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    Recycle a Proactive Backup Set in v6?

    Thanks, that grooming feature is definitely an incentive to upgrade.
  2. What is the behavior when you reach a Backup Set Member's max space? Scenario: 1 Backup Set with one 1 Member on 1 Hard Drive. Running nightly normal backups of data that average 20GB a night. If I say to "Use at most" 100 GB of space on this drive, what happens when I try to store more than 100 GB of data to it? Does it recycle the entire dataset and start to backup the latest data? Does it throw an error and not backup any data? Is there a way to make it automatically recycle the dataset if the max space is used? or preferrably, Is there a way to make it start throwing away only the oldest sessions of the backup set, instead of throwing away all the data as it would with a pure Recycle backup? Thanks, Ed
  3. I noticed that my proactive backup sets for my notebook users have gotten quite large. I cannot find a way to have a proactive script recycle the backsets. My workaround is to make a regular backup script that does nothing but recycle the proactive backup sets every N weeks. Is that probably the best solution to managing the proactive backup set sizes? Thanks, Ed
  4. Proactive backups in Retrospect version 6 would not run as an NT service. Thus, if your server reboots automatically, then Retrospect won't run any proactive backups until you, the admin, log back into the server. When, Retrospect 7 came out, I checked to see if proactive backups had been updated to run as an NT service. Dantz did not do this, so I didn't bother upgrading. I am looking into Firedaemon as a way to get get proactive backups to run as an NT service. http://www.firedaemon.com/
  5. Hi, Has anyone configured Proactive Backup to run as an NT service? Thanks, Ed
  6. Hi, I have a laptop that was working fine with Retrospect 6.5. It was stolen and recovered. During the theft, I removed the laptop from Active Directory (Win2k). I have added the computer back to AD. When I tried to connect to the Retrospect Client from Retrospect, it failed. I have reinstalled the client several times and Retrospect still fails to add it to the Clients list. I told Retrospect to 'Forget the Client', and then reinstalled the client again. No matter what, Retrospect will not accept this client. Laptop: WinXP Pro SP2, Firewall turned off, McAffee 8.0i Any ideas? Thanks, Ed
  7. WARNING: Proactive Backup will NOT RUN when you are logged off. Scripts will run.
  8. Hi, Is it possible to take a disaster recovery snapshot and iso of win2k server, and use it to move the OS to a new box. Our old computer is slow and also having hardware failures. I'd rather switch boxes, than put it back on the old machine. Is this possible? Thanks, Ed
  9. Hi, Is it possible to make a master disaster recovery iso for a given operating system? For instance, I am using retrospect on my win2k server, and I make a disaster recovery iso based on a snap shot of a client's Xp Pro desktop using a copy of XP Pro SP1 in a disk drive. In theory, retrospect took all the unique drivers from the snapshot and dropped them in a DRIVERS directory on the iso. Step 2: I have a 2nd XP Pro desktop, that has an add-in raid card. Can I take the drivers for that raid card and manually add them to the DRIVERS directory of the first disaster recovery iso? Repeat Step 2 for every machine, so that one iso is ready to handle every XP Pro box/laptop in my office? Thanks, Ed
  10. edwardotis

    XP Pro not able to backup

    I get the same problem with one machine for some reason. Reinstalled the latest client several times. Anybody figure out a solution?
  11. edwardotis

    6.5 retore issue - client keeps rebooting

    Any news? I'm worried about Retrospect's ability to restore my Windows Servers.
  12. Hi, Can I restore from a network drive in RS 7? When I perform a bare metal disaster recovery a new empty machine, I want to be able to pull in the backup set over the network card. This feature was not available in 6.5. Did they add this feature to 7? Thanks, Ed
  13. edwardotis

    Multi Server 7 Oddities

    Bret, did you ever get help with this? I'm interested to find out before we consider upgradeing from 6.5 to 7. Thanks, Ed
  14. Before setting up Retrospect, you need to setup and setup a Drive Letter for each Hard Drive in NT Computer Management. You should put a sticker on each drive with that Drive Mapping Letter as well as the day of week. Retrospect will search for the appropriate drive letter every time it runs a script. There are many issues w/ the 'Disk inactivity theshold' setting for each script. Depending on this setting, volumes, databases, etc may not be backed up. Pointers: Set reports to be emailed to you. Read the detailed reports (in RS, not the emails) religiously the first month of using RS. You will be amazed at how many errors it reports that need to be corrected. Make sure the Retrospect "Lookahead to next script time" is set to the maximum time. You can get burned badly otherwise. Make sure RS is running automatically as an NT service. Make sure to manually select the SQL Server DB to be backuped up inside the RS Preferences. RS will not automatically backup any DB's, even if only one DB is installed on the machine. If you run Proactive backup, be aware that it doesn't run as an NT service. (at least in RS 6.5) Test the backups monthly. Have a user request an old backed file at random. See if you can indeed recover it, and have the user verify that it is the right file version. Test the baremetal backup on a spare machine soon. Doing it is different than reading about it.
  15. edwardotis

    Network Backup Speed

    Did you check to see if backup set verification is turned on or off?