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  1. Hello, I simply want to move the .rdc files for current backup sets to a different volume. It must be simple but I can't see how?
  2. tonylees

    Authentication Failure

    sorry, wasn't clear - customer actually has v7.0 with latest patches. Reading the forum and posting just now made me double check *everything*. RBU had been hidden from the exchange GAL (Global Address List) - unhide it and bingo it works fine again!
  3. tonylees

    Authentication Failure

    me too - exact same problem. tech support were no help in resolving it.
  4. we have the same error with v7.0.326 but it's SQL that wil not map. Exchange is fine! any ideas? Tony
  5. Hi, Retro SBS 7.x no problems until very recently when suddenly tapes (LTO-2) that are part of existing backup sets now say "Content unrecognized" in devices. If I format them they will work fine but obviously they lose the data that is on them! Repair catalogue from tape does not work. Any ideas?
  6. tonylees

    Tape cleaning Interval LTO Ultrium 2

    thanks - what interval is recommended?
  7. Hi, Any suggestions as to correct setting for Tape cleaning Interval on an LTO Ultrium 2 tape? Cheers, MM