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  1. Retrospect Server 6.1.126 Driver update Single 1.8 GHz G5 Power Mac - 4GB RAM OS 10.4.9 server Atto ExpressPCI UL4D SCSI card Sony LIB-D81 AIT-4 tape library Lacie Big Disk Extreme 1GB firewire drive I recently tried a restore from a File Backup Set on my Lacie drive. If I want to restore from a snapshot other than the latest by clicking add snapshot, I get the following error: Can't retrieve Snapshot, error -25048 (Snapshot not found). In the end I went back to my tape sets, which allowed me to add the snapshots from the tape catalog without any problems. Luckily I have tape for when the disks fails. The tape and file backup sets are backup destinations on the same script, with snapshots set. So I am wondering why I am getting this error. Any ideas ? Should I rebuild the catalog file ? Thanks James
  2. Hi Dave, Quote: - Did you first attempt to simply Repair the File Backup Set without renaming/rbuilding anything? Yes. I made a backup copy first. The repair gave me the original "not enough memory error". My 3rd cycle of "update existing catalog file" seems to have fixed it. I can access the latest version of the archive and list the historical snapshots. However, the .cat file is much smaller than the original corrupted .cat file: 771.1 MB VS 3.76 GB. I will make a backup of this newly fixed .cat file and the backup set to a 2nd drive for further testing. I would like to see if the repaired .cat file allows the backup set to grow. I will also make a copy to a 3rd drive for testing the initial repair of the corrupt .cat file to try an eliminate any media issues and post back my results sometime next week. Thanks for the comments. James
  3. "You are having difficult _repairing_ a File Backup Set" OK. I missed that point. I only used Retrospect 5 and 6. In version 5 I always had my catalog files for File Backup Sets separate. I assumed as the file is called a catalog file and has a .cat extension that it would be the same as any other catalog file. "this was not part of the program's initial design (and may never have been sanity tested or stress tested)" So this is sounding more like a bug to me, but I take the point. Hopefully EMC will do something about it with an update. I imagine more and more people are backing up to disk and it would seem quite important that such a feature is properly tested. The 2nd "update existing catalog file" failed with the same not enough memory error. Executing Recatalog at 3/29/2007 3:45 PM To backup set 2007-16-02 > Not enough memory 3/29/2007 8:48:13 PM Execution incomplete. Completed 52552 files, 37.0 GB Performance 124.9 MB/minute Duration 05:02:57 Attempting a recovery appears to work and has given me more of the archive again. Maybe a 3rd attempt will finish the repair ??? The only thing that makes me wonder is that the .cat file seems to be much smaller than the original corrupt one. 770.4 MB vs 3.76 GB. The error that I get with the original (corrupted 3.76 GB file) .cat file is: "Couldn't open catalog 2007-16-02.cat. Error -24205 (chunk file damaged during save) This prevents me from accessing the archive. I then rename the .cat file and chose to rebuild from scratch under the repair menu. This (as detailed above) fails every time with an "not enough memory error". I then take this first attempted rebuild and try the "update existing catalog file". This fails with a "not enough memory error". I then re-run the "update existing catalog file" option on the same file, which is apparently slowly pushing it along the way. On the 3rd attempt now and will post the results. Thanks again for the comments. James
  4. Hi Dave, Yes I was also thinking this. I have copied the partially working catalog file (so I don't have to recreate it again) and set the server to update after my last post. I will post the results when it finishes the "update existing" cycle. I hope it works. Thanks James
  5. Hi Dave, My point was simply that if retrospect cannot rebuild a large catalog file, then perhaps spanning the file into smaller sections might be a work around in the future. The reason I need to rebuild the backup set catalog file is because it has become corrupted by retrospect crashing and is now no longer readable. Without a working catalog file I cannot recover any data from the backup set. I would have thought it is reasonable to assume that retrospect can rebuild any catalog file, given the fact that the software offers this "feature". Surely it is obvious that if Retrospect offers the ability to make large backup sets, then the number of files and sessions in that set will also be large ? As the original backup catalog is corrupt, I can only give you the figures from the attempted repair (which failed) Used size on disk: 531.83 GB Used size according to failed repair of catalog: 490.7 GB Number of files in the backup set: 3,171,004 Number of sessions: 287 Attempting a restore using this catalog seems to work, although the last few weeks of backup appear to be inaccessible and I don’t get any out of sync error. Any advice on how to solve the problem would be appreciated. Thanks for the feedback. James
  6. Thanks for the reply Dave. I have tried the "update existing catalog" option after the failed rebuild and still get an out of memory error. See below. Tools --> Repair ---> Update existing catalog file Executing Recatalog at 3/24/2007 9:43 AM To backup set 2007-16-02 > Not enough memory 3/24/2007 3:41:05 PM: Execution incomplete Completed: 350268 files, 102.8 GB Performance: 294.6 MB/minute Duration: 05:57:10 Backup set 1: 531.83 GB I also have 3 other backup sets on this drive, none of which have any problems: Backup set 2: 257.39 GB Backup set 3: 6.78 GB Backup set 4: 17.53 GB I currently have around 15 Lacie 1TB drives with Retrospect backups. When a drive is full, I just hook up a new one and start a new backup set. Only 2 drives have had this error. I am starting to think that Retrospect simply can't cope with a large backup set as a single file, despite supporting 1TB drives. If you partition the drive, is it possible to span a large backup over the partitions or will I get the same out of memory error ? I wonder if it is possible to span the backup catalog. It seems the problem is in rebuilding the catalog itself. I see this as a bug in retrospect myself. Glad I have tape to full back on. However, the worrying thing is that if Retrospect can't rebuild a catalog file from a large backup set, then are my tapes just as worthless as a my backup file if the catalog gets corrupted ? I can't see anyway of getting the data back if you can't rebuild the catalog file. My tape backup sets regularly grow to close to 1TB (4 tapes) before starting a new set. Is there anyway of assigning more memory to retrospect ??? I see this as a fatal flaw. Thanks James
  7. I have been getting the same problem with retrospect failing to rebuild corrupt catalog files. System: OS 10.4.8 server RAM: 4GB Powermac G5 - Single 1.8 GHz Retrospect version 6.1.126 Retrospect Driver Update, version Backup drive: Lacie big disk firewire 400 1TB Boot drive free space: 215.55 GB Backup drive free space: 112.63 GB I am using a File Backup Set and am using the following command: Tools --> Repair --> Repair file backup set From the log: Executing Recatalog at 3/21/2007 5:25 PM To backup set 2007-16-02 > Not enough memory 3/22/2007 1:55:52 AM: Execution incomplete. Completed: 2820887 files, 388.2 GB Performance: 779.0 MB/minute Duration: 08:30:08 Any ideas how to rebuild the backup catalog ? This seems to be happening more often now. Not sure if this is due to a problem with the lacie, Retrospect crashing or a new OS X update. Many thanks James
  8. Thanks for the reply. - Is this a File Backup Set, or is this a Removable Backup Set? I am using a File Backup Set. - Which Catalog Repair Function did you use? Tools --> Repair --> Repair file backup set - What was the exact out of memory error you received? From the log: ∆ Retrospect version 6.1.126 launched at 12/5/2006 3:37 PM + Retrospect Driver Update, version + Executing Recatalog at 12/5/2006 3:48 PM To backup set 2006-02-11… Not enough memory 12/6/2006 2:05:27 AM: Execution incomplete. Completed: 3089180 files, 443.2 GB Performance: 735.3 MB/minute Duration: 10:17:06
  9. Retrospect Server 6.1.126 Driver update Single 1.8 GHz G5 Power Mac - 1GB RAM OS 10.4.6 server Atto ExpressPCI UL4D SCSI card Sony LIB-D81 AIT-4 tape library Lacie Big Disk Extreme 1GB firewire drive Hi all, I recently had an error -24205 (chunk file damaged during save) for a back up catalog on an external firewire drive. When I tried to rebuild the catalog, retrospect failed at 443.2 GB out of 618.7 GB with a out of memory error. My questions are: 1.) Any ideas what caused the chunk file damage during save ? Damaged drive ? A new bug I don't know about ? 2.) If I increase the RAM in the machine, will this be enough for a successful rebuild ? Is there a rule of thumb for the amount of RAM required for the size of the catalog ? Many thanks James
  10. I would also like to see SFTP support. James
  11. System: G5 Power Mac 10.4.6 Server Retrospect 6.1 Server, with latest patches Sony AIT-4 auto loader. Dear all, I am in the process of upgrading our backup with the arrival of my new autoloader. I would like to automate off-site storage and was wondering if it would be possible to mount a remote AFP share as a backup device for Retrospect to write to. We have a 100 Mb link to another building, so bandwidth is not a major issue. This way I could have a machine at the remote location with a large drive/s for off-site storage and keep the tapes here for fast access. Thanks James
  12. Dear all, I have been running Retrospect 5.1 Server for a few years using Lacie firewire drives and a Lacie firewire AIT-2 tape drive. I am looking to upgrade everything to Retrospect 6.1 Server and have a single G5 kicking about that I would like to make use of (10.3.9). I would also like to upgrade the tape to a Sony LIBD81 SCSI-LVD tape library. I understand that I need to get a Atto SCIS card, but wondered if this is compatible with the Sony within Retrospect ? Also, is there still an issue with large 1TB Lacie drives and the G5 ? Any advice appreciated. Many thanks James
  13. Hi Nate, I have the batch file working, using xcopy. I thought it best in the end to run the batch file from the startup folder to avoid any file locking problems with XP. This way the .pst file is copied to a backup directory as the user logs in. allowing Retrospect to copy the file in the backup directory without any problems. James
  14. Hi everyone, Retrospect Server 5.1, running on OS 10.3.5 on an eMac with 512 MB RAM. Lacie AIT-2 firewire Lacie BigDisk 500GB firewire Clients: Windows XP Pro SP 2, 1GB RAM Retro client: 6.5 I seem to have a problem backing up my windows clients when the users have their mail boxes open. If I run a script during the day to backup a few windows laptops on the network, then I get the following from each client. Can't read file "Outlook.pst", error 4096 (unknown), path: "C:\Documents and Settings\Foo Bar\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst". However, if the user closes Outlook, then the backup seems to work fine. It seems like some file locking issue. Any ideas for a solution ? I was thinking of running a batch file as a cron job on each windows machine to make a copy of the Outlook.pst in to try and get round the problem, but would prefer a neater solution. Cheers James
  15. Thanks Nate, I am in the slow process of upgrading to Retrospect 6, I have the licence for the server edition, just need to finish my latest backup sets and finish upgrading the remaining OS 9 machine. As I understand it I can recover data from Retrospect 5 backup sets, but not append to them. Does Retrospect 6 work with the 5 client or do I have to upgrade all the clients ? Also is there a Retrospect 6 client for Windows NT ? Many thanks James