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  1. Hi, I have a simple peer-to-peer windows 98 network for which I use Retrospect 5.x to backup some of the files of the computers. I notice that I usually get one of those error messages -1111(locked range conflict) and -1020(sharing violation) from the outlook folder or netscape mail. Does any of you know why I get those messages? I am able to backup up most of the computers and their mail folders; these messages just happen in a couple of the computers and I don't always get these messages. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for you reply AmyC The drive I am backing up to is an external hard drive (lacie limited)
  3. Please Help!! I use a silver mac g4 as the retrospect server to backup a few (about 8 macs) macs over tcp-ip network. The backup is extremely slow (1.2-2.1 mb/min). I start my backup around 5:30 pm to run overnight, when I com back in the office the next morning the backup still going on. In fact, it takes the rest of the day to finish. I would like to know if there's anything at all I could do to speed it up. By-the-way, I am backing up to an external drive (usb 1.0 connection) Thank you
  4. AmyC, I would like to thank you in advance because it seems like by reformating the hard drive it is going to work. I did a brief test and it did not crash (although I have to wait until the next day to see the real result) Anyway, thank you for your help
  5. can somebody please help? I have a new external harddrive 120g from lacie. I have Retrospect v5 installed in my Mac OS X server. I configured Retrospect to backup to the external drive and I am getting that message whenever the backup script is ran "Can't add that much data to backup set. The limit is 2.0 G. Some Techs from Retrospect have suggested that I do not create a backup set with an older version of Retrospect, v5 is what I should use. Well, v5 is the only one I can use with the mac OS X server. Also, the external harddrive is connected directly to the computer on a USB connection and the drive I am trying to backup is an internal drive. Can somebody please help, I am begging because I have spent money into this and I have not had a goo backup set yet, thus, if anything happen I am a dead man. Thank you
  6. Hi AmyC, I am using Mac OS X server and an external harddrive that is HFS extended and I am getting the drive limit 2.0 gb error message. Would you please let me know if there's anything I have to look into to correct that
  7. Hi AmyC: I have an update for you with my problem with Retrospect. I just install that retrospect server in one of the B&W macs on the network and I use that to backup the other mac clients I was having problem with and I backs them up with no problem.\ I seems like with retrospect server installed on a pc, it backs up the pc clients well. To back up the mac clients, you have to install the app. on a macintosh. Although Retrospect is Cross-Platform, it does not do a good job in backing up one platform in another one. Note: I know that my presumtion might not be accurate because I was able to backup the beidge macs on the pc server. It is the B&W and Silver macs that create problem when backing them up on a different platform. what do you think?
  8. Thank You AmyC. the problem is not on one machine only. I have about 12 PCs and 10 Macs on the network that retrospect backs up. In my backup script, I have all the PCs list on top and they back up with no problem. When the backup start the first Mac it hangs. I does not matter which of the Macs I list first it will hang as long as it is a Blue and White or a Silver Mac running OS between 9.1 to 9.2.2. When I worked with the tech from Retrospect (Nate) he advise me to first install retrospect on a different machine; I did and that did not change anything. Second, he suggested that I download and run the new retrospect v6. I used that for about a month until it expired and it did not fix my problem. As far as my network layout, it is pretty simple. I have 12 PCs and 10 Macs connected on a 10/100baseT hub. I would like to use retrospect to backup both the pcs and the macs. Retrospect server is installed on a pc running windows 98. in case I forgot to mention that, I have a couple of beidge macs running OS 8.1 and 8.5 and these two don't create any problem backing up. Thanks again AMYC
  9. Hi, Can someone please help me? I have been strugling with retrospect for a few months now trying to backup my Blue and White and Silver Macintosh from another desktop with the retrospect server installed in it. I have some PCs and Macs connected via a hub 10/100baseT; all the PCs backup with no problem. Also, I have a couple of Beidge Macs on that same network and they backup fine. As soon as the script start the first B&W machine it hangs. I usually starts my script overnight so, there is noone using the machines when the backup is running. I have tried everything possible; I was working with a tech from retrospect, he abandonned me when we could not solve the problem. If anyone has been through that tortuous experiment, please let me know how you dealt with that problem. Thank you
  10. parthis

    error 530

    Hi Melissa, it's been a few days and I have not heard from you. You asked me for some info. which I posted for you; can you please let me know if there's anything you can do to help me. Thank you much
  11. parthis

    error 530

    the main machine is a windows 98 second ed. Also, it is not the pcs that the backup can not see; it is the macs. The Pcs are OK Just to make it clear: it is not that it can not see them but, the machine hangs after copying the first few files from a mac machine. In my backup script, I put all the pcs on top and the macs after now because at least I will have the pcs backup. thank you
  12. parthis


    Thanks Malissa: No, they are not sleeping. Some of them are shutdown with the Retrospect screen saver on; I know with the Retrospect screen saver on the backup should go on and shutdown automaticcally after the backup. Also, if I go to the configure tab manually I can see the clients (pcs and macs). 99% of the times, the backup of the macs start, then, it get stock in the early stage of the backup( for the macs only, the pcs are OK) Thanks again Malissa
  13. parthis

    error 530

    Can someone please help? I have about 20 clients in a peer-to-peer windows98 network; I am able to backup most of them except for a few I am getting "530, could not find client". I can ping to those clients and I can browse through those clients using the network neighboorhood; yet, Retrospect is unable to see them. WHY? Pease help
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    I have been using Retrospect for a while now and I've always gotten one type of problem or error messages or another. These days, the most frequent error message I have been receiving is "thread.cpp -279" my network setup is the following: I have a cross-platform network (pcs and macs); my backup tape is on a pc running windows 98 2nd. ed. retrospect client is installed on windows 98 pcs, windows me, mac os 8.0, mac os 8.1, mac os 8.5, mac os 8.6 and mac os 9.x. it usually backup the pcs with minimum problem but the macs I usually get above mentioned -279 error. it worth to mention that the macs are been used by designers thus, they have very large files 30 plus GB. and very big high resolution images. have anyone got this message before; would anyone might telling me what I should do? I have done all the typical troubleshooting such as: test and change the network cables and use only one type of cable (made by belkin). I eliminate a few other hubs and now all cabling goes to one netgear hub. PLEASE HELP!