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  1. A bit more info. on my previous post: The problem I described happens when I look at the environment using ASPI. When I change to NT Pass through and try a custom config. Retrospect doesn't recognise I've inserted a DVD+RAM disk after being told to insert some media. The software just sits there forever waiting for media to be inserted even though I have already done this. I start Retrospect before inserting media as well.
  2. I have a Compaq nc8000 laptop running XP SP1 and Retrospect 6.5.350 with driver file 5.0.105 When I do a custom config on my DVD+RW drive (HL-DT-ST GCA-4040N [i think it's from LG Electonics]) using CD-R media, it works. Using DVD+RW media I get "Retrospect was unable to configure drive with the inserted CD-RW media" I have devices visible using NT Passthrough set, not ASPI. I have tried logging on as administrator in case of software conflicts. I have tried three different brands of DVD+RW media. No dice..................any suggestions??