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    Samba Maps

    A created a backup script with no schedule and then ran it from the immediate tab. The backup is now running correctly. It did however prompt me for user password which I was not expecting so I will investigate that on the samba side. When I had this added in to the backup server script I could get past the 'source' message by first going in to the volumes tab and opening the map (which also prompted for a password) - the backup server would then scan the files and upon completion of the scan would reboot itself! For now I guess the script gives me a workaround. Can I schedule the script and have it run when nobody is logged in to the machine?
  2. ja1clark

    Samba Maps

    I have seen several other posts on the forums about samba having sporadic network problems. I am using backup server and have a mapped drive on a Solaris box through a samba server. This map works perfectly except in Retrospect. I have added the mapped drive to the backup server script and when run it just sits there with 'source' showing. Any ideas?
  3. If a disk is split in to multiple partitions does a complete network restore of the disk entail having to recreate the partitions first? If so is there not a tool included to keep partition information?
  4. ja1clark

    Backup Failure

    This turned out to be a simple permissions problem on the directory I was backing up to. All I had to do to resolve was to change the account for the Exchange Agent service from system to an account that had permissions for the required directory.
  5. I installed the Exchange agent and Retrospect client on my Exchange server yesterday. The system backup completed with execution errors for the .edb,.log and queue.dat files as expected. However the Exchange Agent failed to run and left the following Retrospect Agent message in Event Viewer - Event ID:2 Access is denied. The Exchange database copy failed. What is causing this failure?
  6. ja1clark

    Exchange Agent Tutorial

    Thanks - this is the first information I have found that explains anything about how the Exchange Agent works. Are there any more detailed instructions on how to restore an Exchange server with a dead disk? Unfortunately in these notes it is simply alluded to in a sub-note.