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  1. randallrash

    Rebuild catalogs

    If a folder has .RDB files (disk backup set), a catalog should be able to be rebuilt allowing restoration of those files. (reggardless of where they were ORIGINALLY created, maybe the user had to move them off of a failing disk). If any .RDB has a problem (chunk checksum or otherwise), just skip it and report the error.
  2. randallrash

    Catalog Size Limit?

    I just spent 45 minutes rebuilding a catalog also just to get an error at the end: "Can't compress catalog file, invalid chunk checksum". Something needs to be done where a user can salvage all that is salvageable from a folder full of .RDB files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. randallrash

    Rebuilding Catalogs

    When rebuilding a catalog from a disk backup set, Retrospect Pro v7.5 suddenly stops and asks if I want to "Save" or "Revert" what it has done so far. It had come across a bad .RDB file and halted. I then ran FILEMON to log which files it was reading, and when I determined which .RDB was causing the problem, I renamed it to .BAD. Then the recatalog would skip the problem file and continue. It would help if the recatalog process would display the path\.RDB file it was currently processing in the status area (like just above the file name that it is cataloging).
  4. randallrash

    Restore data without catalog?

    I think the most obvious reason for "recycle" or "new backup" sets is because if all your eggs are in the "incremental" backup set, and it's catalog gets corrupted, you stand a good chance of losing all that data because Retrospect has a high tendency to *not* be able to rebuild the catalog or otherwise recover the data from the .RDB files. Maybe this is only when using DISK backups, and/or they get very large. Perhaps only when grooming fails.
  5. randallrash

    "Waiting for Storage Media"...

    I just fixed the same problem on mine. Version 7.0.326. The security permisasions on the backup set folder had been tightened up and the Retrospect login name specified was not allowed.
  6. randallrash

    Sony SuperStation

    Is there any chance of getting the Sony Superstation supported? I relise it is old but it's still good?
  7. I was looking in my backup set and somehow told it to retrieve snapshots. This is a HUGE backup set that contains files from 5-23-05 to 11-18-05. Full backup first then normal after that. The catalog is 384 meg. I cancelled the snapshot retrieval but now everytime I start Retrospect it restarts the retrieval automatically and gets an assertion failure "tmemory.cpp-1450". I can start the program and quickly click on STOP all executions, but then of course nothing will run. The snapshot retrieval does not appear in scheduled or waiting tabs. But it will be the first thing to run if I reenable executions. How can I clear it up? (I am rebuilding the catalog for that backup set now). Thanks.
  8. randallrash

    Security information

    But I have a selector to exclude these files, so why should I get an error? If I don't have the "create snapshot" option checked, I don't get errors.
  9. randallrash

    Security information

    After more testing I have discovered that it is the "Create snapshot" option that is causing the error messages. If I am using a domain admin account in Retrospect 7.0 and the Retro Client why would I have these errors?
  10. randallrash

    Terminal services and reboot

    Duh, I stand 100% corrected. If a terminal server session is not open then it launches in the main console screen.
  11. randallrash

    Terminal services and reboot

    I also launch in a terminal server session. I don't keep a terminal server session open though. Maybe check that Configure->Preferences->Startup has both "Enable Retrospect Launcher" and "Automatically launch Retrospect" are checked. I don't boot my server often enough to know if I may have the same problem.
  12. randallrash

    Security information

    P.S. I didn't have this problem until I created a proactive script. I also had Retrospect set to launch in a terminal server session (admin) and it was working fine. I wonder if proactive is making it run with a different login.
  13. If I have a selector to exclude .mdf files, which checks OK when I test the selector, why do I get a "can't read security information, error -1020 (sharing violation)" error during backup? I am using the backup client on that server and the log shows it connects OK.
  14. randallrash

    Viewing Logs immediatly after a backup

    When I double click it in Windows Explorer it launches Retrospect and displays the file. But I notice each time I double click on a History event the following line gets added to the operations log: TFileLocSetTempName: UGetTempFileName failed, , winerr 267, error -1013 That oughta be a good clue. Thanks.
  15. randallrash

    Retrospect client

    Yes the issue with speed seems to be resolved. For over a week now I have been getting 200-400 MB/minute over the network.