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  1. Hi Lennart Thank you for your reply. It appears to be any file, though I will check, also there are 42 members! Regards Paul
  2. Hello I'm using v8.2 on 10.6.8. Whilst trying to restore, I select the data I want but am not given the tape where it is contained, the restore just sits waiting indefinitely. What are my options? Thank you Paul
  3. Thanks Daniel The OS (Win 2003) can see the SAS drive fine. Best Paul
  4. Hi Daniel The drive is SAS. All software up to date. Best Paul
  5. Hi Daniel Could you please look at the details of my post dated today, 25th July 2013? Full details listed. Thank you Paul
  6. Hi Daniel Thanks for the prompt reply. Still stumped. No luck with your suggestion. What do you suggest? Best Paul
  7. Hi J Did you ever get anywhere with this? I have the same issue with a Tandberg LTO5 using 7.6. It is supposed to be supported. Regards Paul
  8. Hi I've installed a Tandberg LTO5 drive not my backup server running 7.6.123, update on a Win 2003 box. This site states the drive is supported with this version but I cannot see it. Usual reboot etc carried out, device disabled in Device Manager. Any suggestions? Paul
  9. pupton

    Tandberg Storage Loader Lto5 Hh - Waiting For Media

    Hey Abstrasct Displays Are you using the Tandberg LTO5 HH with a SAS car in your 10.6.8 server? Does Retrospect 8.2 see the drive okay? Thanks Paul.
  10. Hi We use Retrospect 8.2 with an LTO3 drive using SCSI. I want to replace this with an Tandberg LTO5 HH using a SAS card. Will Retrospect 8.2 support this? The Mac runs 10.6.8. Thanks Paul
  11. pupton

    Catalog Files From 7.6.123

    Cool, thanks Richard
  12. Hi Are catalog files from 7.6.123 compatible with 7.7.x ?? Thanks Paul
  13. pupton

    Catalog File Compatibility

    Thanks CallMeDave!
  14. Are EMC 8.x catalog files compatible with Roxio 8.2.0? I installed the lasted version from the Roxio site but it appears it can’t see the catalog files I was using on the previously installed version EMC 8.x version. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks