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  1. dzenizo

    7.5 question: ¿Clusters?

    Gracias, Waltr WOW!!!! By far, Retrospect is the easiest and more comprehensive solution for the bucks! I'm glad for this great improvement. I'd guess 95% of the clusters are two server ones. Thank you, EMC/Dantz.
  2. dzenizo

    7.5 question: ¿Clusters?

    Nice improvements, but is it SQL Cluster capable? I mean Microsoft Cluster with active/pasive servers and heartbeat between them, quorum and so on databases...
  3. dzenizo

    Error 530 client not found

    To find if a firewall or something is blocking access to your client PC, try to do a telnet to the client PC on port 497: 1.- Open DOS windows (Either CMD or COMMAND on the Start->Run dialog, then click on OK) 2.- A DOS window should open. At the command prompt (Usually C:>) Type telnet Client-IP 497 (For example, telnet 497) and hit Enter or OK 3.- If the communication is open (no firewalls, etc) the screen should go blank (all black, no text on screen) 4.- After hiting the Enter key a few times, the prompt should return. This means communication is OK, no firewalls are blocking access to that PC. 5.- If after executing the telnet you get a message like: "Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 497: Connect failed" then you're not accessing the PC on that particular port (497). Something is blocking access. Hope this helps Saludos
  4. dzenizo

    GUI slow -- 99% CPU utilization

    Retrospect is VERY sensible to network issues. We have had similar behavior when using Dell switches (5224). These switches have an issue when dealing with complex networks (WAN/LAN, routers, switches from different vendors), so they seem to often forget the network addresses entries and have to re-learn them, momentarily blocking packet transmission. This makes Retrospect VERY SLOW, and topping CPU utilization at 100% We tried Cisco switches, and now Retrospect flies! Mb/min jumped from about 300 to more than 2,500. Hope this helps. Saludos
  5. The newest release has an option at startup (A pop-up windows appears doing a 10 second countdown) that offers two choices: To continue Retrospect executing scheduled jobs or to stop all activity. If you choose stop, it opens a warning that states if you allow stopping all activity, you will have to manually deselect the "X" button. For me, this start-up option is useful, since sometimes I'd want to do maintenance to clients, volumes or backup sets that otherwise scheduled jobs will start IMMEDIATELLY blocking access to those items. Funny thing though, is that if you interrupt a running job, it is gone from the queue and you will have to start it again manually. Wouldn't it be nice to have the option to automatically reschedule the job when interrumping it? Saludos
  6. I'm getting error "-808 key/refnum search failed" while doing Proactive Backup. I tried to Repair Catalog with the same result "Sorry. Catalog File compression failed -808 key/refnum search failed". Any suggestions? Retrospect is Multiserver, Version 7.0.301, Retrospect upgrade Server is Proliant DL360G3, 2Gb RAM Proactive Backup Set is configured to Groom to Retrospect defined policy, has one member 840 Gb, free 448 Gb 51%.
  7. dzenizo

    Client locked up override

    The user has Windows 2000 SP4. The best solution would be to turn it on at night, even though the client setting is in the "off" position. Regards
  8. Is there a way to force a backup when the client is locked (off)? We have one stuborn user that "forgets" to turn the client on... or Is there a way to block the checking of the on/off button? Saludos
  9. dzenizo

    Need "Eject tape" script option

    I vote for a check box in the script allowing you to eject or not the tape at the end of the script. BTW, this feature has been requested since a long time, and it doesn't seem too hard to implement... why hasn't it been implemented? Saludos
  10. I upgraded from 5.5 to 7.0, applied latest patch ( During Recycle backups, even though I have the box checked for the setting "Don't confirm before erasing destination media with same name already containing data", it still double asks to confirm if you want the tape erased. This check, as far as I understand and the way it was working in 6.5, allows the backup to check if the tape name is the same you're trying to Recycle and proceeds with the backup if it is the same, even if it has data. Any thougths will be appreciated. Diego Zenizo
  11. Great! Thanks a lot! This was the cause! It seems when I launch Retrospect it starts with the button active. Now the question is: Is there a way to control this button power up status? I searched in preferences but couldn't find any info. Saludos Diego Zenizo
  12. Looking good! It seem to have solved a lot of issues, but... - Where's the automatic tape ejection at the end of the script? - When will (if ever) SQL cluster backup be supported? (It's no longer an "enterprise" need, every small business end even individuals use clusters!) - By the same token, more SQL documentation will be useful Congratulations to EMC²|Dantz Diego Zenizo
  13. I installed Retrospect 7.0.265 and "imported" my catalog files and configuration according to the manual. Retrospect starts OK, but the checkbox "don't allow scheduled and waiting executions to start" is marked and grayed out, so I cannot start any automated backup since I cannot remove the check mark. Any ideas?
  14. dzenizo

    SQL Agent backup a cluster?

    But what happens with a restore? I mean, will you be able to recover just one server of the two in the cluster? Or none at all? Diego Zenizo
  15. Does anybody knows if it's there a newer Retrospect version in the future? I'm concerned that with Dantz aquisition by EMC, Retrospect will follow the way of kill-the-product-that-competes-with-more-profitable-lines, like Microsoft did with the Fox database.