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  1. I recently made the switch from NTBackup over to my old fav Retrospect, and just this week started experiencing the following problem- For the most part, my backups were running smoothly, aside from some outstanding issues regarding Exchange Agent (see thread in other forum for details, although so far no responses......). This week I had to restore some files from an older backup that had been done with NTBackup. When I went to do it, NTBackup was not seeing the tape drive anymore, I had to inventory it in the Removable Storage MMC first, and then was able to do the restore. However, every night since then, my Retrospect backups fail midway through with the following error: Trouble writing: "media name" (912752640), error -206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc.) Additional error information for device "Seagate DAT DDS-DC" [3:6], Sense > 70 00 03 00 00 00 00 0a 00 00 00 00 03 02 This is a brand new tape drive that was working flawlessly prior to this, and the problem occurs with 2 different, brand-new tapes. I believe its a result of re-inventorying the drive so NTBackup could see it for that restore, does this sound familiar/plausible to anyone, and is there a fix/solution? Paul
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    Differential backup working?

    I did a test run differential not long ago and noticed the same exact issue with the outrageously large file size of the Store. I did NOT have the issue with the mis-reporting of the Store after then doing a full backup, however. And during the differential, despite the huge file size reported, it finished in a time that was more in line with the actual size. Just another data point... Paul
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    I'd like to back up my Exchange 2000 database incrementally rather than perform a full backup every night. I've set my Exchange Server options (Retrospect Single Server 6.5, with Open File and MSX Agents) to Differential, but I am a little confused by what I see in my logs after having run a differential. So, for example, on Monday evening, my server had a full backup of the Exchange database. On Tues. it ran a differential. The Database Backup history correctly reflects that a Full was performed, and then a Differential. However, the Session Contents for the differential reports the *full* size of both my public and private stores, I was expecting to see only maybe 100-200MB for the total size since it should reflect only changes since the Full was performed the prior evening. The transaction logs also reflects less than what I see in the Exchgsrvr folder on my drive (30MB as opposed to ~100MB as would have been there at the time of backup). Additionally, the Backup Report also shows the *full* size of both stores as having been backed up (which I doubt as execution time for the differential was about 1 min. 30 secs.). So, I'm not real confident I know exactly what was backed up and if a restore would work. Lastly, I am a little confused on the issue of Differentials vs. Log/Incremental. Since Differentials don't delete transaction logs, should a Log/Incremental be run immediately after a Differential so that the logs ARE purged? TIA, Paul