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    1017 error

    Hi, For some reason I keep getting a Can't use Open File Backup option for xxx on xx , error -1017 (insufficient permissions). I've checked the permissions on the folders that are being backed up and they all have full access for the Domain Admin which Retrospect is using. The machine being backed up is Windows 2003 Standard, which is a member server of my domain using NTFS and the latest revision of the 6.5 backup client. I don't understand why it would fail.. Martin
  2. Hi, I just ran windows updates and rebooted my backup server. Now Retrospect is asking me for a license code for some reason - I've put the code in and it's lost every one of my 49 scripts i set up for backup... Help! Martin
  3. hi nate, It occurs on every mailbox. By random I was meaning the whole affair starts off at random, and then it continues with this error until I restart the MS Exchange server. Cheers
  4. Hi i have configured the exchange 2003 server agent to backup my mailboxes. Everything seems to be running fine, until for some reason (apparently at random) everything starts failing with the following error: + Normal backup using [2] EXCHANGE at 9/10/2004 9:58 AM (Execution unit 2) To Backup Set [5] EXCHANGE... - 9/10/2004 9:58:19 AM: Copying Lee Hanson on MSX 9/10/2004 9:58:19 AM: Connected to MSX T-9: main: transaction terminated by PDS exception Scanning incomplete, error -523 (service transaction error) Location of backup report is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect\Backup Report.utx. Rebooting the Exchange server fixes this problem. Please help me!
  5. Hi, I want to create a strategy that works on Daily, Weekly and Monthly rotation using a fixed storage RAID array for the Weekly backup, and tape for the Weekly/Monthly backup. I want to automatically recycle the media after the alloted time period. Is there any way in Retrospect for me to define a group of tapes and have it just cycle through them and reset automatically to Week 1 after Week 16 has been completed, rather than define every single tape as a separate backup media set?
  6. Hi Nate, OS is Windows XP SP1, All machines are standard with SAV 9, Retrospect 6.5.336 client - the problem has happened again this morning. When I cancel the backup and try to look at the Client through the Retrospect Client Manager, it gives me the error "507 - Backup Client Reserved" In the manual it states that this problem is caused normally by the client and/or the backup server crashing during operation, however there has been no such problem with either of the machines. Disabling SAV doesn't help - I've tried reinstalling the client on the machine but to no avail!! This is the contents of the activity log for that particular machine: 7/8/2004 10:11:27 AM: Copying Develop on PaulC 7/8/2004 10:11:27 AM: Connected to PaulC Can't reserve backup client PaulC, error -519 (network communication failed). Can't access volume Mail on PaulC, error -519 (network communication failed) Thanks Martin
  7. You should have tested it before purchasing
  8. mpaton2004

    proactive backup problem

    Hi, All clients are using 6.5.336 - the problem does seem to occur when the clients are going to sleep, is this a known issue?
  9. mpaton2004

    proactive backup problem

    restarting the client does help, yes. however it is annoying and impractical to do this every time someone plugs a laptop in to the network. i am using the latest client and Retrospect 6.5 Windows Edition, running on a dedicated Dell backup server, Intel Xeon processor and 1GB of memory. The clients are all connected in via DHCP on 100mbit ethernet. The only thing I could think of, is that when the laptops are unplugged from the network - RetroSpect is caching the OLD IP of the laptop, and trying to access them through that? I have tried setting the DHCP lease times on my Active Directory servers to larger than the default value - I will see if that helps matters!
  10. Hi, I'm using Pro Active on 6 company laptops. The problem is, I get the error "Source not available" in the Proactive backup monitor, which seems to occur when the laptop has been removed from the network, and then plugged back in - the only way I can fix that is to reboot the laptop! It's pretty annoying because it won't back up unless I do that. Is this a known bug? Or am I doing something stupid?
  11. Hi, Is there a way of automatically getting Retrospect to do an incremental backup over a "time window", so that a set period of data is always retained, for example: 1st of month -> 10th of month 2nd of month -> 11th of month . . 18th of month -> 27th of month i.e so thay only the past 10 days of data is available, anything earlier is deleted. I'd rather do this than use the Normal backup option, because once the disk set gets too big, you have to recycle the entire backup, which isn't always the best idea because Murphy's law will apply the day after you do that. I know I could do this with 10 separate Recycle scripts, but I don't want to have that for every single server I manage.
  12. mpaton2004

    Backing up disk sets to tape

    Hi Nate, It's not even listing the subvolumes. The directory structure is: E:\ Retrospect |- 1-Projects |- 1-Administration |- 1-Development |- 1-Misc etc.. When I define "Retrospect" as a subvolume and try to define the others under it, I just get a blank window?
  13. Hi, I have multiple disk backups on the same volume under a folder "Retrospect / [scriptName]" I want to back these up to tape. However none of the files are showing when I define that folder as a subvolume... any suggestions?
  14. Hi, I am managing a 30 PC network using Retrospect 6.5 for Windows with Open File, Exchange and Proactive addition packs. One of my machines always fails when running the backup process. For example, when backing up all machine's "Work in Progress" folder, it will stop at the previous machine and then sit there with the message "Preparing for open file backup". This will stay in that state until I restart the Retrospect app, and it causes all my other scheduled backups to be missed. I am running the latest client on this machine, with Windows XP SP1, no firewalling, all patches, also running Symantec Anti Virus 9.0.138 Anyone care to assist? Cheers Martin