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  1. AmyJ: Thanks for providing that insight. Prior to your post I took matters into my own hands and decided to wipe the slate clean and reinstall Retro. This indeed did the trick but of course I lost all my "run" schedules and had to reintitialize my two client machines etc and remember their passwords. This was a painful remedy. Your soln should make matters much easier if I run into this problem again. What I found was that the /Library/Preferences/Retrospect/Retro.Icons file was present and was quite large at around 28K bytes (if I recall correctly). After the reinstall I noticed this file was very very small at around 4K bytes. I have made a copy of this Retro.Icons file immediately after the reinstall so that I can replace the active Retro.Icons file if I ever encounter this error again. However, based on your post it seems that all one has to do is to delete it -- an easier soln -- THANKS. BTW - If one loses the client passwords how does one reintialize them? Does one have to remove and reinstall the Client software on each client maybe? I was lucky as I had recorded the client passwords fortunately. Regards... Barry Sharp
  2. A few days ago my daily run script is hanging with a posted message that reads "Sorry, can't open the Retro.Icons (6.0) file, error -194 (unknown)" I can click the OK button and enter the admin passwd and then the backup script runs OK. This is a pain as the run scripts no longer run unattended. Can someone say what I have to do to clear this condition so that the error window goes away permanently ? I'm running Retro v6.0.193 on my iMac with Panther 10.3.3 and it's making Dups of all my partitions to external FW drives. Thanks.
  3. Can Dantz say they are in fact working on a soln for the Panther OS at this time ? Can Dantz provide some form of time frame when a fix will be available ? There are times I forget to launch Retro after a startup and several days may go by before I notice. Thanks and regards... Barry Sharp
  4. I'm running Panther 10.3 and I find that my scheduled Retrospect 5.1.175 backups are no longer being launched. Do other have this problem or is it my problem only I wonder ? I can launch all the backup scripts manually without problems. I have reinstalled Retrospect 5.1.175 but that made no difference -- still no scheduled backups. Any advice would be appreciated... Regards... Barry Sharp
  5. I'm using Retrospect Desktop to backup three Macs. My server machine is an iMac DV/400MHz and clients are wifes iBook 2USB and my Ti Powerbook 1GHz. I will have Apple's Panther tomorrow afternoon and I'd like to install it on my iMac. Should I assume that my Retrospect Desktop 5.1.175 will run on my iMac as usual without problems under Panther ?
  6. Left my iMac doing a network backup of my Powerbook's 60GB HD last night and decided to almost close the Powerbook's lid so as to not disturb the dog. Unfortunately my wife saw it almost closed and decided to close it completely. This morning I was a bit disappointed to find the backup still active after opening the PB's lid. I saw on the iMac that Retro Backup 5.1 Desktop was indicating "Net Retry". It was almost 4 mins before things got going again and just before I was about to terminate things -- sure pleased to have not done so as the Backup is a full backup of some 25gig. Is the "Net Retry" a time comsuming state? Is this normal? I would have thought the Net Retry would have detected the PB being up from sleep within seconds. Any how -- as a heads up to others don't panic and wait for at least 5 mins on a Net Retry to get going. Regards... Barry Sharp P.S. The net backup of my PB 60gig HD went well and the new Retro Desktop has made my like easier. Now onto my wife's iBook across the net. This is good stuff and I've been waiting for this feature for a few years now.
  7. Thanks -- you were correct -- I've now been able to get the upgrade for the $59.xx cost --
  8. I'm currently using RE 5.0.238 and wish to upgrade to the Desktop package. I see there's an upgrade price of $59.xx and the full price of $129.xx. Can I as a RE 5 user upgrade to Desktop for $59.xx or do I have to buy the $129.xx version? I did try going thru the upgrade order path and it required Lic Number and Upgrade Authentification code! I have no clue wheter or not I have an Upgrade code. I bought the full version of RE 5 some time back and have also bought a Maxtor One Touch HD that included RE. Does this qualify me for the $59.xx Upgrade to Desktop. I have iMac, iBook and G4 Powerbook that I need to backup. Thanks in advance... Regards... Barry Sharp
  9. For the record: Well I checked my RE log and sure enough the prolonged wall time coincides with my v10.2.1 install. My Dup process was taking on average about 30 mins under v10.2. Now, under 10.2.1 it's taking on average about 90 mins. I'm using Retrospect Express version 5.0.205 with latest Updated Driver on an iMac DV.
  10. I recently updgraded to 10.2.1 on my iMac DV SE 400 MHz (slot loader) with 1gig RAM. While under v10.1.5 and v10.2 I recall my Retrospect backups running quicker (ie less wall time) than they do under v10.2.1. I have an internal HD 20gig partition that holds X and 9.2.2. The HD is a Seagate 7200rpm device. This partition is about 50% populated with some 130,000 files. Each night I Duplicate this partition to my external 80gig Firewire Maxtor 5400rpm drive that has a 20gig partition set aside for this purpose. Today under v10.2.1 it's taking around 90 mins to complete -- consistently I might add regardless of the amount of data that is moved/deleted to create the Duplicate. This extra time has caused a following RUN script scheduled backup of another type to get delayed. That is, the 90 mins encroaches on the start time of another Run script that performs a backup of just my Home directory (ie /Users). I will examine the Retrospect logs to substantiate my statements about the Retrospect Duplicate backup process taking longer and will post my findings later on as I'm not at my iMac at this time. I just wanted to quickly post my info to add some focus to what appears to be a problem. BTW I believe I'm running the very latest Retrospect Express version as I know I've recently downloaded/installed new RE 205 Update and Driver update in last two weeks. I'll check that also and post back. I can log into my machine remotely so if anyone can point me to where the log file is (ie full path name) and what file contains the RE version number then I could obtain the info while at my remote location and post back quicker.