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  1. Hello. I have a Windows 10 client running client version 15.6.1. Recently its nightly backup has been failing with error -530 (backup client not found). After some testing, it looks like the client becomes inaccessible after the computer is awakened from sleep via wake-on-lan. If I reboot the computer, the client is accessible. If I manually put it to sleep then wake it by pressing a keyboard key, the client remains accessible. But if I manually put the computer to sleep, then wake it with a python script sending the magic packet to its MAC address, the computer wakes, but the retrospect client is inaccessible. At this point, restarting the computer lets Retrospect access the client again. Anyone have suggestions where to look to debug or fix this problem? I have another Windows 10 computer that wakes and backs up properly, so I think it's specific to this one client. Thanks.
  2. robr

    Retrospect 11 silently dying

    Thanks for the response, Robin. I submitted the issue to support, but wanted to add that I got backups running again without crashing by doing a catalog repair "Recreate from disk." There wasn't an error message suggesting the catalog was corrupt, but I gave it a shot and it seemed to work.
  3. robr

    Retrospect 11 silently dying

    I'm running, and silent crashes started happening to me as well, consistently for 3 days straight during my nightly backup. In the Activity Monitor UI there's no log file. In the file operations_log.utx, it has this for the failed backup: + $[15]Retrospect$[16] version Launched at 12/2/2016 11:14 AM 12/2/2016 11:16:32 AM: Compressing catalog file In the UI I watched it try to backup the first client, then it exited unexpectedly. Anyone have suggestions on how to fix this? Everything was running fine prior to this problem. Thanks! Rob
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, Lennart. I'll give that a try....
  5. Hi! I've been using the "Sleep client when done" option, and it's been working fine. But now one of my clients, a Mac Mini, is being used as a server, so I'd like to keep it awake, while still putting the other 3 Windows clients to sleep. Is there a way to set the sleep/don't sleep option on a per-client basis? If not, can someone suggest a way to keep the Mac Mini awake after backup, or automatically wake the Mac Mini after Retrospect Client puts it to sleep? Thanks! Rob
  6. robr

    Problem after Windows 10 upgrade

    That fixed it up. Thanks!
  7. Hi! I've been running a backup to an external USB drive without problems for some time. I just upgraded the PC running Retrospect to Windows 10 (from Windows 7), but now I can't back up that PC's C drive and I'm getting this error: Can't access volume OS (C:), error -1102 (drive missing/unavailable) My script also backups up clients and those are working (except for another recently upgraded Windows 10 PC, but I'll look at that later). So the Retrospect backup PC can back up other clients, but not itself. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Thanks! Rob
  8. Thanks for the info; I'll look forward to better scheduling integration in the future. In the meantime, is there a way to do a Mozy immediate backup from the command line? Something along the lines of: "C:\Program File\MozyHome\mozybackup.exe" /backup Interstingly, running the above appears to run the Mozy backup right away...maybe I stumbled on the correct option. It's be nice to get a full listing of all command line options, if available. Thanks, Rob
  9. Hi, I just discovered Mozy through the 7.6 update. I'm looking for a way to force Mozy to do an immediate backup as one of the Retrospect's scheduled scripts, but haven't found it. Here's the backup policy I'm looking to implement: - Wake up the retro host and client computers. - Run a duplicate of a client's select files onto the host running Retrospect. - Run a Mozy backup of those duplicated files and some others on the Retro host. - Run a fuill backup of the host & client to an external hard drive. - Put the host & client into hibernate when done. I'm looking for a way to run the Mozy backup immediatlely after the client duplicate. Currently I'm doing something like this with a retroeventhandler.bat script that starts up a remote backup via the command line (using my old remote backup provider), so if there's a way to have mozy start a backup via command line, that could work. But ideally it'd be great to have the Mozy schedule integrated into Retrospect's scheduling. If anyone has suggestions on how to get this to work, it'd be very appreciated. Thanks, Rob
  10. I tried removing all the files I could from \windows\temp and C:\Documents and Settings\Rob\Local Settings\Temp, but it didn't fix the problem. Luckily I saw the zip uncompress into the latter directory, ran setup.exe, and that appears to have installed the update. For my own future reference (in case this happens with the next update), are these the correct directories to clear out to get the update to run?
  11. Hi, I'm trying to install the driver update (ru759102.exe), but when I run it, my Epson Copy Utility program opens, and the driver update is not installed. I'm wondering if there's some file association that's incorrect, but I'm not sure where to look. Does someone have a suggestion as to what may be going on here, and how to fix it? Thanks, Rob
  12. My backup was successful after I turned off worm detection. So it's probably more than luck.
  13. Glad to hear you got the backup to work. What exactly did you do to disable norton? I tried "Disable Auto-Protect", but my backup still crashed. Did you uninstall Norton, or leave it installed and change some of its options? Rob
  14. Yes, this rings a bell, but unfortunately I don't have a solution. Using retro 7.5, I'm trying to do a full backup of my xp backup machine and a client xp machine. About 9 hours into the backup, XP crashes with a blue screen. Some of the details on this screen include: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Technical Info: STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x00000E38, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0xA53E1D4B) symidsco.sys - Address A53E1D4B base at A53C3000, DateStamp 43c473b4 I'm no expert, but based on this error message, I'm suspecting something in Symantec Norton Antivirus or some other part of Systemworks is the culprit, since "symidsco.sys" is one of Systemworks' files. I'm trying to resolve the issue via e-mail with Symantec, but I fear it won't get resolved. dpawson, are you running Symantec antivirus or internet security on your backup machine? The interesting thing is that the crash only occurs when I try to back up lots of stuff (a full backup...100 GB on the backup machine, plus 60 GB on the client). The crash doesn't happen when I run incrementals of about 600 MB total for both machines. I think the backup is close to completing when it crashes, but the log file is unavailable from the Retrospect GUI when I reboot and try to see how far it got. However, I'm pretty certain it finished backing up the backup machine successfully since the snapshot and session are listed in the Backup Sets; the client backup is not. Anyway, I'm as stuck as you are. If anyone has suggestions on what to explore to resolve this, it'd be greatly appreciated. Rob
  15. Hi Nate, My NAS has already been patched with the latest firmware, but it's a new product, so I'm sure there are kinks to get worked out. I've read in reviews that the Linksys NSLU2 runs linux and formats the disks with the ext3 file system; would an error like this be inherent in duplicating to any ext3 disk, or is it specific to the NSLU2? If it's NSLU2's fault, then I can ask Linksys if they're aware of a problem and see what they say. Have other people successfully duplicated from an NTFS xp disk to a linux ext3 disk? Thanks, Rob