therefore what I said in the first paragraph of the second post in this thread should still apply in a slightly-revised formulation; traversal of multiple files (and folders) on the Source drive—on whatever computer the Source drive is attached to—seems to be the factor that limits the speed of backups.
  3. Multiple backup streams from one network volume?

    In responding to another thread that involved Subvolumes, I noticed that page 444 of the Retrospect Windows 12 User's Guide says "Subvolumes are considered part of their parent volume when performing multiple executions. For example, you cannot back up subvolumes belonging to the same volume concurrently. If you attempt to do so, Retrospect will back up the volumes consecutively." Therefore the approach I suggested in this post simply would not allow backups from multiple Subvolumes on the same disk Volume to overlap . However the approach I suggested in this post is still perfectly OK; separate Verification scripts were added to Retrospect specifically in order to speedup individual client backups during an installation's "backup window" so that more clients can be backed up. Sorry not to have checked the UG, and sorry if jeff-p—or anyone else—wasted time on the first approach I suggested.
  4. Catalog Files on a NAS

    On second thought this smells like an account permissions problem (I only administrate a home LAN without any inter-person security complications), given that haggis999 reports in this post that he/she can run the problematic script manually and run other scripts that backup to the same drive. IMHO haggis999 should read this Knowledge Base article again, paying special attention to the numbered items at the start of the article and to the "Retrospect 6.5 and Later" section at the end of the article. The Retrospect Windows 12 equivalent to the procedures in that section starts on page 419 of the UG, headed "Run Retrospect as...". Haggis999 may have to recreate the problematic script logged-in under an account that corresponds to the account for the Subvolume.
  5. Catalog Files on a NAS

    It sounds to me as if haggis999 should define \My Pictures as a Subvolume on \\PRIMARYNAS\Backup. The procedure to do that starts under "Subvolumes" on page 444 of the Retrospect Windows 12 User's Guide. Since that is only 3 pages after the procedure I mentioned in this post (gosh, how I miss the post #s that used to be in the old IPS Community version of the Forums software), I imagine creating a Subvolume is a variant on that procedure. haggis999 should then change his/her script to put the Subvolume into the Backup Set. As an experiment a few months ago, I created a Favorite Folder (the Retrospect Mac name for Subvolume) on a local drive, and ran a script backing it up. However I have never tried using a Favorite Folder as a Destination for a backup, although I understand from the Retrospect Mac 14 UG that it can be done.
  6. Catalog Files on a NAS

    Haggis999 has now been a victim of one of the many foul-ups in recent editions of the Retrospect Windows User's Guide. When DovidBenAvraham and I researched it for the old version of the Wikipedia article, the only mention of the WebDAV protocol for cloud backup (still supported in the latest version of Retrospect, although AFAIK AWS-S3-compatible cloud backup was added in Retrospect Windows 11 because almost nobody supported WebDAV) was in a Release Note for Retrospect Windows 8. That Release Note mentions UNC, but refers to “To add a network volume to the volumes database” which has never been on the page where the Release Note says it is. It is actually under "My Network Places" on page 441 of the Retrospect Windows 12 UG. It gives a different procedure than Scillonian has posted above, which may be because it is for setting up a Volume instead of a Backup Set, and says in step 4 "You can also click Advanced to specify a UNC path to the volume you want to add." That's the only place, other than the Release Note, where UNC is mentioned in the UG. The procedure Scillonian shows may have recently been added to Retrospect Windows.
  7. Error -1017 (insufficient permissions)

    Then you'll want to look at this thread, although it's talking about unreachable Catalog Files. The third post, by the very-knowledgeable Scillonian, sounds as if it may be your solution.
  8. Error -1017 (insufficient permissions)

    This rings a bell, since something like it came up for my friend DovidBenAvraham, who has been (under pressure from other editors) been updating the Wikipedia article on Retrospect. Try looking at this Knowledge Base article. I also understand (said the Mac administrator sneeringly ) that there have been a number of recent problems relating to the interface of Retrospect to newer versions of Windows 10.
  9. Error -1017 (insufficient permissions)

    This Knowledge Base article may deal with your problem, even though it was written in 2012. On the other hand, there are a number of Forums posts, some as recent as 2016, that may also deal with it. Search for them with the brand-spanking new Forums software by clicking the magnifying-glass icon inside the Search box at the upper-right of the window, one line below the word "Retrospect" on the left-hand side. Type "-1017" into the Search Term box to the right of the magnifying-glass icon; include the surrounding quotes, to avoid finding posts that merely have the number 2017 in them.
  10. Error -106 keeps occurring

    An Advanced Search (click the gear icon at the extreme upper right, on the same line as "IPS Community" on the left) using "-106" (including the quotes, to try to eliminate posts with the number 106) revealed this thread. Lennart Thelander, in post #4 in that thread, may have the answer to JohnW's problem.
  11. No, the spam—written by a new registrant who obviously doesn't speak English and lately seems to always have a Forums name ending in "Snazy"—is clearly trying to get you to click on one of the links at the bottom—and thereby install malware on your computer. As I've pointed out a dozen times when reporting such posts, and even in a Support Request, Retrospect could prevent such posts by not allowing automated registration of people whose e-mail addresses don't match any e-mail address on a prior Retrospect license. But that's too complicated for Walnut Creek (insert appropriate smiley here).
  12. How fast are your network backups?

    2.5 years of experience using Retrospect Mac on my home LAN shows that the main factor limiting speed of networks is the traversal of multiple files in the file system by the client computer. This morning I got a speed of 400MB/min doing a Normal backup of my MacBook Pro client, but yesterday I got a speed of 600MB/min doing the same Normal backup—but of somewhat different files. Last Saturday I did a Recycle backup of the same MacBook Pro, and got a speed (for 36GB over 3 hours) of 200MB/min; my Recycle backups are of everything including cache files. All these speeds are for backup only; I've omitted the speeds of compares. About 6 months ago I had to replace the hard disk drive on my MacBook Pro with an SSD; the backup speeds did not appreciably increase. I therefore conclude that the controlling factor in Retrospect traversal of multiple files is the speed of the client computer's processor(s). It's possible that the speed-limiting file traversal is on the "backup server" side (but see the P.S. below for why I think that unlikely), but my "backup server" for the last 2.5 years has been a 6-processor 2.5 GHz 2010 Mac Pro—with the same USB3 portable drives for my Media Sets. As for LAN speed, my limiting factor is the built-into-the-wall inter-room RG-59 cable between my MacBook Pro and my Mac Pro, which has Actiontec MoCA adapters on each end. The MoCA adapters I have are limited to 270Mbps "raw" = about 1600MB/min "cooked" (I assume 10 bits/byte to allow for 20% TCP/IP overhead). That's obviously a lot faster than the backup speeds I'm getting, which never seem to go much above 600MB/min on an instantaneous basis. The Cat5 cable between my bedroom MoCA adapter and my Mac Pro might in fact be limited to 100Mbps by the fact that it was attached around 3 sides of the bedroom wall in 1998 by a local contractor using—fairly carefully—metal brads he had brought with him (he didn't know he was going to have to string Cat5 cable along walls), but I'm not about to buy and string new Cat5e cable (especially since on one occasion I did a bypass by running a Cat5 cable directly from the MoCA adapter to the Mac Pro, and it didn't speed up the backup). I could buy replacement gigabit MoCA adapters for a total of US$150, but I'm reluctant to spend the money since I'm not sure they would make much of a difference. dittberner may want to read this 2013 thread, in which post #2 by the very-knowledgeable Lennart Thelander shows speed results rather similar to mine. P.S.: I knew there was a further reason that I ruled out file traversal on the "backup server" as the speed-limiting factor, and I have now remembered what it was. Back in June 2015, before I spent a substantial amount of money upgrading my (inherited from a dead friend) Mac Pro's hardware and software to be my "backup server", I ran a feasibility test using the hardware and software I already owned. I ran a Recycle backup of my MacBook Pro using my ex-wife's 733MHz Digital Audio G4 as the "backup server", SCSI-cabled to my old DAT tape drive for a Backup Set (the old term for Media Set), and running my old copy of Retrospect Mac 6.1. The backup part of the test ran at 170MB/min, which is almost as fast as the 200MB/min in last Saturday's Recycle backup of my MacBook Pro—which used a 2.5GHz Mac Pro as the "backup server" hardware and Retrospect Mac 14.0 as the "backup server" software. The test was run over the same LAN I have now, except that my Ethernet switches were then only 100Mbps instead of 1gigabit/sec.
  13. Is a Recycle required now and then ?

    If hevanw is worried about portions of his/her local Backup Sets going bad on disk, he/she should consider running an occasional Verification script. That is described starting on page 230 of the Retrospect Windows 12 User's Guide. Note that the fourth paragraph on page 230 says "In certain circumstances, Retrospect does not have access to MD5 digests generated during backup. This is true for all backups created using versions of Retrospect prior to Retrospect 12.0, as well as backups that took place when Retrospect’s 'Generate MD5 digests during backup operations' preference was disabled." dzeleznik has been doing this regularly, and about 2 months ago reported errors in this thread. As reported in post #8 of that thread, some of dzeleznik's Verification errors turned out to be real. However iCompute, whose Retrospect Mac thread is linked to in post #2 of that thread, reported that his Verification errors turned out to be false. There is some discussion in dzeleznik's thread of a fix to bug #6668, and whether it broke some things in the process of fixing others. If one of hevanw's Verification runs reports a problem with a backed-up file, he/she should be able to Restore the file from his cloud Backup Set. Retrospect Inc. has informed us that backups to cloud Members of Cloud Media Sets are always error-free, and therefore we should turn off the Verify option on such scripts to save time and processing—for which the cloud provider will likely charge. There was a complaint by jhg, for which I have now found my last post in that thread, that his/her Verification run was reporting errors in messages that did not include the file name—which meant he/she didn't know which file(s) to Restore from an off-site backup. There was a bug fix in Retrospect Windows 12.1 related to this. P.S.: It is of course possible for one of hevanw's Catalog Files to go bad, since these are almost certainly on a local hard disk drive connected to his/her "backup server"—even the Catalog File for his/her Cloud Backup Set. Instructions for doing a Rebuild start on page 480 of the Retrospect Windows 12 UG. I personally have never done a Rebuild of a Catalog File "in anger", probably because I do a Recycle of each of my Backup Sets every 3 weeks. I have done a Rebuild as a test; the important thing is to be able to lay your hands on all the disks in the Backup Set in the proper sequence. I have no idea exactly how to do a Rebuild of a Cloud Backup Set whose Member is in the cloud. P.P.S.: Using Advanced Search on posts with my name, found the post—mentioned in the third paragraph of this thread—in a thread starting with the complaint that jhg's Verification run was reporting errors in messages that did not include the file name—which meant he/she didn't know which file(s) to Restore from an off-site backup. There was a bug fix in Retrospect Windows 12.1; the error message in that thread was "Backup Set format inconsistency".
  14. Partitions in APFS fail with volume error (Retro 14.5.x)

    If you think this is a bug that should be fixed by Retrospect Inc., you will have to submit it as a Support Case. For English speakers, that is done by going here http://www.retrospect.com/en/support/contact, and filling out the form (sorry, I don't know what the equivalent addresses are for non-English speakers, but they can figure it out from their appropriate Retrospect website address). IMHO this is quite reasonable; obliging you to fill out the form provides Retrospect Inc. with useful details about your Retrospect installation that they would otherwise have to query you for. As a result, Retrospect Inc. will pay no attention to your post in this forum. On 12 December 2016, in response to a letter I snail-mailed to Mayoff, I received an e-mail through a Mayoff account that was signed by JG Heithcock, CEO, Retrospect, Inc. http://www.retrospect.com/en/about#exec. In it he says "From reading your letter, I think the main issue is that you view the forums as a good place to talk to us, Retrospect, Inc. But we view the audience of the forums as restricted to our customers [my emphasis]. The one caveat we have made on that is for feature requests, largely as we would like to see if other customers also agree on the desirability and feature set for these requests." That means that the only audience for "Retrospect bug reports" in this forum will be other administrators of Retrospect. Nevertheless, by posting in this forum you are providing a useful service to us fellow administrator peasants. Thank you. Please be aware that the "description of your issue" in the Support Case form is IME limited to about 2000 characters by the Support Case software. If you go over that limit your "description" will be broken up into a "description" plus one or more "additional notes". The same is true for any additional notes you may later post yourself. I suggest that, to avoid the appearance of choppiness in your Support Case, you create your case in a post in this forum and then copy it paragraph-by-paragraph to your Support Case. Note that, despite the new dialogs in the Retrospect Inc. Support Case system urging you to sign up for Annual Support and Maintenance, Mayoff has verbally assured me that you don't need to be signed up for ASM to report a bug—only to get personal assistance with coping with it. If this post sounds formulaic, that's because I intend it to be. I intend to post it in every new thread that appears in this forum, unless the OP indicates that he/she has or will open a Support Case for the bug that the thread reports. Of course, Mayoff could take 5 minutes of his time to post a slightly-more-polite version of this post as a "sticky thread" that will always appear at the top of the forum. I don't intend to hold my breath until that happens (insert appropriate smiley here).
  15. Is a Recycle required now and then ?

    Why does hevanw need to Recycle his/her local Backup Sets? Is this a holdover from the days of backing up to DVD-RWs? If hevanw Recycles a local Backup Set, what happens if the computer disk drive he/she is using as a Source fails in the midst of the Recycle backup? I happen to Recycle one of my three portable USB3 backup drives each week. But that's because I do 6 Normal backups onto that drive after I've Recycled it and then take it off-site to my bank safe deposit box, not because I think the backup drive has that limited a lifetime. In the one case where I had to Restore a laptop drive from the Backup Set 6 months ago under "combat conditions", the Restore worked fine. Welcome to the wonderful early 21st Century, hevanw. If you want to keep the size of your local Backup Sets below some limit, try Grooming them separately from any Grooming you may do to your Cloud Backup Set.