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  1. Unfortunately, I upgraded from retrospect express, whose driver updates do not see my drives; the latest drivers for others do not work. I tried using my v6 sn in 5.1 to no avail... will dantz provide a temp 5.1 sn until the v6 problem is resolved?
  2. I am not able to restore data from my old catalogs, getting a "not enough memory" message in the log... this problem did not occur in the evaluation version of the software, but now that I have paid for the upgrade, my catalogs appear to be useless. In other forums it is reported that Dantz has no plans to address this problem. Can anyone here confirm this? If so, I will seek a refund as this is comletely unacceptable; I have an archive that consists of several hundred CDs and if I have to got to the time and expense of recreating the catalogs, I will just dump the data and use move to another backup system.