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  1. Hi, I'm backing up our Exchange 5.5 server using Retrospect 6.5.350, and the retrospect agent. I can backup files and folders, the information store, etc all properely. I can also backup the majority of mailboxes without a problem. However, I'm getting between 7-12 errors (In 4 backups, the errors were all in that range) per backup. The errors are all "can't read, error -3420 (unknown)", and they all seem to relate to individual files in the users' mailboxes. This doesn't happen to all users, I'm backing up around 35 mailboxes and only 5 or so have errors. Any ideas what could be causing this? I've got the users to exit out of Outlook before leaving on friday, but the errors are still occuring. I've copied and pasted one below, they're all similiar, with the file path the only thing that changes: File "Jason Sidney\Inbox\000000006dce17c930a8764a920e39d65e8c643107007241626ca67cfb47b48e8fe4a5a41a1500000049ea3b0000cc5533cb11724242a8f39fd1808d13af0000000095110000": can't read, error -3420 (unknown) Thanks in advance, Andrew
  2. Hi natew, Thanks for your reply! I'll run a new backup with hardware compression disabled and software compression enabled and see how I go - I thought that the drive I'm using supported hardware compression - but BackupExec has a "use software compression if hardware compression fails" option, which might have been kicking in without telling me. I'm backing up mainly .doc/.pdf/.ppt etc files - Also, I'm getting all the program files installed on the system (In other words, the user directories, and the system state of the server, inc. the programs installed). The drive is an "IBM 20/40 GB, DDS/4 4mm Internal Tape Drive" according to the manual, it gets detected in device manager as a Seagate 9SP40-000. Just one more question: I only want to backup certain folders on this server - is the best way to do that with a scheduled script, to create subvolumes of the directories I want to back up? Thanks again Nate
  3. Hi, I've downloaded the 15 day trial of Retrospect 6.5, as I'm trying to find an alternative to BackupExec (Shipping a product with an OFO which doesn't work is a pain, Veritas :\). Anyway, so far I've just been testing Retrospect by creating a new backup job, then clicking preview and selecting only certain folders (Mainly archives of data that's been stored to the server by our users). I've run two jobs - One with the software compression option off, and one with it on. Both have asked me to insert a new tape at the 19.2gb of data mark - Which is an oddity in itself because the tapes are 20/40. With BackupExec, although it failed jobs because the particular server I'm testing this on is our PDC (No OFO, so lots of file verification errors), it still had a compression ratio similar to 1:1.5, which makes me think that there's a setting that I haven't selected with Retrospect; Or I'm using the wrong drivers for our tape drive (which for what it's worth, is a Seagate 9SP40-000). Could anybody suggest any courses of action I could take? I really want to use this software (It seems like a dream come true!), but I need to get this compression problem worked out, as I have to sell this to the powers-that-be (>$6000AU for a software license isn't easy to sell when you're having trouble using it correctly!), so you can see my predicament. I'm not using encryption at all, so it won’t be turning compression off because of that... Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Just FYI, the server I'm backing up is running Windows 2000 Advanced Server (as is the one I'm backing up from). Thanks once again!